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  1. My issue with what was just said is, if the condition only has to be meet for the responce to trigger why would son of the mist not work? a player did play its last card.
  2. Maybe I am just slow, But I am having a very hard time understanding how all of these rulings can fit together. The only way I can make all this fit in my mind is by saying that when the response window opens up all possible responses check to see if they can be triggered then we all take turns triggering. Thus passive effects will already be applied but other responses will not.
  3. If i give my Robert's Hammer: "If it is Summer or Winter, kneel King Robert's Hammer. Any Phase: Kneel King Robert's Hammer to choose and stand a House Baratheon character." immune to non plot effects and my opp makes it winter does my hammer kneel? I would think yes but i just want to make sure
  4. I am having a hard time understanding how this fits with the son of the mist not being able to claim the power if they draw a card. Can someone explain
  5. Disregard the top question I was thinking of the wrong card. I want to know the effect of the crewman on Raiders of Orkmont Type: Character House: Greyjoy Cost: 4 STR: 5 Icon: Military,Power Army. Raider. If you are running a character agenda or are not running an agenda, Raiders of Orkmont gains: "Response: After you win a [Military] challenge, look at the top 3 cards of the losing opponent's deck. Discard up to 2 of those cards. Put the remaining cards back on the top of the deck in any order." Crest: War Set: AToTT
  6. How does deepwood motte :Challenges: Kneel Deepwood Motte to discard the top 3 cards of an opponent's deck (any player may discard 1 power from his or her House card to cancel this effect). If 2 or more non-character cards are discarded in this way, choose and stand a character. Work with motly crewman STR: 1 Icon: Military,Power Raider. Ally. Any effect that discards 1 or more cards from an opponent's deck discards an additional card.
  7. I see blank printed text box as the printed text box should be treated as if it was blank, thus adding the measter title back wouldnt give it printed text of measter but just the title of measter. But if I understand what you are saying is that blanking doesnt get rid of the printed text box but instead give the card -1 of all the words in the text box (-measter, -other title, -keywords) is this correct?
  8. After looking at the FAQ it seems that the text in it is a clarification not an errata, so I am still confused as to why the house card is not effected. I get that its not but can anyone explain why it is not?
  9. knights of the hollow hill: You cannot place cards during the setup phase. Other cards you control do not provide a gold bonus. Your House card gains: +2 Income +2 Influence +2 Initiative I dont understand how the house card can provide a bonus when the agenda says other cards you control do not provide a gold bonus. To me the house card would count as a other card trying to provide an income bonus can someone explain what im missing?
  10. I dont mind playing melee at a friends house when we know the game will end with 15 power, my issue with melee is that most games I have seen go to time. This adds a fold to the game that I dont like, you get ahead or in a spot where you think you can win and now you start to slow play, or even worse you slow play because your in 2nd and then the guy in first slow plays so now we have half the table playing for time and not for the win. So from my stand point I would rather play joust becasue I am half the table and thus can do everything I can to avoid the game going to time. Not saying we should get rid of the time aspect of the game.
  11. Skowza said: johnn0411 said: that seems risky how do you stop the ppl running the event from setting matches or not giving byes to local players and such? I come from playing MTG and WOWTCG so i only know those systems. All and all it was very fun and the players in this game are great. Not sure how those games work, but a modified win scores less points in AGoT than a match win, and it could also result in a player being paired down and thus having poor strength of schedule too. I'm also pretty certain that Yotta tried to avoid pairing players from the same meta, which is why the city the players came from was requested on the decklists. I cant say im a fan of messing with pairing for any reason, but I also come from more competitive games. I think it will just be something I will have to deal with. It seems like this is the norm for all events.
  12. This is my first event in this game so I didnt know it was common for everyting to start late. Is it common in this game to set up games in round 1 in a non random way? and i think what rob was saying is that we were told that the delay was for the player which then put the event to 21 not 20 thus having a bye each round. But if the late play got a first round loss then that makes sense and we didnt wait for him. Also is it common to have an event that doesnt have a system for pairings? that seems risky how do you stop the ppl running the event from setting matches or not giving byes to local players and such? I come from playing MTG and WOWTCG so i only know those systems. All and all it was very fun and the players in this game are great.
  13. Yottaquest said: We did start later than we imagined, but that was more due to the problem of pairing without a software, and dealing with the restrictions put in place by FFG about players who travelled together and such. Not sure what other problems happened but the players were told that the issue was with some local players being late and that they were late becasue of being drunks (I assume that was a joke)
  14. Congrats to Tyler and all the Cbus guys they really were both great players and great people. I hope we can get a play group going with Clevleand and you guys in the future. I also had no issue with the TO but more with the store itself. I am more upset that they wouldnt budge on the cut to top 4 even when it seemed all the players wanted it to be top 8 as it should be with 5 rounds of swiss, but the store was ok with starting 30 min late to let players from that city come in late. I dont see how you can say we cant change from what was posted we must do top 4 but you are ok with starting later than the posted time? I will say I had a great time and enjoyed meeting everyone but will most likely not return to that store because of the way they ran things. Ill leave on a high note, I cant wait to see all you guys in centervile and hope to get a crack against that deck of yours Tyler.
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