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  1. R2D3

    2 YT-1300 lists

    thats not two millenium falcons…. one is simply a YT-1300….
  2. Hardrainfalling said: i am going to run round my wargames room making vroomm noises with it in my hand tell the truth how many of you are going to do the same ? my girlfriend found doing this more exciting than the actual game :/
  3. R2D3

    Deck o cards

    Crunchysam42 said: Any ideas? Suggestions? Evil comments? I will go for 'evil comments': You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor! The hate is swelling in you now. Take your Jedi weapon. Use it. I am unarmed. Strike me down with it. Give in to your anger. With each passing moment you make yourself more my servant!
  4. Playing on friday night. Had only Wedge left against 3 very damaged ties and a half damaged Tie/Adv. Wedge and Tie/adv facing each other just out of range to shoot. Tried to pull a koiogran turn but the Tie/adv did an unexpected 2 straight. I collided and ended up with my back to the Tie/adv and in firing sights of all 3 other ties…. and no action. Opponent killed Wedge from full strength with cluster missles… didnt even have to use the other ties..
  5. I would hope that they will run tournaments with higher point values. Id guess they would move to 150 at some point after wave 2. As for the length of game; I havent noticed a missve difference between, say, 60 and 100 point games. I think the game length depends on the players more than anything. Ive had a few 60 point games which took about 30 minutes and others which took closer to an hour… The first tournament was slow because they hadnt gotten to grips with the moves, best tactics etc. Id expect you could get a 150 point game in 90 minutes…
  6. Great to see someone breaking some Ties with the Y-wings! Lots of people here seem to think that they arent all that great… maybe they just arent using them right! Thanks for the report. The force is strong with this one…
  7. although, of course (and i know real physics/ reality has no bearing on star wars) if an X-wing were to travel in a straight line through a real asteroid field, the chances of hitting an asteroid are estimated at around 1/1000000000000 (or a probability of 0.000000000001) Also, asteroids do not travel in the same direction or at the same speed, as there are so many collisions within an asteroid belt over the aeons it exists that this creates a non uniform structure. As in all things, this chaos increases over time exponentially. However, faster asteroids would generally be further away from the object they are orbiting (due to the nature of the mechanics of orbiting bodies). Anyway… thats enough geeking for now! Sounds like an ace idea… in fact im pretty sure I made a thread giving exactly this idea and method many moons ago… wait… thats no moon!
  8. R2D3

