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  1. NetrunnerDB is back up. I am back in. I'm really glad that FantasyFlightGames made the right choice by their fans... Of course now I have to wait till tax time to get caught up with 3-packs per release... ****. It's gonna be expensive.
  2. Well, I feel like the non-responsiveness to it's customers (us) has gone on long enough. I'm done with Netrunner. I had high hopes, I still have 14k cards from the original game that Wizards did. I'll just keep playing that edition. So long Netrunner, it's sad that Fantasy Flight Games had to come along and tease Netrunner fans with a decent attempt and then screw over interested fans.
  3. Perfect comment from a poster on FFG's Facebook page. Perfectly put. I refuse to blog about, discuss in a positive manner, or share with potential new players any information about an FFG game until this ridiculous debacle is cleared up and made right.
  4. I have to disagree. Are they being unreasonable? I think so. Think about this for a moment. They have created a physical product. People hold these cards in their hands, play games with them, etc. How is it unreasonable to think that people would want a nice, online, experience with managing these cards and the decks that can be built with them? Why is it unreasonable to think that people will take pictures of or scan these cards and share this passion with their friends and gaming communities online? I think that FFG thinking that people should sit with their thumbs up their @$$3$ and wait for FFG to do something similar... oh wait they did. They purchased the ever failing cardgamedb... an online gaming resource that isn't even mobile... *facepalm* and it looks like crap. NetrunnerDB is my site of choice because it looks like it was made by the same company doing the Netrunner card designs... It's freaking gorgeous! No. I believe that the unreasonable opinion is when FFG thinks they know how people should enjoy their game... not even a game that FFG came up with. This is a Wizards of the Coast original... Richard Garfield designed and created this beautiful game. FFG is just the one currently irresponsibly managing this farce of a situation.
  5. Signed... in triplicate. I purchase 3 data packs per release. That's so I can have a collection set and enough cards to build multiple decks with my friends and family. I use NetrunnerDB as my sole online card management option. CardGameDB is crap, not mobile, and clunky as Johnny Five. FFG needs to pull their heads out, grow a TRUE pair (don't mistake corporate bullying as confidence or leadership), and work with the people that actually pay your salaries. Or I'm out... I can think of a hundred other places to put my time, money and effort than a company that backhands it's fan base with vague and threatening C&D's. I don't keep friends in my social circles who act like you are FFG... I won't support this kind of nonsense with my hard-earned money. Wake up... Peace, Love and Gaming... not bullying
  6. I am also surprised and sad. I had begun developing a Drupal plugin for Netrunner when Alsciende's app hit the net. I stopped my dev immediately because his product was far superior to anything I had the time, and skill, to assemble. Having been a fan since the beginning of the Original Netrunner, and having cobbled together deckbuilders in MS Access 95 (waaaaaaay back in the day) I have to say that FFG's stance on this is ridiculous. When you see a fan doing something that promotes your product without taking money out of your pocket you either buy their 'product' and make it yours, or your license or affiliate with it. You don't shut it down. I have been purchasing 3 copies of each Netrunner datapack that has been released (including the original set) in order to have a working collectors version of each card and @ 9 copies of each card for multiple deck building purposes with friends and families... and I am seriously considering setting aside Netrunner for good over this. My username / website that I have had since Netrunner first came out is based on my favorite card 'Blink' from the original set. But I will gladly set aside my interests in this game if FFG is going to play heavy-handed corp and stomp on the people that pay their salaries by loving their product. I still have over 14,000 cards in boxes from the original set. I will HAPPILY auction off my current cards and give up on Netrunner if FFG is going to play like this. I wouldn't be friends with someone who acted like this in my social circle, and I won't support a corporation that does this neither. FFG, you have a chance here. The NetrunnerDB is far superior to any commercial product on the net for Netrunner. You have in your hands a chance to ENCOURAGE the community of fans for this game and help them build something truly spectacular. Imagine if you were to instead offer to host the NetrunnerDB on your own site... charge fans $10/yr to have an online account... link each card to a retailer that sells that packs (amazon, etc)... Hell, I just learned about the Jinteki site today, but give them the same offer. Anyone that thinks an online version of a CCG/LCG would diminish sales isn't thinking. I buy physical cards for games IRL. I would GLADLY purchase online booster packs INSTEAD so that I could play with friends online. Get a clue FFG... wake up... your community is pissed. You don't have to stay silent. Step up and grow a pair. Hell, start a community debate?! Find out what we really want and if you can offer it with little (to no) output of funds, then why the hell not? Give Alsciende a percentage of the accounts created to manage the site on your servers... This is sad and disgusting and just another sign of greed, not gaming. Just another random rant... Peace, Love and Cards... not Corp
  7. For those of you looking for a good way to build a deck or check up on spoilers for up coming sets, you have to check out @alsciende on Twitter or his two amazing Netrunner sites. NetrunnerDB A deck building site. It has all the stops pulled out and looks gorgeous. FantasyFlightGames would be smart to purchase this from him. It's beyond beautiful. I've been working on a Drupal module concept for awhile for Netrunner that I might just abandon as this guys site is gorgeous. Netrunnercards.info He started this site first. I think he built his API off of it that he is using to build the Deck Builder site from. Worth your time. Trust me... I'm with the government.
