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  1. I really hope that when FFG release Battletech again (in my dreams at least) stick to the core mechanics of the original, giving some flavor and art update only. (Make cards nice and easier to difference on clan from other, or from Support Cards)
  2. Many people looking for Battletech. I'm so happy to see that.
  3. Any news about the release of this? The announcement say "late first quarter 2016".
  4. Are FFG planning on editing championship deck or to print other decks to recreates the finals?
  5. Now Netrunner, AGOT 2ed, and in the future L5R and whener it's possible, battletech.
  6. Sorry, but this is a newby question. What is dupe?
  7. See other proposal here https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/48833-what-theme-to-come-next-from-ffg-in-the-lcg-format/page-13#entry1658435
  8. I put my chips on Battletech, older CCG from R.Garfield also. See comments here https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/102596-battletech-lcg/
  9. BattleTech it's an amazing game system! Awesome and unique. See discussion at https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/102596-battletech-lcg/
  10. It's great to know that I'm not alone!!
  11. Good another follower of the Battletech LCG.
  12. The answer is yes. The only advice is to use them in dark/black/non transparent sleeves, because as these cards are printed directly from ffg have some slight difference in color or finish.
  13. Sorry but i wasn't clear enought about redesign. I mean that cards could be updated in their design to make it more clear to understand. Improve their graphic design. Like FFG do with Android Netrunner.
  14. Thanks for the support.On my defense I could say that I never play the boardgame nor the TCG, but a friend of mine was always talking about Battletech tcg. So I made my homework, study the rules and prepare some decks that I found from a world championship, and the result was just amazing. I have been playing Magic since 1998, I also play MECCG, Pokemon, Netrunner, AGOT (last two from LCG Version), Myth and Legends, VTES, Harry Potter, Mythos, Vs, just to name a few; and I could say that Battletech is a jewel. Of course that the theme could be reworked and perfected, as was fone for Android Netrunner (great job), but in my mine continue to be a great game, very impressive, and with a lot to be done. I hope one day this happen, for now its just a nice wish, that I share with you in case someone else think the same about this game.
  15. Battletech is another amazing game from Richard Garfield (Magic, Android Netrunner, VTES). Would you consider this game as an option to be part of the LCG model. The theme is great an could be easily updated, an the mechanics are surprisingly fresh, specily that ones related with the attacking. Well this is my grain of sand to support this great game.
  16. Can the Draft Rules be uploaded to the "Support" section?
  17. Can I have more than 3 copies of the same card in a Draft?
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