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  1. Great report and well done sir. So thinking of trying this at the store champ or monthly tournaments?
  2. Hey Toph, interesting build. Your right in saying the two weaknesses are definitely the hard to hit aces (Soontir, Defenders X7 etc) and swarms. I've tried it out against a swarm and just relied on PS10 arc dodging to kill ships and didn't use the Sab + Kylo tactic much. i haven't tried it against high agility ships and ISO think it could be tough to get that hit to stray the ball rolling. Pred/gunner chirpy really helps that a lot and Hot Shot co pilot build is ace in that regard.my only hope is to use arc dodging against these aces at PS10 then hope the green dice don't behave. gunner and not taking the alpha deployment seems very viable and a lot more reliable from shot to shot. I'm going to play around with my original build but may do some tweaks as you suggest if the forward deploy isn't very effective and I feel like the damage output is lacking thanks for the post!
  3. Hi Jmswood, sorry you dont like the way this is shared. I wrote for a Blog to help push the community in a game I love. i understand what your saying about Lieutenant Colzet. The problem I find is his PS and fragility as a ship means he can be focused down quickly. so the build above is trying to make a more survivable and reliable approach. but a differing build with the likes of the Tie Advanced and other high PS aces like Vader and a cheap Kylo Bomber would be an interesting aspect too. I just like the lazy turret firing from the Decimator that I find more reliable
  4. If anyone wants to chat or suggest tweaks to this build please let me know I'm practising with it now
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