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  1. You've got at least one guaranteed customer. My wife loves this game, and I'll grab any chance to keep on playing…
  2. It feels hard--but then again, our record is 3 wins/1 loss.--though the intro mission win doesn't really count….. My wife and I have been playing two player--archer & mage… And it definitely felt like we squeeked through a couple times… Having to spend an hour for each round of battle and moving the legend track after each monster makes the game feel pretty relentless… Even though it's basically a resource management game (manage the clock, manage your 3 inventory spaces, manage your WP/extra turns), I still feel like I'm out adventuring! Actually, when I first played, I misread the rule about team battles--for some reason, I thought you only picked the highest hero roll instead of adding them together… That made the game feel **** impossible… We just wrapped up a game and won Legend 3, even though we started with 4 trolls on the board. But we got a pretty lucky that all the rune stones appeared very near the castle, and our fates weren't too hard… We finished the game with 3 trolls and a wardrake in the castle, and another troll and a skrall on the verge of breaking in!
  3. sorry, my question was really about target elligibility… does ignoring covermean that obscured targets can be wounded by a burst weapon?
  4. Do Burst weapons ignore cover completely, or just for armour saves? That is, do LOS elligible target rules apply to Burst weapons? If I have a squad inside a building and only one mini is visible to any members of the attacking unit (through window, gap in wall, etc), can they all be wounded as elligble targets or just the visible one?
  5. i'm up in ballard,but we just had a newborn so my gaming is taking a hit… been looking for dust players though…q
  6. Yeah, I guess that's clear enough… I think I just need to spend more time looking through the core book to find the rules that balance in the Axis favour… I can accept that there's gameplay balance to consider, though it kinda interrupts my imagined narrative/story when I play… I suppose, I'm getting caught up in semantics--maybe it wouldn't bother me so much if granatwerfers were called raketewerfers instead…
  7. Question came up last night… The fliegerfaust, panzerfaust, and panzerschreck are all described as rockets. Do they cause the automatic suppression and no-cover saves as described for grenades on pg 58? Seems like they should get the same benefit, otherwise only the Axis sniper squad has grenades…
  8. but the radioman isn't carrying the long tom around in his backpack, he's gotta call it in and give firing coordinates… does that mean you also use that same radioman to relay another order to an out range unit during the same command phase? i still feel like the rules dont touch on this explicitly, so maybe it comes diwn to interpretation… speaking of radiomen… is it only the radioman in the command squad that allows an extra-range order? if you have an observer squad on the table with two radiomen does that allow two additional extra-range orders? or is that only if they're with a hero that's serving as the command section?
  9. Follow-up question… Since the Long Tom is off table, does the command squad need to use the radio man ability to use it? This came up in a game last night, where the Allies player called in the strike and then used his radioman to give an order to an "out-of-command" squad. In our quick rifling through the book at the table, it didn't seem to address this directly so we didn't require the radio order… Story-wise, it seems like it should, but would also have the consequence that if you kill the radio man you end the artillery assault…
  10. i think that once you declare your action to move, then the reacting player gets a chance to decideon his reaction… he can react before you begin your move, or afterwards… i think this means he can use range weapons if he chooses to react first, but would have to use close attacks if he reacts after… he could also choose to react bymoving away instead…
  11. Well--the thing is, I just started making terrain and got really excited and made a lot of it… And we wanted to try using a full table (way more than 25% coverage)… And since I used 1.5" styrofoam, the elevations wouldn't come into play using the core rules… So, we just house ruled that normal troops needed to take 3" of movement to climb an embankment. And that one level of height = soft cover, and two levels = hard cover… And that worked pretty well for us…
  12. Hey folks--I'm building some terrain out of 1.5" foam and will have an awful lot of hills and cliffs on the table… I've only been able to play a few games of Dust (so my grasp of the core rules isn't 100%), but I've been thinking about playing around with some house rules for handling elevation to make the table play more. Anyone else trying to house rule elevation? The terrain I'm building will basically have several 1.5" levels, with ramps between levels in some specific defined places… Here's a few ideas I had… 1. Cover--treat shooting at terrain of the same elevation (or lower) as soft cover, treat shooting at higher terrain as hard cover… 2. Vertical movement--moving up ramps are regular movement rules. For regular squads, climbing one level of terrain (1.5" height) costs 3" of movement, while climbing two levels of terrain (3" height) costs 6" (ie, they have to start adjacent to the cliff to arrive at the top in one move). Regular squads can't climb three levels of terrain (4.5" height). "Climb" and "Jump" squads have no penalty for climbing one level, 3" for climbing two levels, and 6" for climbing three levels. For regular troops descending down a cliff, one level is no penalty, two levels is a 3" penalty, and three levels is impossible. For "Climb" and "Jump" squads, one and two levels is no penalty, and three levels costs 3". 3. Close Combat--melee is limited to +/- one level of elevation. The higher elevation squad gets the benefit of cover. If more than half the units have an elevation advantage, the squad gets hard cover. If less than half the units have an elevation advantage, the squad gets soft cover. What do you think? Here's the test pieces I built earlier this week… I'm just starting work on some bigger, modular pieces that will stack…
  13. Feldwebel_Francis said: For a paint on matt varnish I use Liquitex Matt Varnish. It's an artists varnish found in art supply stores. Good stuff. yup, me too… been using their floaid and retarder too…
  14. I think I really like Apes. Thanks for all the advice and answers!
  15. Okay--another Ape-related question… Well, Markus-related, really… Can Markus use Charge and Fast in the same activation? That's 24" and an attack for a squad of Apes? Wow… Is this right? My buddy and I have been playing without heros for now to try and get the system down… I like how the heroes give the game more fluff/pulp, but it's going to take some getting used to the power-shifts…
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