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  1. Would anyone be interested in buying my cards? I'm selling because I'm not playing this game so much anymore. I'm selling every card from the core set to a journey's end (every single pack or expansion), all 3x. If you're interested please contact me at hamaofrohan@gmail.com. P.s. I am currently living in the Netherlands but I also have a place in Italy, so It'd be easier to sell to people living in those areas. I'm still willing to ship overseas though.
  2. Would anyone be interested in buying my cards? I'm selling because I'm not playing this game so much anymore. I'm selling every card from the core set to a journey's end (every single pack or expansion), all 3x. If you're interested please contact me at hamaofrohan@gmail.com. P.s. I am currently living in the Netherlands but I also have a place in Italy, so It'd be easier to sell to people living in those areas. I'm still willing to ship overseas though.
  3. A. Theoden B. Bard the Bowman C. Eowyn D. Elrohir E. Frodo Baggins F. Thalin G. Boromir H. Balin I. Prince Imrahil J. Denethor K. Bifur L. Pippin M. Merry N. Gandalf O. Haldir of Lorien P. Galadriel Q. Elladan R. Theodred S. Celeborn T. Bilbo Baggins U. Hama V. Dain Ironfoot W. Eomer
  4. Would anyone be interested in buying my cards? I'm selling because I'm not playing this game so much anymore. I'm selling every card from the core set to a journey's end (every single pack or expansion), all 3x. If you're interested please contact me at hamaofrohan@gmail.com. P.s. I am currently living in the Netherlands but I also have a place in Italy, so It'd be easier to sell to people living in those areas. I'm still willing to ship overseas though.
  5. Hi guys, I live in Leiden and wanted to know if there are A:NR players in my area, thanks!
  6. Hi guys, I'm Italian and I recently moved to the Netherlands. I was looking for Star Wars lcg players in the Leiden area (I also play X wing), so if anybody's interested you can contact me, Thanks!
  7. I think the core set is one of the best products they printed. It has a setting that I personally enjoy, balanced heroes, pretty good art (in my opinion), and a great pool of cards (most of them are so useful as to be still used massively in many decks)...If I had to vote for best single product choosing from the Core Set, all the APs, Saga Expansions, Deluxe Expansios and POD I think I would probably vote for the Core Set.
  8. Totally agree. Deckbuilding is the core of the game, if all of the cards we get are useful we'll be able to build more diverse decks (and I mean useful cards, not necessarily power creeps). It's right to print cards that are race specific or "combo" specific, but sometimes we get cards that do things we can already do, and we can do better (see unexpected courage vs steed of the mark or the gondor attack and defense booster attachment vs things like dunedain signs, gondorian shield, weapons and so on). We even got cards like taking initiative or path of need...and I'm a great fan of underrated tactics, always have...but in this case it's suicidal tactics. All you do is build around a fun concept using those cards (tried so many times), but all you really do is lose over and over again (even against the easiest scenarios), unless you get extremly lucky and draw the perfect hand. If instead of those cards we had gotten something like fighting threat reduction for tactics, decent draw for leadership outside of outlands (even very spendy or maybe with conditions to satisfy) or anything to break the unbreakable frailty of spirit we'd (really) be able to use monosphere...just an example, or to use secrecy (unless you want to use aragorn+glorfindel or elrond+glorfindel endlessly)...
  9. Lol, he seems Steven Seagal I thought the exact same thing but could not remember his name...
  10. New Elrond ally becomes the absolute ugliest card in the game (even uglier than brand son of ugly).
  11. I think it's pretty obvious that if you want to succesfully use theoden in solo play you need Merry (with theoden he gives 3 wp for 6 threat)...
  12. I'm more of an elf-like person but right now I'm really, really hobbity XD
  13. Well my favourite characters in middle earth (maybe top 3 for both)...very tough decision...but since LEGOLAS has been in my decks since the very beginning and I still haven't tried Sam...my vote goes to Legolas, who by the way is my favourite hero in the game (and Sam wil very likely be my second favourite) AS - Legolas
  14. AQ - Legolas AR - Sam probably two of my top 3 favourite lotr characters (and in this case top 5 favourite cards...though I still have to get BR XD)...so yes Elrond and Glorfindel are awsome cards and all...but these two are better...
