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  1. Thanks, Hedgehobbit & Yaylawlz I'll figure out what 'any other battles' are on my own.
  2. So, if I'm in super duper mart, non aggressive raider flips or moves in. So now I'm at beginning of my turn. I guess I could put rifle in inventory (If I have room) and 1-roll punch him? Or exchange for my tire iron (if I have) and Fight. Or you have to 'run-away screaming' _ because you have a sniper rifle? Not arguing, just trying to absorb this 'rule'
  3. The card states "When you perform a fight action, you cannot choose to fight an enemy in your space" Whats the cannot? Can't use the rifles 'P' or 'A' re-rolls? [ so just you base roll is allowed ? But you can still use the 'head shot' dice side ?
  4. Doing some research, some T-34's had ATO-41 (ATO-42 later) replacing the hull machine gun. Some T54 had ATO-54 flamethrower instead of 7.62 mm SGMT coaxial medium machine gun. Aesthetically and imagination wise, a turret mount makes more sense with a 2 range. 'Spinning' around _ Frying those trying to mount the tank. Guess he didn't see 'The Beast' movie. Oh well… just a game.
  5. That ATO-45 is a flame thrower mounted next to cannon. Keeps the gorillas off the tank. Ever see 'The Beast' movie ?
  6. Bartali said: Great guide. Pretty much the "how to" for any type of tank or walker I echo that statement ! Thank you ,, a Great How-To !!!!!
  7. Thanks,, Well,,, I clicked this link and got > http://www.http.com//www.dust-chronicles.com/ ???????? I'll try Safari , Firefox is failing me … OK,, Safari worked !! _ ???? downloading now. PS; thanks for the production work … H
  8. The Link I get only has Issue #1 ! What am I doing wrong ? H
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