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  1. I can confirm that at least some of the main story quests will be different depending on whether you lost or won the previous story quest. I love how it really adds to the replay value of the campaign.
  2. Sorry. Should have been more clear. I meant that it would be really nice if I for example could choose that my shop should only consist of items from the core rulebooks. A list of the sources, where each source can be toggled off or on, such that the shopping list is only generated from sources that are toggled on. This could e.g. be an option window like the kind of shop or just a .txt which is read by the program. The only way I can do that now (as far as I can tell) is by editing the source data files.
  3. Seems pretty nice! I got 2 suggestions for improvement: - A way to toggle sources (regular expressions might be your friend here since you already got sources indicated) - Include a list of sources and their abbrivations. (I might have been away from this game for too long, but it took me a while to figure out that E­ CRB is EotE Core Rulebook.)
  4. Without being a pro, I think the easiest way to go about adding the symbols are saving the symbols as small images and then add a code snippet to MSE which converts e.g. "<AD>" as text into the corresponding symbol. This is how it's done with the mana cost symbols e.g. "1:" as text becomes a neutral mana cost of 1. You can probably look up the code in one of the Magic styles.
  5. Haha, Tuborg is a big danish brewery, so if I used that name in my game nobody would take me seriously. :]
  6. There are some suggestions here.
  7. Yeah, that's something I've mulled around with, too. Just not quite sure how I want to go about it. Not sure if it could be useful, but the program Magic Set Editor has a nice way of letting you cropping, resizing and whatever whenever you import a picture. You might be able to figure out how it is done in their program (or at the very least get an idea of how to handle it).
  8. If the PCs are going to do more with the computer or a machine besides the first check, I sometimes give them a boost die or two to the next check (they've gotten better understanding of the machine). E.g. they need to find info on a starship computer and afterwards use the nav system to plot a flight.
  9. Looks nice. I've purchased a couple of thin ring binders myself - one for each PC and one for me.
  10. I would either do something about the scale (where the maximum is 100) or something about the individual values e.g. 5 points = 2 points in your case. So the minimum everyone can get is 2 points of obligation and the PCs might start out with 10 points or something like that.
  11. I'm afraid your link doesn't work. When you want to share something on dropbox, you have to select the folder or file and use the share button in the top panel and then post the url you get from that.
  12. Looks very nice. But why are the two last species listed under outdated? Are they included in the AoR beta? Also, on page 2 you link to http://gsa.thegamernation.com - I think it should be .org, right? Thanks for all the hard work you put into this.
  13. Antistone said: It's not from first edition, and a clarification wouldn't hurt.I'm about 99% sure that it means "and", though. Since (1) that's generally the default for lists of things that don't specify one way or the other, and (2) if they meant "or", I think they would probably have just given you two separate surge abilities (i.e. "S: +1 range" and on a separate line "S: +1 damage"). That would give you the option to activate them separately if you wanted to spend two surges, so they might have combined them onto one line specifically to prevent you from doing that, but it seems unlikely. I'm 99% sure you're right. Wait - does that decrease the certainty to 98.01% ? :S
  14. any2cards said: Like many of you, I have read with great interest everything that has come out for Descent V2. After reading this latest update, I noticed some of the following lines within the text of the update and/or the cards: "… place monsters on an empty space …" "… go through the Overlord deck until you find a card of the specified type, discard all others …" I sure hope that the rules for Descent V2 do a far better job than they did is V1, the FAQs, etc. is clarifying some of these key words such as "empty space", "discard", etc. Should be fun to read the rules next week and find out. Never played V1, but what is the problem with "discard all others"? Seems pretty logical to me.
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