  15. AM - Glorfindel - I like them both...but I just think Glorfindel's a better hero. Just that AN - Legolas - as I said before Legolas is my man (elf) AO - Sam Gamgee - my second man (hobbit), plus this version of Boromir going further than his previous version is outrageous. AP - Beregond - I think Elrond is stronger...his threat is really high though and you need to build a whole deck around him, while Beregond with his spear and shield is THE ABSOLUTE TANK (not to mention if you build a multi deck based on defense...real fun...swift strike, goblin cleaver, stand together, gondorian spearmen...you could deal 10 damage to any enemy with the right cards just defending...5 quite easily with just the spear a goblin clever and swift strike)
  16. AE - Glorfindel - no need for an explanation AF - Boromir - Tactics (almosto) always wins (for me XD) AG - Aragorn - I like Faramir better as a character but I still haven't had a chance to try him, while Aragorn (Le) is a pretty big insurance) AH - Legolas - well after the departure of mi dearest Hama he's gonna be my flag man (elf)...well he was going to be anyway AI - Sam - I know I'll love him, one of my favourite characters in the books and now one of the best heroes, looking forward to try him AJ - Denethor - I still can't find a good use for Boromir (Le)... AK - Elrond - as much as I like Bard as a character...in this game Elrond's just a much better hero...so even if it grieves me I'l vote for him... AL - Merry - Toughest decision...between two fellow tactics heroes...both of which I think are great. My favourite character between the two is Beregond but Merry's hero version is really cool and I'm really looking forward to use this little 6 threat tactics hero with 2 WP...(3 if you have Theoden)
  17. O - Glorfindel - I have to be realistic, as much as I like Beravor the spirit version of Glorfindel is too good to lose this match...he's in 2 of my 3 or 4 best solo deck. P - Ori - I hope we'll get another version of Gimli in the second box of the fellowship saga because this one was a bit off my taste. Nice stats and all but unless he's your only tactics hero his ability's pretty redundant (and my only tactics hero is generally Legolas...or Beregond...or Hama....well not Gimli). Q - Thalin - as I said before he's my favourite dwarf (artwise), and his ability's awsome...paired with Dain he rocks. Really sorry for Strider who's one of the best lore heroes and has lots of decks built around him but I really dig Thalin. R - Boromir - another tough one...I think Pippin's gonna be a blast (with his hobbit friends a nuclear blast), but Boromir's Boromir...if only his art was that of the leadership version he'd make top 3 in my best hero chart...really awsome S - Aragorn - you need a few cards to make him really, really good, but with only steward of gondor he shines already...Imrahil's good and I like both his card and the character (by the way the card is very thematic) but King Elessar wins T - Faramir - haven't even tried him yet but I know I'm gonna enjoy playing him...love ranged, rangers and Faramir himself U - Legolas - Sorry that I had to choose between two of my 4 or 5 absolute favourite heroes...I choose Legolas though...he's my number 1 anyway V - Hama - we'll he's my number 2 W - Dain - need I say more ? X - Sam - Arguably the best leadership hero in the game...and he's not out yet (not for me anyway), plus he's one of my favourite characters in tolkien lore Y - Bifur - not that I like Bifur that much but I still haven't found a good use for this version of Boromir Z - Thorin Oakenshield - this is the toughest choice...both are good and I really like them...I choose Thorin only because I like him better in tolkien lore. AA - Elrond - Again...need I say more ? AB - Bard the Bowman - He's unplayable in solo play...and I know it...and I was really disappointed because he's one of my favourite characters in tolkien lore (favourite from the hobbit)...but well...I'm still gonna vote for him because he's Bard the Bowman, slayer of Smaug...and because in multi he's pretty good. AC - Beregond - Another really tough one...both are awsome heroes, and I use both of them a lot (theodred has been in my decks since the beginning and I don't think he's ever going to leave) but Beregond has a place in my heart from the books. Plus he's a pretty amazing hero himself...I love playing him in multiplayer with my courage and defense deck (Beregond+Gondorian Shield+Spear of the Citadel+Goblin Cleaver+Swift Strike+Behind strong Walls....+Stand together with Gondorian Spearman+Spear of the Citadel) ok I'll stop...it's so much fun though XD... AD - Merry - I never tried Balin yet, I don't like when you have to change something bad for something unknown (potentially worse) plus merry is a real beast (in a hobbit deck he rocks, in a monotactics deck with theoden he over-rocks) well my love for tactics is pretty explicit...7 tactics heroes, 4 lore, 4 leadership and 1 spirit...(well my not-so-much-love for spirit heroes as well)...
