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  1. Ummm...before February? I just tried to log on cardgamedb and got a "account suspended" notification and was unable to access the site. Are they shutting down early or do the moderators just not like my avatar and/or forum name?
  2. That depends on when the Forced effect says when it triggers. If it says when this card enters play or when this card enters a zone then that forced effect will trigger immediately upon being played, before anything else can happen or effect it.
  3. When played means when you pay the cost of a card and put it into a zone (in the case of a unit, support, or quest) or perform it's action (in the case of a tactic). In either case it is considered an Action, so you could respond to it with your own Action and your Action would activate first. Asuryan's Cleansing (Highelf tactic) would be an example of an action you could take in response to your opponent playing a unit. I hope that helps.
  4. If I follow your meaning, then yes it counts. For it not to count, the card in question would state something about a unit's PRINTED power.
  5. Welcome Striga! If you wan't vampire counts - undead - Then you'll want the March of the Damned deluxe expansion. I would recommend getting Assault on Ulthuan to make Highelves and Darkelves playable races. If you're really hardcore about your undead and want to play them as their own independent race as opposed to just splashing them into the decks of other destruction races, then you'll want the Hidden Kingdoms deluxe expansion. If you want to get any one cycle of battlepacks, I would recommend the Eternal War cycle. It introduced the Ambush and Raider mechanisms to the game which turned out to be very welcome additions. You mentions playing with your close friends - plural. If you all get into multiplayer, I give the Cataclysm multiplayer expansion my highest recommendations. It does change a few things with the way the game is played however so I would suggest getting used to the standard game before diving into that chaos.
  6. Thanks Mallumo! I have read the FAQs, but it's been a while...don't have quite enough motivation to dive back in to that monster again.
  7. "Attach to target legend. Attached legend gets +4 hit points and can defend any of your zones." For Cataclysm multiplayer, an attack on a fulcrum is considered and attack on your battlefield ZONE. So by extension, wouldn't the legend with this attachment be able to defend the fulcrum in his battlefield? I sure hope so, because I'm making a Helborg deck for my friend for the next game night and legends are hard enough to field as it is in Cataclysm...
  8. You take that action in the window right after you declare all attackers. So this is before any defenders have been declared.
  9. I think it's the Eternal War cycle that add the Raider and Ambush keywords, correct my if I'm wrong. If I'm right, then that's my favorite cycle because I find those mechanics add a lot of fun to the game. But I think it's ALL good, especially Cataclysm mutiplayer! Strey, if you're ever headed up the Duluth way, send me some sort of msg. Maybe we could get together for some of that multiplayer action
  10. They got a bunch spread across the Morslieb cycle. And some other cycles too although I can't remember which one/ones. You could peruse through the battlepacks on deckbox if you wanted to see what came out where and when. If they have a smaller card total than the other neutrals I don't think it's by a wide margin.
  11. This is excellent news! I'm gunna try a Gifts of Aenerion/Comet of Cassendora Cataclysm deck and I think the Valorous Mage is going to help. Also Mallumo, you win the prize for shortest turnaround time on a rules question ever. Thanks!
  12. I'm aware that when you have "then" in the rules text of a card, you have to successfully perform the stuff before the "then" to do the stuff after it. But my question is, how much of it? Valorous Mage states "Action: when this unit enters play, search the top 5 cards of your deck for a spell card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck." If I took the action but did not find a spell card to put into my hand, would I not be able to shuffle my deck?
  13. I'd say they're pretty viable...although you will need at least the Hidden Kingdoms expansion to really get them there though. You should definitely be able to play each neutral in more than one style, but certainly not as many different types of builds as the 6 original races.
  14. I'd say BGG is the most active forum in my experience. But yeah, there isn't a lot of chatting on the internet. Without any new stuff coming out and no active FFG support, people don't have a lot of stuff to talk about. That doesn't stop me and a couple of buddies from having a Cataclysm night every other week, though. <smiley emoticon>
  15. Don't worry about the smaller cardpool - the neutral races are still very fun and quite playable.
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