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  1. Oggdude would it be possible to add a column ( or an option to include in the print options ) in the Equipment Page ( last page ) on the standard printed character sheet to show Hard points remaining on weapons & armour ?? Thanks again for all your hard work on this generator R33
  2. When creating an Adversary in the GM Tools is there a way to show weapons as a two weapon set, in the same way that you can for PCs ?? Thanks R33
  3. Is it possible to print a list of a certain type of weapon (ie Unpowered Brawl) I'm creating NPCs for a fighting pit league and wanted a quick list of weapons to equip them with Cheers R33
  4. Nice work thanks Just wondered what your thoughts were on what speed a ship exits hyperspace at ?? Surely they must be moving so is it always speed 1, or is it chosen by the pilot before they exit hyperspace
  5. Just noticed a small bug using V1.7 (Win10 in comp mode) when I print out encounters from the GM tools that includes adversary description it doesn't always print the last letter of the description Weirdly on some encounters it prints the whole description for some and misses the last letter on others within the same encounter
  6. I've install a new printer but when I try to print character sheets it give a message that it can't access my old printer. Can anyone tell me how to make it look for a different printer I can't see anything myself
  7. Caied These fillable character sheets are awesome, many thanks Just wondered had you done a AoR version ?? Ratso33
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