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  1. I do the one of each, but it's a workaround. I'm a little unsure what you're saying in your posts though. I'm asking if there's plans for a Blender expansion, along with my reasons for asking, so I'm not really sure what your argument is. Are you saying that one would be a bad thing?
  2. The rule books specifically state that the missions from the base game are not compatable with the second and third game areas, and the second game missions not compatable with the third. It says so right on page 2 of each booklet. If you ignore that and shuffle them all together it become quite unfair on the people stuck drawing the cards with limited available locations. The games are designed to work together, but, as with any game where expansions are designed to work as both expansions and standalones, it never works perfectly. Cards keying off newly introduced mechanics have to be limited to avoid swamping the expansion when played as a standalone, but this means when the games are combined they become too rare. To repeat the best example: The scalable monsters are a great innovation, but since they needed to keep them to a reasonable level for TotG played as a standalone, when combined with the main deck they come up quite rarely. This is not a problem unique to Anima, as I said it's common in any standlones-that-can-be-combined game. And the common solution is to release a Blender-style, non-standalone expansion, specifically to bump up the card numbers of the "new" types and other such tweaks. The time travel thing was just me trying to make lighthearted conversation, and you appear to have taken the direct opposite to my intended meaning, which was that yes, it's not a big deal.
  3. Anyone know if there's any plans for a Blender-style expansion for Anima? I'd like to be able to pile all three expansions' area cards, missions etc into one game, but the 1st and 2nd game missions' locations just don't show up enough. Also the scalable monsters are great but they don't show up nearly enough when you're using everything at once. It would be great to have a Blender expansion (non-standalone obviously) with updated missions (just need to add Expansion locations), extra Scalable monsters/events, and some search cards to help with the decks sizes. Stopping Omega with a party of Modern heroes in an Infinity Orb location might seem a little odd but with everything else going on in this game a little time travel would hardly be out of place.
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