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  1. MikeySandwich

    New Article- Dark Days

    ListJuggler shows 5 people going 5-1 with Ghost/Fenn in Birmingham.
  2. MikeySandwich

    Players in North Yorkshire, England ?

    Beanie Games in Stockton has a good X-Wing scene, as does Hull (I think). If you haven't already, you could ask on the UK/IRL FB page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/xwingukirl/
  3. MikeySandwich

    Competitive lists with cool Ships

    I took Luke with Expertise, R5-P9 and Integrated Astromech to a regional in the UK (Beanie Games, Stockton) in March. I flew him with Biggs (R4-D6, I.A.) and Horton (TLT, R2-D6, Expertise, Vectored Thrusters). I won 4, lost 2 and finished 32 out of 108. I beat Dash & Norra, 4 TLT Y's, Imperial Interceptors and Imperial Aces. My losses came to Brobots and Parattanni. I have to say that I was very lucky to win at least two of the games I did. Except for the Parattanni game, every game, win or lose, was very close, usually with only 2 or so hull points in it. I took the same list to a UK store championship (Element Games, Stockport) in March, just after the nerf, and didn't do so well. I won 2, lost 3 and finished 20th out of 40 or so. I made a couple of stupid mistakes, one which cost me a game and another which didn't matter. I beat Corran/Miranda and 4 PS2 T70's. I lost to Triple Jumpmasters, Fat Han & Jake and Dengar & Asajj. Again, the games were all close except for one: the Triple Jumps. I certainly didn't go to either tournament expecting to do well, just to have fun flying ships that I love. All in all, it was a fun squad to fly. Biggs did what Biggs does best. Horton came as a surprise to people - he has a very consistent (actionless) damage output and Vectored Thrusters saved his life several times once Biggs had gone down. Luke blew hot and cold. I found that I needed him to earn his keep with TL'd attacks while Biggs was alive. Once Luke got focused on, he just wasn't able to keep up the damage. Luke is still one of the first ships I think about when I make a list, but I think there are just too many big attacks around at the moment - even with his ability and the R5-P9 regen, he still only has 2 green dice and `6(ish) hit points on a predictable dial. If he gets stressed or has to K-turn... ouch... Since then, I've been playing around with Luke, Biggs & Wedge (Expertise & whatever ) and Luke, Biggs & Keyan (HLC, Rage & Inspiring Recruit). Neither Wedge nor Keyan have the damage output that Horton does, but I like flying them better. Hope that was in any way useful.