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  1. I can deal with the scaling-back, I just wish region books were on the plate too. Era books are fantastic and welcome, but it's a big galaxy, after all. There's a wealth of potential content in detailing out more of it. I also would echo others here for Imperial/Dark Side focused content. I don't think it could sustain it's own line, and almost all the necessary resources do exist in other books, but a sourcebook that focuses on running such campaigns and characters would be very welcome.
  2. Odd thing, and maybe I'm blind...has anyone noticed that the Republic and Separatists II adversary deck doesn't show up on the upcoming page? Or is that just me missing something?
  3. Sadly, I agree that we're definitely looking at a point in the franchise that demands a pause. Unfinished sequel trilogy and unreleased TV show means that whole era books could be waiting until the time is right. I really wanted more region books, with species and planet writeups for other parts of the galaxy 😭 But I won't hold out hope at this point, there really hasn't been any movement there in a while. It just seemed like that would've been a perfect way to keep content coming, the galaxy is huge. Edit: Also kicking myself that my order on Miniatures Market is paired with the Genesys EPG. Won't get my G&G until both arrive in stock. Hope you folks are enjoying it!
  4. 3rd quarter, huh? Here's hoping it's sooner in that quarter rather than later.
  5. I'm now really curious about what Absol contributed...excited, mind you, but I imagine you can't spill the beans yet!
  6. Holy crap, I really HOPE we can get a shipping notice relatively soon on Rise. I can further corroborate, the swrpg reddit has photographic proof...it DOES exist!
  7. Instantly way more excited now that I see the species list. Those are all potentially-popular PC choices that I'm surprised they omitted until now. Lasat was a glaring omission from Dawn of Rebellion. Edit: One such source is here, in the description. https://www.miniaturemarket.com/ffgswr12.html
  8. Haha, exactly. Disappointed, though not as a diss to A&A in particular. I have a player that would really enjoy the Clone Trooper material in RotS for an upcoming game. Here's hoping we get movement on that one soon 🤞 Edit: Unless I can convince him to play an Ewok instead of a clone 😂 Excited for those.
  9. Yeah...I just double-checked, the pre-order number they referenced in the e-mail subject line is for A&A. Something must've gone seriously awry.
  10. I got an email too, though the order number seems to reference Allies and Adversaries? I guess RotS did have something happen to it. Unless I'm looking at the wrong order here.
  11. Unrelated to swrpg, but I got notice that Genesys' Android supplement and the adversary decks for it are shipping. Hopefully that means Star Wars stuff won't be too far behind. I also recently got more caught up on listening to Order 66 podcast, and earlier this month GM Phil was talking about Allies and Adversaries being his *first* contribution to an FFG book (in particular the Ewok entries and playable Ewok stats). I'm really hoping that implies we have more in the pipe if freelancers are still hinting at NDAs.
  12. I'm not too surprised at the sudden jump to on-the-boat. It's not like development can't continue on other books while printing and shipping delays were occurring. I imagine that the Seperatist book was in the pipe for a very long time.
  13. Ooof, my books are out for delivery. But, being busy tonight, I can't review them in any detail ? Still can't wait to at least crack them open and skim.
  14. I've gotten my FedEx confirmation from MM today! Hopefully you'll get yours too. ?
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