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  1. Hey peeps, I looked and didn't find the answer before posting. But of course I'm sure I'm just daft and not seeing it. If I throw a 1 hit point chump blocker at an attack and the shadow affect is "Deal 1 damage to defending character," does that mean the 1 HP chump blocker dies immediately and the attack goes undefended?
  2. Hello all. Obviously, this is a card game, so it's very abstract as far as what is going on in Middle Earth as you play. This may even be weird, but I imagine in my mind's eye what is going on as I play the game. For example, the heroes commit to a quest. The encounter deck flips a card. It's a Forest Spider. To me, our heroes happened to be on their journey (through Mirkwood or whatever), and the Forest spider spots them and stalks them until it is time to encounter (whether willingly - i.e., my threat is above his - and he attacks, or I willingly engage). Let's say I then 'travel' to this location. Let's also say the spider engages. So when the spider is 'engaged' with me, I imagine a continues battle going on. This is where my disconnect happens. I have heroes and allies that commit to a quest, leaving those who are not committed to the quest to battle the spider. So... what is this an abstract of? In the middle of a fight, a few characters run off to go search a location? They then come back for a turn, maybe take a blow from the spider, then take off again next turn to go on a quest? The timing here is messed up in my mind. Either the fight with the spider is taking weeks and is an engagement that is off and on constantly as they are stalked by the spider on their adventure, or my heroes and allies are The Flash. "Okay, guys... I'll be right back... gotta quest..." and they zoom off in a cloud of dust and then suddenly reappear, panting. What do you guys imagine? Can you help me change the way I think about it?
  3. Wanting to buy this today for my bday and I'll be darned if I can find it anywhere after about an hour of scouring the internets! Does anyone know of an additional run coming?
  4. Hello all, Looking to play some casual games of Dust Tactics or Warfare at either Game Empire or At Ease Games here in SD!
  5. Looking to meet up with some players in the San Diego area @ either At Ease Games or Game Empire. I'm up for Dust Tactics, Warfare, X-Wing, Warhammer 40k or Fantasy, Infinity, and Malifaux (all super casual, I've not played any in the store yet).
  6. People still playing @ Game Empire? My core set is in the mail, my Slave 1 is in hand, and I'm anxious to play.
  7. thorn678

    SSU Red?

    I have a slight color blindness to red… what color red looks the closest to you?
  8. thorn678

    SSU Red?

    Hello, all! I am just wondering if any of you know what red FFG uses for the studio versions of their SSU walker. I love that red color. I'm sure it's a Reaper or GW color of some sort - perhaps the old red gore? (which new the Wazdakka Red does not even come close to, btw)
  9. I'm sure that in Warfare there is dangerous/treacherous terrain (terrain that when crossing has a chance to hurt your units). Does such a thing exist in Dust TACTICS? My wife gave me the revised core set for our 4th wedding anniversary (yes, my wife is awesome) and my brother in law and I just finished a quick demo game and he asked me this very good question. I didn't find anything through google or searching the forums, so I Assume there's none.
  10. Do you use the same stat cards for Tactics for Warfare, or is it typical 40k-style flipping to pages to get stats?
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