  8. http://meta.boardgames.stackexchange.com/questions/726/please-add-support-for-the-magic-autocard-window Stackexchange has added support for the Wizards of the Coast Auto-Card window API. This allows users of stackexchange to use syntax like this [mtg:The Cheese Stands Alone] and it transforms into a link that opens an Auto-Window showing that card with data pulled from the WotC website. Now I'm an old Netrunner fan become a new Netrunner fan become a new Fantasy Flight Games fan. Can't wait to make more money so I can check out more games (I'm a city government employee so I make barely enough to live on). I'm always interested in blogging about my favorite game, and I would love the ability to provide card images in my blog posts, maybe even links that pop open a window showing said cards. Is there any chance that Fantasy Flight Games might be introducing this idea and an API for developers like myself to include this as, say a WordPress plugin or a Drupal module? Some way for the fans to reference cards and combos on their blogs and sites and still give FFG full control?
  9. I'm looking for decent resolution (or just straight vector art) for the Subcollection icons. Sort of like the Core Set and Genesis Cycle icons below? I have to redo them both to make them look similarily styled, but for now? They do what I need. But something for Creation and Control and Spin Cycle would be wonderful.
  10. I went very similiar to that… I didn't realize that Core Set and Creation and Control were just alike… They were ONE subcollection with ONE data pack. So naming the Data Pack the same as the Subcollection works just fine. Thanks!
  11. I'm trying to catalog things better for my Netrunner stuff and I just hit a brick wall. I'm trying to catalog like Fantasy Flight Games does… In Android: Netrunner there are Subcollections, which are collections of cards within the game. And there are Data Packs, which are sub-sets of cards within a Subcollection. So to outline the path between a card and its category, you would do this… Noise > Core Set Data Pack > Core Set Dinosaurus > Cyber Exodus Data Pack > Genesis Cycle Replicator > Humanity's Shadow > Genesis Cycle So with cards from Creation and Control would I list them like so? Heimdall 2.0 > Creation and Control Data Pack > Creation and Control or would it be differently? Do we know if the product listing stating that Creation and Control is a subcollection 1 product means the same as Core Set is a subcollection with 1 product? Or could they start putting out more data packs under Creation and Control? Probably thinking too much on this… Any helps would be appreciated.
  12. Also, if you read the card all the way through it says 'Limit 1 Director Haas' Pet Project per deck.' So technically you wouldn't be installing two!
  13. I'm trying to setup a Netrunner Drupal site. If you are a Drupalhead looking for something to dig your teeth into? Say hello.
  14. Now then… for those who are Wordpress Netrunner Blogging and need to optimize the search engines? Install the Yoast SEO plugin and use it on EVERYTHING. Seriously. If you include an image of a card? Don't just include the image, take a minute and use the Media uploader correctly. Tag, link, describe and everything. Tag your cards with a smart categorization… Core Set > Runner > Program > Iceabreaker > Killer Then anyone can browse your site for posts about Icebreakers. Or Killers. Or Agendas. Or Runners. Or Expansion XYZ. I'm going the way of Drupal for what I want. But I need a seriously deep level of categorization. I'm wanting to put together a deck building engine and more. Once I get the pieces together, I will start blogging on the site… but not till then. It's also part of my focus on learning Drupal.
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