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  1. Hi there I played the game just once. I read that Net Shield is not considered a very good card, anyway as we will be playing with the pre-built decks again I have this question: can the Net Shield be installed more than once, and used several times the same turn to prevent several points of damage (one point for each credit paid and each installed Net Shield card)? Thanks Happy 2013!
  2. aurax

    Is this game worth its value?

    Thanks PJslavner! Last question: is this game wife friendly??
  3. Hey! I was planning to buy "Cosmic Encounter" but I was a bit surprised of its price (considering it is a card game)… in amazon/ebay costs about 42 pounds/50 euros/60 dollars, so it is between 50%-75% more than other interesting games like "Android:Netrunner" and "Blood Bowl: Team Manager" that are also on my Christmas radar. 42 pounds is also dangerously close to bigger games like "Descent 2" (50 pounds), that seem to do a lot more than Cosmic Encounter to justify its price. Judging this game itself (not comparing it to others), is the price justified? Thanks, your opinions are really appreciated
  4. aurax

    Great Death Angel Video Tutorial on Youtube!

    Phiveball said: @ Monk: I think you do move the GS on the setup phase but it doesn't specifically state that anywhere. It doesn't say your not supposed to at that point either. I can't say for sure what is correct. -For the promethium tank, I believe once GS move to the same position in the formation they merge, even if they spawn on different card. I could be wrong, but thats how I hae always played it. The video was great and you put a good amount of effort. I sometimes also forget things when I play solo, like moving GS for instance (sometimes I panic when I see how many spawn hahaha) -About the initial setup GS, the manual explains that you draw an event card to spawn the GS and then ignore all other information in the card. From my point of view, that means ignoring the movement icon, if any. -About the promethium tank, it says "slay all GS in this position". Position means both sides of the space marine. In other cards (not including expansion packs, that are confusely worded) you can read that the activation takes effect "on this terrain card", as oposed to "this position". -About the artifact, you can only use it with the team that picked it up. You should always try to recover it inmediately, so when placing it (if you can choose) do it in a position that allows your chosen team to activate it as soon as possible - if you travel to a new location, you will miss the chance to pick it up. Besides, it is a terrain card so if you leave it on the formation it will (probably) spawn GS. Thanks again for the videooooo
  5. aurax

    General Question About Attacking

    I agree with the answer The game is hard indeed, till you realize several very useful things. Check the thread "winning strategies" for advanced advice. Stuff like GS always moving down on the left side and always up on the right, "tongue" GSs being the ones that move the most (so you should kill them before the others), and some nice combos between teams, are explained in that thread. Enjoy the game anyway!
  6. aurax

    winning strategies

    mmmh about Target Lock rerolls http://www.buzzbox.com/news/2012-03-06/ffg:space/?clusterId=9199490
  7. Thanks a lot for your opinions! I am so buying this
  8. aurax

    winning strategies

    I agree with Freeman, for Solo Play the dream team combination would be probably flamer (Zael) + psychic (Calistarius) + sword (Lorenzo) The Cyclone Launcher is great but more unreliable than other attacks because it cannot be rerolled. Sooner or later you will roll a 0 and then you will be facing a complicated defense roll. Anyway, the brown team is still one of the strongest of them all, and the “double token” support action in a 6 marine game is awesome. Calistarius and Zael can cover each other´s back, and because of their great offense power, you can guarantee that almost any major spawn will be wipped off. Because you will have a small formation, the flamer will be able to reach almost all spawns if combined with the move action from other team. If there are GS surviving, use the Strategize to move the swarms at your convenience and put them in front of Lorenzo with his counterattack. This allows you to kill GS both in offense and defense. For desperate situations you have the power field from Calistarius + blue team Intimidation (the “blocked” GS can still be intimidated) Also, if you attack with the blue team and one of the teammembers has a Token, you can almost be sure you will get the token back, so use it to kill xenos. Maybe there is some small details in the rules that you overlooked? I remember in my first games I used to move the GS individually based on their movement symbols, till I realize I should move the whole swarms, and that every GS card can only be moved once per turn. This allowed me to select my kills accordingly to the expected (o desired) swarms potential movements. Good luck! And don't forget to pray to the Emperor every time you roll the die, maybe that will do the trick!
  9. Hi! To the experts… do you recommend me this game? I played Space Hulk Death Angel and loved it, and I heard this game is from the same guy… so is it worth it? Thanks for you help
  10. aurax

