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  1. I like the paper books because they're a tangible thing you can hold and show to people, although the PDFs are also useful in their own way. I think it comes down to personal preference. PDFs are slightly more convenient, while paper books are better at showing off the game and how awesome it is. The great thing is that, like with most things in Dust, both are affordable. Even if you already have the paper book, dropping $10 (or £6 here in the UK) for the PDF isn't too much of a hardship, and the combined paper + PDF cost is still less than a codex from a certain other minis company. On a slight tangent, I've seen some people express concerns about what happens when, say, 10 campaign books are out. Well, it's highly unlikely that a 300 AP army will contain units from so many different books. It's usually just two or three books (if that), which fits into a bag just fine. Having said that, a tablet or eReader with PDFs will definitely be lighter. Again, personal preference.
  2. ItsUncertainWho said: Cannor said: In the Axis support options, "Horteon" should be "Horton". Actually it should be Horten. That's what happens when I post before rushing out the door. Yep, it should indeed be Horten!
  3. In the Axis support options, "Horteon" should be "Horton". Also, you missed the Schwer Armor Axis platoon upgrade from Icarus. I still use the Force Builder almost every day, and it's been invaluable for coming up with Regionals lists. Thanks for the awesome resource.
  4. Welcome to the crazy world of Dust! Your friend was right on both counts. I'll leave the decent Allied army suggestions to other people (I play Axis), although the units in the core set are a good starting point. In any case snipers (Crack Shots) are a good idea for some long-range suppression and damage dealing, and an extra command squad (either Corps Officers or The Boss) is handy to make a platoon you don't have a command squad for (although Rhino can lead an Elite platoon instead of the Corps Officers). Of course, there are also walkers, but everyone has their own preference for those. The Allies are well-known for jump troops (The Hammers, Tank Busters, Grim Reapers), being able to drop heavy walkers from the skies right where it's most inconvenient for the opponent, and phasers. They also have some great heroes and will get aircraft in the next few weeks. Dust is pretty well balanced, so really you can just build an army you like the look of and it'll be fun to play. I'm partial to zombies, lasers and jets.
  5. Daeglan said: I talked to the owner of my FLGS owner and he was at GAMA and he said that FF was surprised at how much demand there is for X-wing. We are out stripping their production ability. So they are not ready to announce wave 3. It is being manufactured according to him. He seemed to agree that Gencon was a likely place to announce or release it. That's basically what my thoughts are, too. It seems that every miniatures game FFG releases does better than they thought it would. There are some stores with wave 2 in stock here in the UK, though. I've still to get some wave 2. It took every ounce of strength I had to not go into an LGS today to pick up a YT and Firespray. Must be good, must be good…
  6. Cannor2

    A quick hello

    The Amazing Flight Lizard said: Here's a kinda silly question. How long between new releases do you usually wait? Are we talking one new release a year, every 6 months? What? Dust usually gets new releases every 3 months or so in waves commonly named after the current campaign (the current one is Icarus). The models are actually designed by Dust Studio; FFG just packages and distributes them (and publishes the Campaign Books for Dust Warfare).
  7. Great idea! I've already joined.
  8. Cannor2

    A quick hello

    ThadiusCole said: Welcome to the boards How is Dust anyway? Is it like a smaller squad based wargame or more mass combat like 40K that sort of thing? Dust is sort-of in-between 40K and a skirmish game. For 300 points (standard tournament size), there's usually about 30-40 models on the table per player, sometimes less if a player takes heavy units, walkers or aircraft. Both Dust and X-Wing allow for lots of synergy between units/ships, which is something I like in a game. It makes the game more than the sum of its mechanics.
  9. This would be a great idea. I noticed while tinkering around on Voidstate's squad builder that I'd have to buy the Falcon and the Slave 1 to get the upgrades I'd like to play with. It's not such a big deal now as I've yet to get any wave 2 stuff, but further down the line it'd be a bit annoying to have to get a second Falcon or whatever for more of a certain card.
  10. Cannor2

    A quick hello

    Thanks guys! Also, great site CID_MCDP. Your articles are helping me to get up to speed with X-Wing.
  11. Cannor2

    A quick hello

    Hi all. As you can probably tell from my avatar and sig, I'm a Dust Warfare player. But I've had an eye on X-Wing since Gencon last year, and finally got to play my first game in January (with wave 2 ships!). I loved it, but at the time the UK was sold out of everything. I've played a few more games since then, and eventually placed an order last week for a core set, X-Wing and TIE Advanced so a friend and me could play a thematic Luke vs Vader game this week. I also bought a Y-Wing last night. In the end we played 2 games yesterday evening. My Rebels won the first with just the core setup (Luke, Night Beast, Obsidian pilot), and his Empire won the second with the extra X-WIng (Wedge) and Vader added in (Vader blew up Luke to win the game). We'll play the decider next week. As you might expect, many film quotes were said. Anyway, in future I plan to play much more X-Wing, because it's awesome (but you already knew that). The only slight knock is that the ship stands are a little fragile; two of them already broke, but I managed to fix them. Also, if any London players are around, give us a shout. I'm curious how many are out there.
  12. ItsUncertainWho is right about the Grenadier X plus zombies unit. It's a hugely underrated combo that can get the zombies 18" up the field in their first activation, and wherever the zombies end up, the opponent can't react to that movement because of the Assault ability that GX shares with them. Also, GX is cheaper to buy than Markus (financially) and is 8/1 vs S2, 4/1 vs S3. As for space monkeys…
  13. I use the unit cards and turn them 90 degrees when a unit activates. I started doing that in Dust Tactics because I kept forgetting which units had activated.
  14. It varies based on experience. Two players who are new to the game might take a couple of hours to play a 300 AP (or less) game, while two experienced players will probably finish a game in 90 minutes, possibly even 60 minutes if they're really going for it. The tourney rules allow 90 minutes for 300 AP, with 15 minutes in-between each game for organising the next round. Also, the Dust tourney rules are the first I've seen that specifically discuss lunch break length.
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