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  1. Good point. I was trying to cover my rear with options to get the torpedoes off, but it really just ends up redundant and/or a waste. I think the Recon Specialist makes sense with this, so I can ensure I have the Focus to use for Deadeye and the torpedoes.
  2. Dengar — JumpMaster 5000 Predator R5-P8 Engine Upgrade Punishing One Tel Trevura — JumpMaster 5000 Deadeye Extra Munitions Advanced Proton Torpedoes K4 Security Droid Hull Upgrade [100] Just spitballing. Preordered these with hopes of some fun repaints and lots of crazy dial options. Thoughts on the list?
  3. Tel Trevura — JumpMaster 5000 Deadeye Extra Munitions Proton Torpedoes Boba Fett R4 Agromech Guidance Chips Bossk — YV-666 Veteran Instincts "Mangler" Cannon Homing Missiles Dengar "Gonk" Engine Upgrade Hound's Tooth So... heeding some advice, messing with ideas. Exploring ideas to make the list a bit more potent.
  4. I think the point Magnus is making is that Epsilon Leader might not be necessary if you can take advantage of the stress somehow. Wired being the choice here. Yes, but you only need one stress for that. I was thinking more mileage from the ships overall, by being able to get stress back down faster to capitalize on actions. That was my rationale, at least.
  5. Tel Trevura — JumpMaster 5000 Predator Plasma Torpedoes Extra Munitions K4 Security Droid R4 Agromech Engine Upgrade Bossk — YV-666 Calculation "Mangler" Cannon Concussion Missiles Boba Fett Greedo Dengar Engine Upgrade 100pt Relatively new to X-Wing, even though I have owned the stuff for years. Saw the new JM5K and think it is pretty nifty and wanted to run it with my favorite lizardman and his ugly brick. How does this look? I won't be attending big, serious events with it, but I know my group is casual-competitive. Thoughts?
  6. Wouldn't including an Epsilon Leader be prudent? Just to help melt away some of that stress.
  7. You can apply Air Drop to any unit in the platoon. I do not think this includes a solo Hero, given what you said. However, it does include walkers, as Fireball Drop is basically one of the first "netlists" that cropped up for Warfare back in its infancy. Blitzkrieg is a free move taken in the Command Phase.
  8. Razz said: They have the same stats as The Gunners with one exception: one M1 AR is changed to a M9 Bazooka (total of two Bazookas). Yea, but this costs an extra 3 AP and is counted as a Unit Upgrade (so no M9-D or anything else).
  9. Lska said: I liked our discussions and the forum style of conversation and i hope we get back to that wherever we go now. Maybe panzerpunk forums? It surely will be better than those crappy FFG forums:P Search won't ever work and posting pics is kind of nightmare.. Of course when the forums aren't offline… Well, I just added a subforum on Dust-War.com's forums for Tactics players. Feel free to jump in there. While a mostly Warfare-oriented site/forum, plenty of the members do both.
  10. Movement is handled somewhat abstractly. If you were to Overrun them (which seems odd, since they can't be suppressed and would put them easily in your rear arc), you could move your movement and go up or down one level. So, pretty much, if you can't end the move legally, you can't do it (as in, hanging off the edge of the terrain).
  11. It is official! Dust-War is on YouTube! Take a look at our videos and let us know what you think on our forums.
  12. No, you can't. They are a seperate unit of their own.
  13. As long as there are forums here, I suppose I will keep bumping this.
  14. Sounds like he didn't support his aircraft well. Also, did he not shoot up those Reapers with the MGs when he went by? Its something like 7/1, which can cause some hurt if they aren't in cover and suppresses them at the least. I would run my Pelican into the waiting guns of Reapers and a Rattler, though. Seems like a bad plan. And the Bertie has the rockets, which would be better I think. Just shoot up the Reapers and Rattler as you go at them. 3/2 on those Ground Rockets can be pretty damaging on a V4 if it gets a good roll. I would say he should run at least two aircraft, though, to ensure target saturation.
  15. chris cook said: If Hell Boys attack can 3 of them split their grenades and 3 guns up or do the grenades have to go where their gun attks go? You can split up attacks in any way you want. Shotguns, Flamethrowers and Grenades can all go at different targets or any mix of targets.
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