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  1. Coming from having played and judged Magic for many years with many huge events, breaks for the players should never be expected. The staff should always set up a schedule to allow for staff breaks but players are on their own. Most of the time, majority of players will end the rounds early enough to get breaks that way. If you're planning on playing a very slow control deck that always goes to time, you better have a packed lunch or friends willing to bring you food. Player specific breaks in general are a bad idea as it prolongs how long the staff have to work and the round following the break regularly results in a ton of hurt feelings when way too many players receive game losses or are dropped from the event for failing to show up on time (most of these players also start fighting with the staff when the fault is clearly theirs). I appreciate that staff don't like to work late, but if you have 240 people in a room for 9 hours without a way for them to run to the bathroom at least once....it's going to get pretty **** messy. But like I said, the TO confirmed via email that there will at least be a lunch break. I might try to put together something ahead of time, though, as any restaurant near the convention center is going to be completely mobbed at lunch time.
  2. Wrote to the tournament organizer and confirmed that they are planning a break for lunch after round 4.
  3. I'd be surprised if they didn't account for an occasional break. I mean, after 9 hours, sooner or later someone's going to have to go take a leak at the very least.
  4. So here's a question, and I'm not sure if anyone here can answer this officially at all, but this is going to be my first time participating in a big tournament like this and I'm curious as to what the schedule is like? Particularly, since it's scheduled to go pretty much all day, are there breaks scheduled for lunch or should I plan on bringing something with me or what?
  5. Kid Gruesome said: The thing I realized is that the fear of a tag and what it can do to the runner alters their play just as much as giving them an actual tag does. Data Ravens are great for this, they end more runs than I expected. A few times I would SEA source with no real intention of doing anything with the tag except force the runner to decide if they could risk keeping it. Do they think they need to draw cards now instead of being able to run at that server I just installed a possible agenda into? Do they spend part of their turn working to clear it? The whole point is to give the runner more difficult decisions and not making it purely about rushing up their rig and chipping away. YES! I recently played a game on the Runner side against an NBN deck. I noticed that all the time I spent ditching tags out of fear of something nasty hitting me, really slowed me down and allowed the corp player to stay ahead of me. I also like your adding of snare in here, and think I'll look at making some tweaks to my own deck to try and include them.
  6. Messenger said: Ultimately, Netrunner is a bluffing game. The challenge for the Corp player is make the best bluffs he can. The challenger for the Runner is to do his best to see through it. The Corp wins by making the Runner too afraid to make a move. This is a very good point, and something to keep in mind when looking at the percentages culled from games played with OCTGN. I've played a few games using OCTGN (which is awesome btw, if you don't have it…get it), and one crucial element missing is the bluffing. It's much harder to bluff a player you can't see and who can't see you. If your opponent is sitting across the table, there are facial cues and things you can say to give your opponent a false impression of what you're doing. I would wager that, if you did the same break down on live, face to face games, the percentages would be much different. As for my personal experience, with a fairly limited number of plays thus far, Runners do tend to win more than Corp, but I have definitely seen decisive Corp victories, only one of which was a flat line.
  7. Well, what I ended up going with is picking up two FFG deck boxes, one each for Runner and Corp. I sleeved the cards in the deck and then put the rest of the cards, sleeveless, into small, cardboard card boxes. All the tokens went into a plastic card box, and then all of that, along with the rule book, fit into the original Netrunner box after taking out the insert. There is still room for a third card box if I need it, unless I can find a pair that are the same height and width, but a bit longer. Ideally, I'd like to have 2 card boxes that are the length of the box to either side, with the FFG deck boxes and token box in the middle, but what I have going now will work for quite a while.
  8. I hadn't considered putting each deck in it's own box. I had assumed I could fit both in the same box. but now that I consider it, those boxes state they hold 100 cards so it would only work as long as the decks were at or very close to the minimum size. I also just kind of like the artwork on the box so would hate to ditch it entirely. Maybe what I'll end up doing is taking the insert out of the box and then putting card boxes inside the box itself with the tokens in bags. That would probably work. Especially if the deck boxes from FFG fit in there.
  9. How are most of you planning on storing your Netrunner cards? For those that already have some of the other Living Card Games, how have you stored them? Right now I'm just using the box, but as more and more cards are added, I could see that becoming harder to do. I though about going full on card geek and getting a binder, but then I'm not sure if you can get them with some sort of pocket to place the rule book. I plan on getting one of the FFG dek boxes and am hoping the counters will all fit in the counter holder (but I kind of doubt they will). Anyway, looking for what other folks are doing/planning to do so I can steal….errrr….borrow some ideas.
  10. glasswalkerx said: Can u actually start a RS by placing Ice only and then placing an Agenda or Asset at a later time? Yes! In fact, it's generally wise to do so. If you create an RS by just playing an agenda, it will be undefended by any ICE. If the Runner makes a run against that server, he/she will just immediately access and score it. Of course, you could try to bluff the runner and make him/her think it's a trap instead of an agenda….or bluff them with a REAL trap. Ways within ways within ways……>
  11. Yeah, I'd love to have a downloadable copy of that, especially since I *do* have access to a large format printer….
  12. Nice! Well they can count on at least 2 sales from me if they do. Promised a co-worker I'd pick a copy up for him if it was available.
  13. Has there been any hints/messages about an expected release date for this? Will it be available for a demo (or even purchase!) at Gen Con? So, seriously, TAKE MY MONEY!!!
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