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  1. Yes, I agree. I love playing this game. I don't mind playing against the Dwarf deck because the challenge makes the game that much better to play. I would rather try many different tactics/races and lose than create one "Incredible" deck and play only with that one deck over and over again. It's never about winning. For me, it's about the experience and the adventure. Thanks for the response. Aaron
  2. In addition to my earlier post…I forgot to mention this… I personally own all of the cards when playing with family and friends. I am not playing against other players who have access to their own card pools and their own unuiqe custom decks. Because of this, I do not use ANY Neutral cards in any of my Race's decks. It wouldn't be fair because I only have 3 copies of the Neutral Cards and it would not be fair for one person to have access to powerful support cards and the other not. Again, thanks to anyone who responds to my earlier posting. Any advice or support would be greatly appreciated. I am currently searching through older Forum messages, looking for similar Dwarf deck concerns. I have found some similar postings and some advice from these older postings. I will continue to search… Thanks, Aaron
  3. Hi Everyone, I have been playing Warhammer Invasion with family and friends for a while now. I am by no means an expert. It seems to me that the Dwarf deck is so powerful and tough to defeat. I enjoy playing with any of the other Races and my friends usually always use the Dwarf deck. I consistantly lose, practically annihilated. I feel that the Dwarf deck is way too powerful! The units are tough as nails, usally not too expensive and hard to kill because of the Toughness trait. Also, one of the Dwarf unit abilities damages me everytime I kill a Dwarf unit… and one of the Dwarf legends gives a bonus Power to each unit if a zone is burning…The longer the matches go, the stronger the already impenetrable Dwarf defences become. It seems to me that they are tough to beat and any damage that does happen to make it through to the capital just gets healed or "repaired" anyway. I don't mind losing because I love the challenge of playing against the Dwarf deck. Is it just me? Am I crazy? Any advice would be welcome. Does anyone else feel the same way? Thanks, Aaron
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