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  1. Oh, cool. I'll explore other deck concepts then. I have limited card pool, though. I only have core set (2), Mirkwood cycle, OHaUH and TBR. I just got into the game late last year and acquiring packs as they become available locally.
  2. Has anyone here played the Black Riders scenarios with non-hobbit decks? Is it feasible at all?
  3. pluralpunk

    Gildor (TBR) and hide

    Oh, that's gotta hurt. I'll make sure add those cards to my deck, then.
  4. pluralpunk

    Crawling Towards Him Question

    As I suspected. Thanks for the clarification.
  5. Do I make the hide test first before the When Revealed text takes effect or is it the other way around?
  6. What happens if Gildor Inglorion (TBR) is discarded from the encounter deck by a hide test? I have to wait for the encounter deck to be reshuffled to obtain him?