  18. A - Beravor (easy choice at least for me. If I play spirit I use a test of will/dwarven tomb all the time (so eleanor would be redundant, and if I don't...well I don't) B - Mirlonde (I love thalin (favourite dwarf art by the way) but having tried a monolore deck with mirlonde I have to say she's stronger) C - Pippin (lore) (seems awsome, can't wait for TBR, never used brand) D - Prince Imrahil (I like Imrahil. If bilbo had 6 or 8 threat I might like him more...but with 9 threat he's a bit off my schemes) E - Faramir (well he the choice is obvious since the other challenger is spirit pippin) F - Elrohir (one of my favourite heroes) G - Hama (one of my absolute favourite hero together with legolas) H - Dwalin (really like him, I prefer reducing my threat by combat then by companionship...I know his ability is wasted in some scenarios and I know nori's stronger...but I still like dwalin better) I - Elladan (one of my favourite heroes) J - Denethor (well denethor's good, awsome in a monolore encounter control deck while oin is one of the worst in my opinion) K - Hirluin the Fair (I like glorfindel as a lore hero, but I find his ability a bit lacking) L - Frodo (frodo's great...caldara's....well...let's not say it...) M - Theodred (one of my absolute favourite heroes) N - Merry (seems great, really looking forward to try him)
  19. After having checked all of the encounter cards I was pretty happy for this new scenario, because it promised to be a good challenge...well I just won it during turn 0 with a total threat of 24 and 3 damages. Here it is how : I choose an Uruk Lieutenant and The King's Library and add them to the staging area...my heroes are Legolas, Hama and Glorfindel (FoS), I play an envoy of pelargir from my tactics heroes giving back one resource to Legolas, then light of valinor on Glorfindel and a blade of gondolin on Legolas...I quest for 4 (glorfindel+envoy) the encounter deck reveals an uruk soldier (total threat in the s.a. is 5), I raise my threat by 1 for questing unseccseffully (24), I travel to the king's library revealing a card from the e.d., it's a copy of southron mercenaries. I engege him (resolve archery on legolas) and defend his attack with glorfindel (ready because of light of valinor), no shadow, so 2 damages. Legolas and Hama kill the southron and legolas and blade of gondolin place 3 progress tokens on the library...so I have 1 osgiliath location and there aren't any other in play.........my first thought was...WOW...my second was.....MEEH...
  20. Glaurung's the best, He's tough and he likes tough scenarios and wants tough player cards. And he wants the paper they're printed on to be tough as well. He also wants the packs to be tough, so tough that he can hardly open them without a pneumatic hammer...oh and I guess his postman has to be tough as well...so tough that he must wrestle his mail out of him every time he receives anything, so next time they'll send a battallion of postmen to create an epic scenario where he needs to recreate the battle of hastings in his own home and win it with only the payer cards from half a core set, or otherwise he won't get his mail...So you guys shut up cuz he's too tough for you ! Especially you Samwise Gamgee ! How dare you speak to him ? You're not tough enough !......meeh...
  21. As soon as I get assault on osgiliath I'm gonna try a monoleadership outlands deck (thinkk it'll be good) and once theoden is out I'll try a monotactics (hopeing we'll get some kind of tactics treachery cancel). Up to now the only monosphere deck I've tried is lore and I can say I really like it. I got to beat scenarios from different expansions/cycles with only a few defeats. And the sphere doesn't lose its uniqueness because you need to find ways to avoid the sphere's weakness (for exemple keeping the encounter deck under constant watch to avoid bad treacheries or overly powerful enemies in the case of monolore). As for spirit I find Caldera really underwhelming both because I don't like losing my heroes (so much that when it happens I generally give up) and because she actually is bad. That said I think a monospirit deck may be good even without its "booster-hero" but you'll need something to boost your atk..because you need to kill things to win most of the times (and sometimes necessarily). So all in all I think they could have created better cards for monosphere decks (as much as i like the tomes there was realy no need for a tactics or a spirit one) but they still did a good job (trained for war, knight of minas tirith, strenght of arms, lord of morthond, mirlonde, mithrandir's advice etc...). Plus I have a good deal of fun trying to create decent monosphere decks and I'm really looking forward to get Theoden...(yes I like tactics)...
  22. p.s. this is not a complaint. I love every other card that's been revealed from the black riders and blood of gondor (except for the dwarven event and emery).
  23. Well my vote now goes straight to Caldera...I mean...I agree that we don't need overpowered heroes, but I'd really like at least a normally powered hero. These last three spirit heroes (two of which have just been revealed) are really underwhelming. Yes, you could build a thematic deck around them, and I like thematic decks, but with these heroes the theme would be "scenario losing"...you'd need cards only to make them work decently, than you'd need to add cards that are actually in-game useful..and then you'd find yourself over 50 cards...It's like using Bard in a solo game, he just isn't worth it...you need to add a lot of cards to make him playable and if you don't get those soon you're dead. P.s. I really like Caldera's art though XD
  24. Well the Worst hero may depend on wether you play solo or multi (or both)...I play both and up to now the only heroes we never (and I mean never) used are : Brand, Pippin (but he's pretty new so I might give him a chance even though I don't like his ability at all), Oin and Balin (not because he's useless but cause we didn't have a chance yet)...that said among these I would say Oin (the hero I like the least) and Brand (I really don't like multiplayer only heroes)...My personal feelings would include Bard among these (for the same reasons I included Brand and because they gave a pretty useless ability in solo play to one of the best characters ever)...anyway my top three would be : 1) Oin 2) Brand 3) Pippin
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