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  1. I won Death on the Wing using Ettin, traping heroes on entrance. The Ettin hit high damage, block the corridor and the throw skill help to keep the weakers in entrance while the red spider move around to burn heroes fatigue . When 8 rocks was put in board, they advanced and i trap in the Cannyon.
  2. But this is the objective in Death on the Wing: The Overlord wins if there are no empty adjacent spaces to the hero in the Canyon (and if all objective tokens are on the map). The hero died by poison in his turn in the canyon and there are no empty adjacent spaces to him. Overlord win this way or the hero must be alive?
  3. Hello. Question: If all spaces adjacent to the hero is occupied, he start his turn and faint by poison (he was with 1 health and miss the test), the Overlords win? And if a hero is fainted, dont want stand up, and he is surrounded, at the end of heroes turns, Overlord wins too? (Sorry my english…)
  4. On "Triumphant Heroes Return Home" news, said: "Preview Event is coming to a retailer near you! July 6th–8th in the US and other dates worldwide, this preview event is your chance to play the game and check out its rules and components…two weeks before its release." So, middle of July, near third week. Case closed.
  5. I saw in da Rules that they had split the quests in encounters. This will save more space (small gameboard size) and create more objectives to the same quest. I'm happy for the Road to Legend campaing concept and for the replay-factor (custom classes, campaing's quests system, custom OL deck)
  6. Nevermind. (u can "storm" ur strongholds in barracks with the battle action)
  7. So anyone can explain the Strength values on the Strongholds cards?
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