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  1. Just keep the product coming. I know I'll catch them all!
  2. Rebel Aces will come with 3 Chardaan Refits. That's plenty for most of us. FFG is quite a fair company as opposed to other coff*GeeDub*coff companies.
  3. I hope he does every fight scene from the movie!
  4. I just wanna see some Gencon 2014 National matches. Usually Team Covenant does a great job. Just wondering where they at
  5. enrgie


    Lotus said: Hey Enrgie, I proxie standard Dust squad cards at the moment until I get around to making proper ones up. Each small robot has one weapon, an MG, rifle, bazooka, etc., so I just match them to what the squad requires. They are 2/2, same as a soldier. The larger robots are the equivalent of walkers, and also use proxy cards for now. Same game, really…just another flavor to it. Looking forward to the Dust Aliens coming out at some point. Robots will be cool w/ that, I think. Also looking to do some robots vs. zombies eventually. They remind me of steam punk stuff for some reason.
  6. Dakkon426 said: Yes, you can fire as many barages as you brought as platoon upgrades. Thanks! Tried one Der Schwarm recently in a batrep (at the blog) and didn't find it that effective…
  7. What is going to happen to this forum?
  8. 400AP games tend to take awhile especially with the number of reactions. Just finished my batrep on the blog. Let me know what you guys think and as always, "Follow" to get regular updates! http://anythingbutones.blogspot.sg/2013/05/dust-warfare-batrep-400ap-axis-vs-allies.html
  9. Can I take 3x Der Schwarm - i.e. 1 each for my platoon Command Section and call down 3 barrages per turn
  10. I am planning to use Der Scharm too. Have a 400AP list and treating exactly like ItsUncertainWho. 20AP walker that hits 1/3 times.
  11. Put up a batrep recently for the game I had with the guys at my club. Don't want to spoil the end but do check out the blog weekly. I do put quite a lot of Dust Warfare stuff up. 400AP Axis vs Allies. 400AP as we are preparing for our next FFG santioned tournament. http://anythingbutones.blogspot.sg/2013/04/batrep-dust-warfare-400ap-axis-vs-allies.html
  12. Did a quick tutorial article on my blog for those of you who want to print and play! Do leave a comment too! http://anythingbutones.blogspot.sg/2013/04/dust-warfare-stat-cards.html
  13. Those are really nice minis. Weathering is awesome. Sponge or brush for the weathering?
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