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  1. 1) when scoring a hit against a unit, does the Sniper player select the figure to be wounded/killed? or is this still chosen by the player controlling the targeted unit? ie. can a Sniper Team indicate that a Hero or Radioman or Medic be hit? 2) when removing casualties (non-Sniper hit), must the figure chosen be the closest figure to the shooter? or can the player controlling the targeted unit select ANY figure within LOS of the shooter? thx, Les
  2. never mind. just found the answer. only 1 order can be issued to a Unit in the Command Phase so a "regrouped" unit cannot be issued another Command order in the Command phase. thx, Les
  3. as a further addition to this thread regarding Regrouping during the Command Phase, this does not place a Reaction marker on the Unit that is being "regrouped", right? so does this mean that if you had enough Command points, then you could issue an action to the same Unit that just regrouped? thx, Les
  4. so a unit with multiple weapons can fire all weapons. are all "hits" calculated as a single attack roll from multiple weapon types, thus giving a maximum of 1 suppression marker to the target? or are all "hits" calculated from separate weapon types so that it is possible to give multiple supression markers to the target from a single Unit with multiple weapon types? thx, Les
  5. ok, so when a Unit with a Hero gets "hit", it receives a suppression marker as per usual, and a lone Hero never receives suppression markers. what happens if a Unit with a Hero is hit (supression marker received) and then on the same turn, another hit kills the last remaining infantry figure leaving the Hero alone? does a) the Hero receive the second suppression marker because the marker is given during the "hit" that kills the last regular figure? b) the Hero does not receive the suppression marker because he is a "hero" but keeps the initial supression marker from the first hit? c) the Hero does not receive the suppression marker because he is a "hero" and the initial suppression marker is immediately discarded as well? thx, Les
  6. does the Spotter need to have LOS and Range (36 inches) to the target in order to give the dice reversal advantage to the Sniper? or just LOS with unlimited Range? or just be within Range (36 inches) but no LOS needed? or neither (he just has to be with the Sniper as part of the Team)? thx, Les
  7. I'd like permission too pls to post the files on one of the local boards where I live. Proper credit of course given to 536RodneySmith. also what about Boardgamegeek? any plans to post them there? if not, I can post them there too as well. regards, Les
  8. "Napalm Thrower" is listed under Weapons on the Pounder. I don't have the book on me but I think only the HotDog has this. Les 536RodneySmith said: Allied Medium walkers done. Now everything except a majority of the Heroes needs doing.
  9. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mvyvv6cip1aeu50/xtVVtODiJ4/Dust%20Warfare just uploaded The Priest and The Chef. That completes the Allied Heroes in my Dropbox. Les
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mvyvv6cip1aeu50/xtVVtODiJ4/Dust%20Warfare its been awhile since I last posted the link to my Dropbox. :-) Les
  11. the world "Attack" is also misspelled on the Blackhawk in "Sustained Atack" Les 536RodneySmith said: Reaper Steve said: Rodney, Rolled is misspelled on the Blackhawk card (part of All in One) Find & replace all "tokens" with "markers" to match the rule terminology. See examples below. *SNIP* I agree with a lot of your notes, cards have been updated and re-upped. Might have missed some things (doing this late at night sometimes affects my consistency), so if you see anything not changed, let me know.
  12. just uploaded altered versions of Bazooka Joe, Rhino, Ozz 117and Johnny One-Eye. Basically, I've added the rules for Heroes. I will continue work on other Heroes later. Les
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