    Loop maneuver

    consider the scene… a tie is tailing an x-wing. the x-wing starts to pull up to begin the loop manouvre. The tie, being able to turn more tightly, simply aims slightly ahead of the x-wing, turning along with it (even if it took a second to realise, the Tie could catch up due to a tighter and faster turning ability) and spraying it's blasters all over the top of the ship (where the pilot is sitting) which stays exposed to the Tie at all times during the loop. Result? Tiny pieces of X-wing spread out 1 micron thick over the entire universe… or… the X-wing gets lucky and ends up face to face with the tie at close range… alowing the tie to dash off with its increased agility and spray the X-wing…
  9. MilesD37 said: So what is the significance of the x1? i know that vader's was a TIE Advanced x1, but so were all the others, well there were x2's and x7's ut the other three pilots do not have that one their pilot card… my buddy and i thought maybe it meant only one vader allowed in play, but thats true of other named pulots… and they.dont have it… the. we thought maybe if you may vader thats the only advanced allowed… so, is there any significance or were they just distinguishing because that was the specofoc model he flew and they were being.fancy… I think its because the only one which appeared in the films was denoted the x1. Although the others were technically tie/advanced, I think maybe the x1 designation was only used for the original protoype that Vader flies…. Plus so far the game only features film era ships, so this should be the only one in existence at that time.. I always thought that the difference was that the x1 had a hyperdrive… but maybe im incorrect! So in short, I think it's FFG being fancy/ appeasing the beardys who would otherwise say "why isnt Vaders ship designated the x1?" I actually think this was a missed opportunity for FFG to give Vaders ship slightly improved stats (as they have already designated it as unique and seperate from the other Tie/advanced ships). Like maybe it could do a different turn or have more green manouvres or something…
  10. fiddybucks said: Commonly used outside the US where proper English DOES exist. It should be added to an English dictionary, if it has not been already. Hahahaha! Im from London, where we tend to use 'proper English' and there is no such word! Love that you accept that it isnt in the dictionary, but still say its a word! I'll keep using turret, thanks. schtilk that in your pijpe and smonke it!
  11. Wait. Im an idiot. Forget my question. I somehow neglected to note that if the Ion cannon is being fired, all ships have alreayd moved! Something is clouding my judgement… a presence I havent felt in a long time…
  12. ArcticSnake said: You don't get to remove an already assigned movement dial because you are currently in the Combat phase. You only get to assign a maneuver dial during the Planning phase, which the owner of the ship with the ion token does not get to do. Check the Ion token card again to see the special rules it follows during which phases. So you are saying that even though this is not a simultaneous move, in which everyitng is taken to resolve simultaneously, a pilot skill 1 ship which has just been blasted with an Ion cannon by a pilot skill 8 (for example) ship still gets to move as it was designated? surely this makes no sense, as the ship has not moved yet? For example, my Y wing moves in and attacks a tie which hasnt moved yet. That Tie's movement dial would take it way out of range for my Ion cannon. So you are saying that (to visualise) my Ion cannon is actually shooting at something which is out of its range? If it's not doing this, then surely it implies that the ion cannon has a delayed effect? Im not sure this makes much logical sense. The way I see it; Y wing shoots Tie. Tie's engines fry (or whatever). Tie cannot excuste manouvre it was assigned, because its engines were fried before it got the chance to move! If this were a 'same pilot skill' issue, I would agree totally (as the Tie has already begun to manouvre as it gets hit) but as it's not… I dont see how it makes sense…
  13. Stupid question here (because I am going to be playing against a couple of rules lawyers next weekend!): Say I have a Y-wing with pilot skill of 6 9for sake of argument) and I Ion cannon a Tie with Pilot skill 2, that tie immediately gets rid of the assigned movement dial right? It doesnt have to wait until the next turn for the effect to happen? I ask because the card for Ion effect starts wih saying that you dont assign a movement dial, howeve rin my example this has already been done! Im pretty sure that the effect is immediate, but wanted to check if this is the generally accepted view before I insist on it…
  14. Big Al said: There are two problems with this rule. The rule states that when two pilots are of equal grade, their attacks become simultaneous. However, the pilot who works out his attacks first is the one with Initiative. This is always the Imperial player, which is no big deal until you read the rest of the Simultaneous attack rule. Because the attacks are simultaneous, any damage that is caused by the player with initiative will still affect the weapons or weapon effects of the other pilot. This means that if his guns are put out of action in any way, then he won't be able to fire or his shots may not have any effect. This, then, is not Simultaneous. I think that should be changed to say that the damage should be applied after both ships have resolved their fire. Cheers Al Firstly, this should probably be in the rules questions subforum… Its not the case that the imperial player ALWAYS has initiative. This is only true if using basic rules or if squad points are equal. Otherwise the player with the least squad points has initiative. I agree though that the weapon effects probably shouldnt be added until the end phase of that round…
  15. R2D3

    circle fight question

    Ive actually found a decent way out of this situation now for both parties. I played around with the models a bit last night, attempting to put myself in both player's position and choose what (were I unaware of the other player's move) would be the most logical options. The trick to getting a tie out of this situation on top seems to be using the soft banking turn. A soft 3 instead of a hard 3 puts you at more of an elipse shape, which then allows the tie to do a 4 speed k turn (whilst always staying just outside of the x-wings firing arc) push back toward the x-wing on the next turn (with a soft 3 again or a straight on) and either (I tried almost every combination i could think of) end up behind the x-wing in the circle again, at a decent diagonal outside of the x-wings arc or even side on. From all my testing I actually couldnt find a way which the X-wing could counter this once you begin. Every possible move from the X-wing worked out with the tie in a more favourable position and able to whip round and start gunning within a turn or two! For the X-wing it was considerably harder, but I was able to generally force it into a head on position. This relies more heavily on the Tie trying to stay out of the x-wings arc, but seemed to be at most times the more logical choice. I therefore rescind my complaint! I think I will put it down to a combination of first game mistakes and my girlfriend pretty much doing the obvious moves repeatedly. In short, it seems that (if played right) the first player to break the circle in the right way comes out on top. I suppose the fact that this seemed far easier for the Tie does, in fact, show their increased manouvreability. In the future I will gametest myself before complaining!
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