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  1. Every Tuesday Night 6pm at Broken Sentry Games
  2. Sorry to disagree. While yes a HB works wonders against a horde(with or with out metal storm) for the non-Devastator a Storm Bolter works wonders as well.
  3. All joking aside i could see a makeshift primitive weapon, but anything more it would take a techpriest of somesort and from my understanding the very idea of las-pistol made like that would not only be heresy but an insult to the cult mechanicus.
  4. Magpie Stoner said: Like if they were stripped of their items and thrown in a prison but were allowed to keep innocous items such as shoe laces and whatever that extra piece of gear is but combine they manage to craft a crossbow out of news paper and rubber bands or a makeshift Laspistol out of a broken glow lamp and the glass face of a broken chrono… either of those would depend on if they were survival or tech focused… with those two skills really anything is possible. tech heresy!!!!!!!!!!
  5. mrady

    sniper weapons

    Santiago said: If using Hammer of the Emperor? Direct fired Earthshaker Cannon with Pinpoint Guidance and Spotter en een Armour Piercing Shell…dealing death up to 21 kilometers… But short of that, I would go with the Longlas, even on standard mode it can deal a whopping 3d10+3 E, Pen 1… or with an Hotshot its king..3d10+4 E, Pen 4, Tearing. Even more fun with Lasgun Expertise for that penalty to dodge… S… I don't see were you get the Tearing with the overloaded longlas. personaly i like the sniper with the amputator shells 1d10+6 pen 3 or expander rounds with 1d10+5 pen 4. with an extra d10s for extra successes, with only one shot used. with the long las on overload its 1d10+5 pen 3 with the extra d10s uses 4 shots and gains unreliable. At this point its comes down to if felling(4) makes up for the unreliable and smaller damage/pen.
  6. Primateus said: mrady said: You all forgot the Cult Mechanicus I mentioned the Adeptus Mechanicus earlier and it's technically a heretical, albeit, tolerated faith due to the simple unavoidable fact that without it, the Imperium could not exist. That is the sole reason why it is tolerated. my bad missed it
  7. You all forgot the Cult Mechanicus
  8. The "average" sniper shot probably wont me more than 100-200m away maybe even less. altough they make up for that in being 'on an average human' a one shot kill, and if they're being smart and stealthy never staying in one spot to long
  9. mrady

    The Blackshield

    Very good man, very good
  10. Awsome all of them. the only bit that bugs me is a line from the OP's chant. "Hear the Lion, he calls you" why would the Lion call you. please clarify
  11. KommissarK said: I hate to repeat the same question, but it got kinda lost in the hype over the Crimson Guard… But how exactly is The Flesh Is Weak talents a Tech Priest gains now reconciled with The Flesh Is Weak talents an Ascension level Magos gets? Are the Magos talents just overruled now? Replaced by a cheaper source of TFiW until they get to the point where Magos offers something better? I have a DW game going with a Magos in the party, and I'm trying to determine how I'm going to treat this at my table. Currently, I'm refunding XP but forcing the same "slow" progression through the talents. A bit of a mix of the two, but sort of inconsistent. Honestly I would add the two togeather. I know it might get to be a little much when all is said and done, but if they can get it from two different sources by all means let them have both.
  12. My group fought these guys on our own and beat them with no deaths. It was the puny regular eldar at the in the intersanctum that almost killed my exporator. had to burn a fate point and was down for a little while.
  13. I have a couple coments to make. 1: There are probably more effective ways of making money, ie. turning those slave in to serivtors and then selling the left over parts, or bounty hunting. Or since your working for a radical, you might get away with this, take over a underhive gang are start diping into organize crime. 2: shooting them is a waste of killing them, there are more effecent ways of killing them, and less damaging to the body, gas, cut there throats. waste not want not 3: my group and I dont belive that there is a good vs evil axis in 40k. only law vs chaos, if you think of it the imperium is the pinicle of lawful evil. 4:So with all my other comments done is it moral wrong. into days world yes, in the grim dark future possibly, but working of a radical the ends most likely justifly the means. So i could see this happening.
  14. I have heard (don't have the reference) that the special of the Raven Guard was that they don't suffer minus's to concelment from armour.
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