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  1. I mean her personal Influence score (which is 41), not the Influence of the PCs summoning them. My mistake, as ThenDoctor mentions, PCs and NPC are rarely at a 1:1 ratio for their Attributes, Talents, and Skills.
  2. Where do you see SoB Reinforcement Character? I can only seem to find the Canoness who has an minimum Influence of 50 - p.296 Core Rulebook.
  3. I would say no, as there's no Evasion Test, therefore nothing to evade. You could offer them a bonus to the Opposed Willpower v Toughness Test if you felt like it. I imagine it has the Attack Subtype for it to count against the 1 Attack, 1 Concentration Action per Round limit.
  4. To make a Focus Power Test - whether Opposed or not - the Psyker adds +/- 10 for every point of Psy Rating below or above their effective Psy Rating respectively, the Psy Focus gives them another +10. For example, Jimbob the psyker is going to use Enfeeble (p.200) a Challenging (+0) Opposed Willpower Test. He has a Psy Rating of 3. He figures his opponent has a fairly high Toughness - Toughness being the Attribute the NPC is using to resist the power - so decides to use an Effective Psy Rating of 2 for +10 to his test. Throw in the +10 from his Psy Focus for a total of +20 to his Willpower Test vs. the NPCs Toughness Test. Adding Willpower doesn't happen in DH2e - AFAIK - that was from at least Black Crusade, and may have made it into Only War, but not 2e. As for your complaint about the Psykers getting lots of bonuses, well yeah. That's what they do. Although, admittedly, they're not getting as many as you've been giving them. They are - typically - using Psychic Powers against targets with little/no Psychic resistance - until you get later on into the investigations. Look at it from a marksman's perspective. You make a character that's all about long range attacks. Pick up an Accurate Weapon, you can Aim for a Half Action, and all of a sudden you can wipe out individuals fairly easily. Those characters are good at what they're designed to do. One less thing to remember, certain powers can be Dodged as if they're ranged attacks, A Psychic Bolt only requires a single success on a Dodge Test to avoid the power, Psychic Barrage and Storm are Semi Auto and Full Auto respectively, and Psychic Blast is, well... a Blast effect. Using Crush from your example, whilst it can be a nasty effect, it only requires someone to get a single Degree of Success on a - typically - Challenging (+0) Dodge Test, to utterly negate the use of the power - Psychic Phenomena not withstanding. Hope that helps.
  5. I don't think you can combine Inescapable Attack and Lightning Attack. The wording for Inescapable Attack (p.128); "After making a successful attack test of the appropriate type as part of an All Out Attack, Called Shot, Charge, Standard Attack or Stun action...". Both Lightning Attack, and Full Auto are completely different Actions than the five that Inescapable Attack specifically mentions, so I'd say the intent is that Lightning Attack, and or Full Auto are not designed to be used in combination with Inescapable Attack. To answer your actual question, if you were going to combine Full Auto/LA and IA; the 6 Degrees of Success are what you scored on the Attack Test, so they would be the Degrees of Success multiplied by 10 that gives you the penalty to Dodge or Parry, -60 (6 DoS * 10).
  6. They're both Talents from the Inquisitor Elite Advance in the Core Rulebook. Page 89.
  7. No, someone would get a +20 modifier to shoot the Size(6) vehicle - see page 138 for the Size table and the modifiers to hit and for stealth.
  8. For AoE damage, if it's in Narrative Time you could certainly make an argument to your GM for Acrobatics, however in Dramatic Time you can only Dodge out of the blast radius of something if the edge of the blast is no further away than your Agility bonus in metres. No, you can only make one Standard Attack per turn, as you can only take one Action with the Attack sub-type and one Action with the Concentration sub-type per Round.
  9. What's stopping the sniper from Aiming before the Called Shot? I agree that the AP should be reduced - and this is where the GM's prerogative comes into play, or you end up with a Shadowrun situation where there is a rule example for almost every single thing you could conceivably do, instead of a framework that allows the players/GM to arbitrate on what an action should involve. Not trying to start any kind of system/edition war, both have their pros and cons, I'm simply saying, if something doesn't fit in with the game that you are running, that as the GM - providing it's not out of the blue, it's consistent and the player's as a whole are happy with it - you can add/remove or alter rules as you see fit.
  10. No, as you have to select what Psy rating you are going to use; 5 in your example. If you wanted to create a weaker effect, you would have chosen 1 as your effective Psy rating and not 5.
  11. I've not run or even read the adventure, but don't forget the weapon's Pen, do they only have lasguns - and if so, why? It's not too hard to start the game with better weapons than just a lasgun (no criticism towards the majestic lasgun).
  12. Yes, that's because that's exactly what they're supposed to do. You're complaining that a group of super-specialised Acolytes are going to be able to do the one thing that they're very good at very well. The question is, how do they get to the Daemon? Is it raging around like some Godzilla nightmare? If so, they're more likely to be squashed first. Any investigation is going to be a major weak-spot for them, and as MijRai pointed out, if they're specialised in melee, then all it takes is a simple ambush at ranged to really inconvenience them. I don't think the Talent is too OP, even in the - unlikely - event that you end up with everyone going Crusader.
  13. My group(s) we generally play through a starter adventure to get everyone into the character's mind and get a feel for the system - if it's a new one. After that, if people aren't happy with their characters, or things don't run how they had envisaged them to, we remake - or totally replace - that character. Saves people getting bored or growing disheartened at a game - particularly if it's going to be quite a long one.
  14. But thats exactly what the longlas is for.
  15. Personally, I can't think of a reason not to let them have it. As Alemander says, its not that many items. If you don't, you risk having Tech Priests basically looking like they've dressed in their dads work clothes, as opposed to be skilled and well equipped members of the AdMech as the amount of Cybernetics they can get is quite low.
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