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  1. It's nice to have the tanks, the only sad point is that "release" date. It would be nice to have it before Christmas, but I wouldn't hold my breath on the models or the expansion.
  2. Lol Warboss, you must have read my mind. I was thinking the same thing. I'm still waiting for the SSU Attack Helo. And here is the latest release info …… Where's my Helo? Then I'll look forward to what's new.
  3. If they ever release the SSU attack Helo, I'd like to see how it would fare against the Axis bird.
  4. I picked up the SSU Airborne Walker Transport at my local game store yesterday. Unfortunately no word on the attack Helo yet.
  5. As indicated by a post on the FFG, it stated they had production problems delaying the release. It stated all was good and to expect them this month. Anyone seen or heard anything yet?
  6. I'm at a loss on his 3 different answers about Nikolai and his take aim skill while piloting a non aircraft vehicle.
  7. WC vs a unit of zombies…hmmm, it will be interesting how they balance it out for warfare. A unit of zombies is nasty in Hand to Hand.
  8. Winter's Child? Is there a preview of the book somewhere?
  9. I totally agree with you about the airdropped artillery. I shrug as well, look at the weapon specs, glance over at my radioman and smile.
  10. I picked up the SSU Heroes at my local game shop today. It was nice to welcome Comrade Nikolai to his new home alongside my 2 Rifle Squads and Commisar.
  11. In my last battle I fielded 2 transport helo's with 2 Fakyeli squads with Air Cav upgrade vs Allies I was able to use their their movement to avoid anti-air, drop troops, and use them to suppress units as I closed in. They did get shot up, but only one went down. And it took out a BBQ Squad and suppressed Hellboys while the Fakyeli ate them for lunch. The other destroyed the anti-air walker that took out his wingman, and beat the hell out of the other walker allowing my rifle squad the money shot. He fielded 2 light walkers which was the main armored AA units. When flying high, they are not that easy to take out since only AA can shoot at them and their movement allows them to avoid the dangerous AA. And the more anti-air they bring the less big nasties they put on the table. Don't forget one key observation, they cause your opponent to forget about the other units coming to show some love. It was amazing how much of a distraction they were. The two rifle squads, Natasha, CC and Commisar squads must have had a invisibility cloak. I'm exaggerating a bit, but seriously, they only received a couple of attacks their way but that was it. They marched across the field relatively unscathed because of all the concern for the Helo's. And woe to anyone who ignores them and focuses only on the land troops.
  12. Burst weapons, including grenades, only ignore cover thus the damage reducing properties that cover gives you. if the model is totally obscured, no portion of the model can be seen by the attacking unit, that model is not damaged even with blast or spray attacks. As on page 44 core rules, models blocked from view to every miniature in the attacking unit can not be assigned damage. And any damage that can not be assigned is ignored. Assigned damage 1. Unobscured models first 2. Obscured models second (At least a portion of the model is visible from at least one member of the attacking unit) 3. No model can be assigned more damage than it's damage capacity 4. Models totally obscured from the attacking unit can not be assigned damage. The only exception is bombs. Terrain does not block LOS to bombs, so a unit totally obscured in a building or behind terrain is still damaged by a bomb. However, with a bomb, the unlucky unit totally obscured does get a cover save. NOTE: Those only partially obscured or unobscured would not get a cover save because of the burst ability of a bomb.
  13. As written, the forward momentum of the aircraft is taken into account by the compulsary movement. Helicopters can choose to hover and turn up to 90 degrees instead. This does not take away from your 2 actions during the unit's activation. Note the compulsary movement can provoke a reaction just like any of the two actions a unit receives in the activation phase.
  14. Thank you for the hard work and your time. I did notice an omission. Under SSU Platoon upgrades, I don't see Improved Command 5 pts.
  15. Transports up to 36'? With a normal movement of 12' and double movement of 24', where does the other 12' come from?
  16. The Allies get a new medium walker named the M3 with comes in two variants. The Axis get another medium walker as well with two variants. That is it. There are no air units or any new troops for either the Allies and Axis. As far as the SSU, I can best describe it to the Allies and Axis as, here comes the pain! Make sure you don't forget to bring anti-air… An air transport with two versions, and an attack helicopter with four versions. After going over the SSU book, I can sum it up by saying, hello Comrade.
  17. I use a case from privateer press since I already play Warmachine and have plenty of room still.
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