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  1. Vyking

    Homebrew scenarios now available

    I can't seem to get the Android version 2.1.3 to work. I loaded up the official App fully, loaded up Valkyrie, pressed Import, waited, then it comes back to the main menu with MoM still greyed out and inactive. I've got plenty of storage on my phone and tablet and neither work.
  2. Vyking

    Reporting Technical Issues

    Been a while since I last played. Just realised on Android, Wendy Adams stats are incorrect. She shows as 3 Sanity (should be 7) & 3 Stamina.
  3. Vyking

    Through the Gates!

    Played my first game as well and it really enhanced the game. Feels a lot more like AH now. As for the Blessed/Cursed Dice there are 10 cards in the new Arkham Adventure deck with rewards/penalties for them (7 Cursed, 2 Blessed, 1 with both) so it's not huge but glad it's in there and not forgotten. They usually appear on a split reward/penalty so you can choose one or the other only if you can (ie. if you have the extra dice perhaps it's get Cursed and spawn a monster, if you don't then you must advance Doom by 1).
  4. Vyking

    Android app?

    +1 for an Android version as well. I loved playing ES:Omens so much I bought the physical game and then AH after that. Show us some love FFG!