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  1. Beren Eoath, several of those issues you list seem small or personalized (not enough space for cards), some seem a bit applicable to every game ("no one has played a bard in my pathfinder game, that is like 10 pages wasted!")and some seem a bit contradictory (not having all the mages and priests). You realise EotE only has a handful of classes and races and you have to pick up more books for the others as well, yes?
  2. Yepesnopes said: Sorry Devout, I am a bit lost in the thread, there are like two or three parallel conversations. Is this a question for me? and if so, to which game do you refer, where PC have to memorize especial habilities that are not writen down in the character sheet? Thx Yepes It is a bit of a theoretical. How would you accomplish giving characters abilities without needing a book or cards for refference, it sounds like you either don't play games that have these abilities or have very big character sheets. We just don't have many games in common.
  3. WFRP3 basicly starts a year or two before Storm of Chaos. Lots of little hints and foreshadowing occurs throughout the Third Edition modules and supplements pushing us closer to the begining of the Storm of Chaos and the previous Enemy Within. So they actually turned the clock back instead of forward for v3.
  4. Doesn't lack of an ongoing storyline or sense of progression bother people?
  5. How do you not have card and not have to refference a book when you have characters each with three to nine unique abilities they can perform? Does your group really memorize them all word for word so well that when an odd circumstance comes up you don't need to refference anything? If so bravo.
  6. In D&D 3.x and Pathfinder and Warhammer 40k games you see it and to a smaller degree in 4e D&D people needing to look up what kind of attacks do what, how things trigger or how spells work. All largely a non-issue when you have a basic unified mechanic and all the abilities down on cards like in WFRP3.
  7. I think not having to look up abilities and rules mid session is a big bonus for the card-style format and take that over having to go look up feats and skill charts any day as I feel it keep the game amd story moving with a much better flow. I have yet to see a book-based game match it. That being said, you shouldn't worry, because if we do see a newer edition of WFRP from FFG it is likely to be book-style as I think the current edition has proved too problematic and may be near dead anyways.
  8. WFRP3 tried to step away from needing to look up rules in a book during sessions and boil everything down to cards and a few basic rules you could out on a GM screen or two or three pages of cheat sheets at most. This was pretty new an innovative but strangely gamers have gotten a bit set in their ways and miss their oversized rulebooks and have some strange fear of cards. Who knew? Your question is a bit silly though. WFRP doesn't look like that because they would have to toss out at least half thier game to do so. Little of which is seriously broken.
  9. I believe you actually need to Train, not just Aquire Education to be able to read. Also pretty sure you need to have Trained the skill before you specilize.
  10. You lose out on 1 defense, 1 soak and the Block/Improved Block defenses due to lack of a shield. This isn't an issue?
  11. My concern here would be to seems most of the cards your are addressing are two handed weapon ones, not leaving a lot of specific actions for them.
  12. Aren't the adventures designed for three players, therefore requireing compensation for a five player group?
  13. Strange, reading the new timeline with the new Enemy Within content… it pretty clearly changes the series of events around the sacking of Wolfenburg and Volkmars death. Veeeeeeeeery interesting.
  14. Glad to see you post this here. I read it a few days ago from StS and thoughy it was an excellent, excellent piece of work that I enjoyed quite a bit. Sadly though, I can't recall any of the questions that came to mind as I was reading now that I see you here, of course! I am sad to hear the tEWv2 is a bit confusing as to how it lines up, as I have felt that the looming shadow of the Storm of Chaos has been an interesting twist to 3e, I have been kind of excited now it is kind of rearing its head… even if actual Storm of Chaos is a bit poo… Anyways, once again, excellent job on this great piece of work.
  15. Yeah, essentially everything you need is released already. Though it would be nice to see a Print On Demand for each of the other Colleges and Cults, and that isn't to say there isn't stuff that could be done. What I would like to see is a Moot/Halfling set like Blackfire Pass for dwarfs. What the game absolutely doesn't need is any elf stuff. In fact, if the game does get canceled, as the final act FFG should do before canceling is sending someone out to replace all the cards and pages of all the sets ever produced and change all the old elf content to halfling stuff.
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