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  1. Ok folks i have a new OFFICIAL answer about this ability and the 1.3 section of rulebook: So now removing the 1.3 section you can use passive ability in combo with a ability on same card. ✌️
  2. With gimli you can use his ability only after resolving full counter Attack, so the card is yet on discard pile when he negate damage
  3. Where is written campaign dlc price will be 5 dollars?
  4. The problem is that you cannot apply "having sense" in a rulebook, the rules must be applied as written otherwise 10,000 exceptions arise.
  5. yes, but you can choose it both from those of the attack test and from those of the elude test if there has been a counter-attack.
  6. The ability say "you may place 1 card from the test on top of your deck", don't say attack test or negate test, so you can choose 1 card coming from both tests, but just one
  7. Excellent and as I thought step 4 is done before triggering the skill. This makes the gimpli's ability a bit pointless but that's okay.
  8. Rulebook 1.3 "When using an ability on a card with multiple abilities, only one can be used unless an ability specifically states that it is used before, when, or after the other ability is resolved."
  9. I have the Italian version of the game and wanted to check some advanced skill cards to see if they were wrong: Guardian: has a total of 5 successes, 4 misses, 3 fairies icon. Guardian 8 is the same of Guardian 2 - 3. Pathfinder: has a total of 4 successes, 4 misses, 4 fairies icon. Hunter: has a total of 4 successes, 4 misses, 4 fairies icon. Hunter 4 is the same of Hunter 1 Burglar: has 4 hits in total, 5 misses, 4 fairies icon. Burglar 8 is the same of Burglar 1. Musician: has 4 hits in total, 4 misses, 4 fairies icon. Captain: has a total of 4 submissions, 4 misses, 4 fairies icon. The doubt came to me from the fact that some roles have all different cards (except the numbers 2-3) while others have other duplicates. I thank in advance who can compare with his English version.
  10. No!!! Each ability on 1 card can be used alone, so the passive ability don't trigger when you use same card for Guard 3 the exception occurs when there are keywords "when" "before" and "after".
  11. Gimli's Ability: After you attack, you may place 1 card from the test on top of your deck". Now, this happen before or after the "Step 4—Counterattack"? Since the counterattack is a step in the attacking action, I would say after, and then he can choose to put on top of the deck one card of his attack test and the ones to deny the counterattack. But I would like some confirmations.
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