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  1. Im too thinking about buying this book, but there on the website is something about reprint version planned on January 2014. So, can I hope, that would be an updated version with these small changes from spanish version? And maybe better translation?
  2. Now, i was just looking here, and seen Anima Core Book "Not yet available" so I was like "what?" And then, looking on upcoming products and reprints and seen reprint on Anima Q4 2013. So, they are now working on it? What do you think?
  3. Ok, thank you for answer, i will copy-paste my question on AnimaBB then.
  4. Hi, I have just two little questions. First, is about front cover of main rule book, I personaly think, it is really nice and well done front cover, but WHO is this girl in the first place? It looks for me like any random warrior girl, or something like that, is this character anyhow connected to the world of Gaia? I didnt read about Gaia yet, so I dont know... And second about d100 system... I cant help it, but I just cant see any good reasons, for using this d100 system. I think, it is unnecessary to use d100, and would be better (simplest) to use for example just d10. I know I can do that and convert it, or remake it little, but my question is, WHY do you think there is this d100 system? Why the creators of this game choose to use this system in the first place? I know you are not prophet, but what do you think about creators reasons for choosing this system? Do you think it is good to handle attacks and all with d100? And why do you think so? Or have you any problems with that? Just my curiosity... and thank you for answers in advance.
  5. Ok, thank you for answers, it is much better now, i think i can create character faster, it just wanted some time. But i have now another questions. 1. When you are GM, how you are creating NPC? I mean, the fastest way for not so important NPC. 2. Do you have some practical tips for GM, which will speed up the flow of game? I was wondering how looks like your helpfull stuff for this game. Like tables for many monsters (when you have in quest many types of monsters), how you are dealing with combats where are many combatants (like their initiatives, battle actions etc.) 3. And one combat question for calculating initiative…. I have warrior, who has initiative 60, now i give him a weapon Bastard Sword (initiative -30) to one hand, second hand will be free. (i think there is no difference for initiative when he is using this weapon in one hand, or in both hands, right?) And now, he is in combat (Bastard Sword in one hand, second hand is free) and i declare before initiative roll, i will attack just with punch (unarmed fight, initiative +20), which initiative i will be using? 4. And last question… My player was wondering about bonuses to attack by weapon (like in other games, it is better chance to hit target with long sword, than with hammer) He was argue, that it is a weird, when he has the same chance to hit the tatget with light weapon as with heavy weapon. What do you think about this?
  6. One more question from me, to this topic. When any character has a final attack of 200, and DEX+AGI 16, he can make 5 attacks per turn?
  7. Hi, i dont beleive that someone knows the answer, but i ask anyway. I have little problem to find this "Narsh" village on the map of Gaia , it should be somewhere in Galgados, but i think there isnt such village. But in the adventure "The Wind Tournament" (Gaia book page 76) is this village mentioned as goal village for this tournament. Is there someone who knows about it anything? Im asking because my players will start the game somewhere in this principality, so i need to know something about it.
  8. Thank you for answer, it sounds logicaly.
  9. Hmm, im now in the problem of summoners too. I was wondering if i can use as summons creatures, which starts in chapter on page 297 in Core Book, or i really must as GM to create them? (i dont see any problem in creation of summons, but im just wondering about this option of creatures in this chapter)
  10. Hello, newbie here too, and one little question. How long it takes to you to create characters with players? Because i and my 2 players today created characters, and it took to us about 4 hours.
  11. I think i now understand. When one character has STR 8 and second character has STR 15 it will be like this: 15 - 8 = 7 Its more than 4 about 3. This is Strength line: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 0 = one point of strength of our first character 1 = difference points counted as 1 point 2 = difference points counted as 2 points all together = strength of our second character Now, we summarize difference points: 4 + 6 = 10 Now we know, that difference must be 10, we will rise STR of our stronger character to this difference to the 18, and we are done. Now im reading that Gaia book, chapter about The Lost Logias, and it looks interesting… Thanks for replies, especially to Rii Nagaja. I must now find the fastest way to create character, because i think it took long, and my players does not understand english very well… It will be hard.
  12. Hello, im new here and at this game, and i have few questions about rules and settings. First one is about the settings of this game. Everywhere on the internet is wrote, that this game is inspired by Final Fantasy. But when i look on FF, i see there much more mecha, robots, machine towns, motor airships and much more. Look for example on Final Fantasy X-2 first opening video. Yes, there is a concert, Yuna has microphone and there is so many scifi elements. I think that scene is not possible in the Gaia world, or am i wrong? (I havent read yet this book) And second one is about characteristic checks. In rule book on page 6 is example of situation, when Celia has STR 5 and her opponent Serenade, has STR 11. It means, that difference here is greater than 4 (by 2 points). Next is there wrote, that Serenade will doubles those two additional points, when making the check, like that 2 (difference) x 2 (doubles) is 4. And 4 + her STR 11 is 15. But in example is wrote, that she has STR 13. Is this typing error, or there is something i dont get?
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