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  1. These look fantastic! Very excited about them. I tried free-handing the wing markings- it's very difficult. The decals will make this so much easier!
  2. No, those are the decals for the blue areas on the engines. Oh nice! I had to Google a picture real quick to check it out. Those'll be very tiny! I'm very excited about these!
  3. Looks good! Are the blue squares for the windshield?
  4. That was the intention, but I got a little heavy on the wash with the X-wing and A-wing. I might just go back and see if I can hit them with a highlight to "lighten" them up a little.
  5. Figured I'd finally show some of these off. I've got another half a dozen I'm working on, First repaint is Red 5... I'm now noticing some mistakes... I'll probably go back and re-attempt it at some point. Next is a Firespray in Imp colors. I'm pretty happy with it, as the weathering was done with Gundam markers. And finally, an A-Wing. The Rebel symbol is a waterslide decal.
  6. I thought I might have to sand/hobby knife off the gunk, but the Ajax dishwashing liquid did a real good job of getting it off the model. I was pretty pleased with the results, as you can see above (finally figured out embedding an image).
  7. I did a test today on the standard A-Wing- Simple Green, Pine-Sol, and finally Winsor and Newton Brush Cleaner. -Simple Green/Pin-Sol- both were really good at taking off the wash. If it even budged the paint a little, I didn't notice it. -Winsor and Newton Brush Cleaner- I've seen multiple tutorials about using this, so decided to try it myself. I started sparingly- booooooy howdy, I'm glad I did. It took the wash off upon brush application. After leaving it on for less than a minute, the grey panel paint finally started to budge. After some more waiting and rubbing with a cleaner-soaked q-tip, the red finally started to go. Awesome, progress! Well... not so fast. I had the bright idea to run it under some warm water to help clear off the quickly gunky-paint. Well the water seems to react with the cleaner and solidify the paint, making a tacky mess. Not good. I quickly soaked another q-tip in the cleaner, and re-applied. The gooey mess came up off on the q-tip no problem. I spent another five or so minutes using a q-tip to clean up the remaining goo, alternating between a dry and lightly-cleaner soaked swab. Once the goo was all up, and I could see the panel lines were clean, I grabbed some Ajax brand liquid dishwasher cleaner and applied it directly to the model. I scrubbed the model down, and the goo came up with little trouble. A little rinse in some running water and everything came off. I was left with a nice, clean bright white A-wing. Lessons learned: If the model has a thin coat of paint, you might consider just cleaning off the wash with either Simple Green or Pine-Sol or something similar, base coating and painting. Or skipping base coating. Whatever you prefer. If the model has a rather thick coat of paint, or you're like me and just prefer to start from a non-painted model, Windsor and Newton Brush Cleaner works really well- just use it sparingly. While it didn't melt the model on mine, I think given enough time and saturation, it would begin to eat at the model plastic. I removed the A-Wing lasers, just in the event the thin plastic reacted with the solvent. So there you go. Hope that helps!
  8. I like the decimator colors! Looks like a Coast Guard cutter!
  9. They look fantastic! Looking forward to see the directions and the other decals. Really excellent job on these!
  10. Excellent. Thank you. Really appreciate you posting this. I don't mind cutting into my models to add lights, but I never want to be the first one to do it! I'm going to be slightly more ambitious and try and light the four ancillary engines. I believe there is enough room in there for some nanos.
  11. Excellent! Thanks for the tutorial! What size lights did you use?
  12. That's good to hear! I've put aside my X-wings and Y-wings for painting for now in anticipation of the decals. Right now S&V and the Imps are getting all the paintbrush love!
  13. Was thinking about it, actually. The only issue is the ARC-170 doesn't really have a turret, it would be more of a front and rear-arc design. If it's got a front arc/rear arc, isn't that the same effect of a turret? It's not like X-wing takes into account the verticle plane like some of the WW1/2 tabletop games.
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