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  1. Stormwulf

    Techmarines and multiple attacks?

    With the Multiple Arms Trait and multiple Attack the Techmarine and the Multiple Attack gains 2 Attacks. Does that mean he gains two Melee-Attacks in one turn or 2 Attacks equal to 2 Actions ?
  2. Stormwulf

    Mastercrafted Servo-Harness Q

    the weapons on the harness are just improved and works as a flamer or a plasma pistol. The Upgrade improves the two servo-arms and the usage with +5BS and +5WS. As it is discripted in the servo-harness article
  3. Stormwulf

    Deathwatch Living Errata/FAQ

    Are there any plans to update the Errata? Thanks
  4. Stormwulf

    Servo Arm

    Hi to all, I´m sorry but I cannot find the proper thread. Does two servor-arms count as an additional pair of arms so that a Techmarine gains the trait "multipel arms" ? Thanks