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  1. The pdf is dead simple to jump back and forth in. Admittedly advancement costs are spread out needlessly across three pages (could easily be on one), but memorizing the page numbers or bookmarking the sections digital or otherwise is not difficult. Just write down your aptitudes and away you go. if you need a cheat sheet memorize pages 51, 52, 53 & 90, 91, 92. Two groups of three adjacent pages; not sure that i understand what is clunky especially when you type in the page number and poof there you are. If you play a psyker then well page flipping is inevitable with power selection. Though an index of powers and their prerequisites and costs could be created and condensed without too much fuss. Too clunky in my opinion is searching through multiple books for character advancement options.
  2. My DH1 gaming group stuck with the early stages for love of the setting only. Luck played too much of a roll and character creation was rather assembly line and rigid. Adepts often out shot the gun bunnies by accident and knife wielding assassins were often times frustrated by mere thugs.
  3. Table 2-9: Divinations (Continued), pg. 57 68–71 A suspicious mind is a healthy mind. This character gains the Heightened Senses (choose one) talent. Heightened Senses doesn't seem to appear in Chapter 4 Talents.
  4. Despise fixed path advancement. Love the aptitude system. GM's can and should restrict skill choices when it doesn't make sense ("Just when did you have a chance to learn that"). I always hated how a team could go through the same mission, but not be able to learn the same things.
  5. I know this is nitpicky, but I really dislike the term warband for agents of the inquisition. Warband makes me think of Chaos marauders or Orks.
  6. I reasoned that there were some roadways or at least trails cut through the jungle and that the irks would charge straight ahead along the easiest path. One road leading to the facility made it easy for the PCs to set up an ambush for the assault force though. My group used all 6 kg of demo charges set over 100 meters from the main gate down the access road. They used the dead ork's weapons piled up next to a smoldering burn pile of the dead orks as bait. The demo charge took out everything in the first wave with 29 damage and righteous fury to boot.
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