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  1. Rumor is FFG is losing the GW license, including Talisman and Fury of Dracula.
  2. I would not expect an episode 7 announcement until around November 2015, about a month before Episode 7 theater release, with a release of Q2 or Q3 2016, probably Gencon 2016. I doubt Armada will get a new Core set most likely just expansion packs.
  3. Christen pretty much said they were going to support Episode 7 in his Gen Con Inflight Report, but he couldn't say anything official due to the release dates imposed by Disney for the release of Board games and Toys. There are even leaked photos of the new X-wing start box that has the new style Tie and X-wing for Mini's. I know its not Armada but if they are supporting Episode 7 X-wing they will most definitely support Episode 7 Armada
  4. Very nice and clean painting. I can't wait to start painting mine.
  5. I contacted FFG back on 12/28/2014 about a broken probe droid and got a response back today that they have shipped a replacement Probe Droid out to me.
  6. Are the cards in the Corp and Runner starter packs the same between Overdrive and Cyber war?
  7. Based on other FFG LCG's I think we will get other Warlord cards as part of the data pack/adventure pack/what ever they are going to be called and the deluxe expansion boxes. I would bet the space marine faction would get other chapter captains as warlords, orcs would get different warband warlords,medlar different craft worlds, chaos different chapters, ect....
  8. What if anything happens to the reanimate if the necromancer is killed?
  9. Also Does anything block tombles burrow ability? Walls? Doors? Boulders? Locked Doors?
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