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  1. Even before the announcement of the Amazon series focusing on the second age, I had always thought that this could be the next saga expansion. It has a great theme and players would be super excited because of the release of the series based on this. It´ s a win-win. Imagine playing all of the second age with pretty cool heroes such as Gil-Galad, Elendil, Celembribor, Elrond, Isildur, etc. There are some darn good scenarios, storylines or missions you could play; * The forging of the rings * The founding of Gondor and Arnor * The battle of Minas Ithil *The last alliance (battle of Dagorlad, Siege of Barad-Dur, final battle of Elendil and Gil-Galad against Sauron). Just imagine a 2 player game, one using an elf deck consisting of Gil-Galad, Elrond and Cirdan and the other using a men deck (Elendil, Isildur, Anarion). Thematic at it´ s fullest, fun and a breath of fresh air for the game. I would certainly buy every single thing they throw at us. Do you think it could be possible? Do they have the rights to do this, I know they have at least The Hobbit and LOTR), can they do it? Looking forward to you your comments.
  2. Let's suppose you were going to play the lotr sagas and you're super thematic, what decks would be possible to build (only heroes) so that it fits???
  3. I have a question about a double action in a round by the same hero. Let's suppose I have a card that lets me ready my character, can I use the character again in the same round?? For example can I: Glorfindel with light of valinor: He does'nt exhaust for the first time so can I quest again with him? Boromir Tactics: Can I attack an enemy, then ready and attack again to make it 6 attack against that character? Any hero with Unexpected Courage: Can I use the hero twice on the same round( either questing or attacking) Or with an ally like Faramir, can I exhaust him twice( the second through a card effect) to add +2 to each character?? Very well that's it, thank you for your consideration
  4. In your opinion what is the card that has the best thematic according to the character, weapon, location it represents? For me it would be boromir tactics; since he is just so thematic IMHO. His action of readying himself just feels like it is just following the characters lore, and his other action also feels ok for his action of sacrifice.
  5. Ok so last night, I got thinking about this. I saw a photo from cotr where they were using a ton of glorfindels in one quest. Over the course of this game we have received a lot of heroes(51 heroes). There have been multiple versions of some heroes, Bilbo and Frodo have 3-2 versions but these versions are used mainly in saga boxes or expansions. But there are also 3 other heroes which have a multiple version. We are talking about Boromir, Aragorn and Glorfindel. I know most of you know a lot about lotr, silmarillion and the hobbit, but for those who does not, there have been 2 persones of each one. Boromir: The first one was the steward of gondor prior to any lotr event, he conquered osgiliath and was feared by the witch king. The second one would be the one we all know so no explanation. Glorfindel (I am of the group that thinks that there is only one Glorfindel but still) the first one was the super glorfindel that killed a balrog in the silmarillion, the second helped frodo get to rivendell in the fords of isen. Aragorn: The first was the fifth chieftain of the dunedain, and the second one was the last of isildur, elessar, etc. So what if each version is one character and not the same Boromir tactics: Boromir from the fotr Boromir leadership: Steward of gondor Spirit Glorfindel: The first glorfindel Lore Glorfindel: The second glorfindel Lore Aragorn: Elessar Leadership Aragorn: The first aragorn I think my theory is irrelevant and they are meant to be the same guy, but i thought i might post it in here to see what you guys think???
  6. Ok, so I have heard that the two most powerful heroes in the game are either Glorfindel or Dain. Therefore I would like to know why are they so great. What are your thoughts on theses 2 heroes?
  7. Ok, so I don't know if anyone has considered this, (haven't read the topic complete), but the fellowship consists of 9 members: Aragorn, Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Boromir, Gandalf, Gimli, Legolas. In the core set we got aragorn, legolas and gimli as heroes, and we also got gandalf as an ally. In the Black riders we have Frodo, Sam Merry and Pippin as the heroes, so I suppose that FFG would like to complete the fellowship just by using the core set, the black riders and the road darkens. By using two decks (the three hunters and the hobbits) you get all the characters that do not die or dissapear in any part of the books to keep up with the lore. Using this I could deduce that Boromir is a ally coming.
  8. I would like to know who do you guys think are the top 10 most powerful characters in middle earth during the 3rd age (preferably between the hobbit and lotr time) since this is the time the game takes place. It doesn't matter if they are good or evil, just a simple question for fun. Mine (not in order of power): *Glorfindel *Shelob *Gandalf *Elrond *Galadriel *Smaug *Witch king *Balrog *Beorn *Necromancer
  9. Ok so I haven't seen a hero ranking in a while, so what do you guys think are the best and worst heroes in the game? You could include the new heroes Eomer and Grima if you would like.
  10. I would like to know what cards work well with Spirit Glorfindel, and how does Light of Valinor works? If you attach it to Glorfindel does he quest (but he doesn't exhaust like an unexpected courage kind of) or how?
  11. Ok, thank you Rich, so what other pack would you recommend from the Dwarrowldelf, in order to get a good deck using Glorfindel SP, maybe lorargorn?
  12. Ok so I already have the core set, and I want to know: I want to get the FOS pack to get Glorfindel since he is my favorite character after Aragorn and Boromir. So my question is do I need to get first the Dwarroldelf (sorry if I wrote it wrong) expansion in order to play the pack?
  13. Am: Glorfindel: Come on guys are you kidding me, I know Strider is awesome but lets face it, there is only one super god card-like card in the game and it's Glorfindel. AN:Legolas, great guy, not very fond of him, but I haven't got the chance to play faramir (Mexico). AO: Boromir,Since, I first started reading the books (8-9 years) my favorite character was Aragorn, but when I grew up I became more interested in Boromir and Gondor, and you know it has the best art in the game!!!! AP: Elrond: Great char, a little bit better than beregond, because you can only use Beregond in terms of defense and questing in siege.
  14. I vote for the next ones: Ae: Glorfindel Aragorn, LO Aragorn, LE Legolas Dain Boromir Bard Beregond
  15. Well, what do you have to say about the new hero (eomer). I think that you could form a deck using him, theoden and maybe Eowyn to have access to all those older rohan cards. Also do you think this expansion or cycle will be as ATS where they created a new type of cards, (outlands) rather than creating more support towards the main faction (gondor in that case)
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