    winning strategies

    Freeman said: From the guide I am currently writing: There is a lot of discussion going on on the internet about wheter support tokens should be spent defensively or offensively (on a side note, I fear this debate is pointless, since the decission cannot be taken on abstract terms: you need to specify which marine are we talking about, and in which specific situation, as discussed previously in our guide. For instance: is this marine the last one attacking? Wich marines may additionally fire at this swarm? Do these marines have support tokens? How many marines are you playing with? In which location are you playing? How many marines are left alive?, etc. There are so many factors to have in account that you cannot say "always yes" nor "always no", in abstract terms) […]. You are absolutely right and all your points are very valid. Lets specify a little then: -Last marine attacking this turn is brother Omnio. Location 1 (void lock), he facing the red terrain card. All other marines are still alive. He has 1 support token on him and is fighting 1 GS. He fails the attack roll. Does he spend the token to try to get the kill, or keep it for defense? -You enter in the location 3 clean (no pursuing GS) and with all marines alive. Then you draw my favourite card (They are everywhere) Now almost every marine is engaged. Lets say each marine has a support token. You are probably going to use the use the most powerful attacks to eliminate the GS engaged with the most important marines (zael, calistarius, lorenzo…) The "vanilla guys" face 1 GS each. Lets say they have 1 support token each (unlikely, but just for the example). When planning your offense, do we plan to use most of those tokens for offense or defense?
  11. aurax

    Expansion wish list

    Mi wish would be an eldar team, as some people suggested before. Including a couple of new terrain cards and "location number 4" cards also, similar to the "overlords" cards in the tyranid expansion However, I would like it to be fully tested and proofread before being released because Space Marine Pack 1 and the Deathwing expansions contained a lot of not-very-clear rules. The collectors edition tin box would be awesome too…
  12. aurax

    winning strategies

    Lets debate! Is it better to keep support tokens for defense or offense? Lets say you face 1 GS with a normal marine, you fail the attack roll (and you are not Calistarius) and only one token is available on the marine. Rerolling the attack gives you 50% chance of success, but rerolling the defense gives you a 84% chance of surviving. BUT If you keep the token for defense, that means one more GS will be alive next turn, potentially merging into a bigger swarm and/or flanking your marine buddies etc. So as a rule of thumb… should every tokenized marine try to go for the kill, for the future wellbeing of the whole formation? Or it is always better to keep as many marines alive as possible? I know there are lots of factors involved (for instance, if the endangered marine is the last remaining man of his team, or if you are facing an autokill 5 GS swarm…), but as a general rule… Tokes for offense or defense? PS I use them for defense every time unless facing a adrenal GS, broodlord or any other nasty creature
  13. aurax

    winning strategies

    Freeman said: Thank you but his was no guide at all, just some thoughts. And thanks again for the clarification on the Hull breach: where did you get it from? I've seen no official FAQ for the PoD expansions… http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/642068/official-answers-re-hull-breach-and-adrenal-genest A FAQ for the expansion would be great indeed… I had very few questions about the basic set, and I needed almost no clarifications with the rules (just some practice), but with the expansions, I feel like if they were rushed into production with no extensive playtesting because there are a lot of obscure points…
  14. aurax

    winning strategies

    Freeman deserves a medal for all his efforts writing this extensive guides or a crux exterminatus, maybe After reading the Deathwing comments, I wonder how many of the broken skills are so due to badly worded cards. I mean, if you remember the terrain card "Hull Breach" from Marine Pack 1, it clearly says "slay 1 GS at this location" but later it was clarified it should have read "slay 1 GS at this terrain"… Also, with the Adrenal GS, it says "if you roll a 0 when defending, the formations shifts…" but it should have been "if you roll a 0 when defending and the engaged SP dies, the formation shifts" or maybe "every time this GS rolls a 0, inmediately attacks again its engaged SP (if the a marine was slain, shift the formation before the extra attack)" So probably the combo between the chaplain and the angel watch action (infinite reroll) is another not-sufficiently-tested "bug" Anyway, excellent guide again, looking forward to reading the one about SP pack 1!!