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  1. I like the idea and appreciate the aesthetic quality, especially the expansion board looks amazing. I do have my concerns, though. First of all, I don't really see how is the Sleeping Quarters supposed to work, or is it even necessary (just a reminder: you cannot voluntarily move to a hazardous location, but unless otherwise noted, you are free to leave it. Is it supposed to be more like a "Soft Brig"?). The proposed cost is already very high, as I explain below. Second, I think the values on the cards are far too high to ever use, with no expansion-specific way of providing extra cards. Consider similar expansion module - the Demetrius from Daybreak. Not only do Missions replace crises, but there is also the Captain's Cabin which adds a lot of cards into the mix. Third, "X of one skill, Y of another" is perhaps too restrictive. I like the concept of "skill check over time", and a way to deal with cards over limit in early part of the game. I still don't see a point in such restrictive treatment. The cost is already very high - sure, 2-3 cards would have been discarded otherwise (giving us what - perhaps 9 points, probably less since we draw some 0s and less useful low-value cards?), but other than that, this cuts into the standard "action & crisis management" card pool. And last but not least, the Research Projects themselves could use some more thinking. Take "Fair Trial" - the idea seems to be that we reinvent a legal system for the fleet. Apart from that being more in line with Quorum card effects, and also quite overpowered when you consider it affects Demetrius and Missions, how do you suppose it should work? Probably by discarding cards from the check after they are revealed - but that's not the same as "prohibiting play" (and there is the Destiny deck to consider, too). Some other quick examples: there are no "Mark III Vipers" in the game, only base "Mark II" and "Mark VII" from Exodus; except for New Caprica, centurions never share a location with players. And how are we supposed to know who is a Cylon, unless we play with Cylon Leader? Do we force reveal, and thus, break the game? Same goes for the Last Chance, which doesn't look like a "research project" at all - more like a bad houserule. I propose you draw up a rulebook for the expansion to cover the basic assumptions and changes to the game rules. You may also scrap the current Research Project and come up with something that will be: - balanced in regard to other game effects and costs; - intuitive/easy to use; - different yet comparable to exisiting mechanics, esp. Demetrius. You should probably stick to the idea that at least some locations can be upgraded, especially the underused ones - like Research Lab or Weapons Control, and maybe Communications and Command, too. EDIT: If you would like some more feedback and visibility, take your idea to the BoardGameGeek BSG Variants discussion board: http://boardgamegeek.com/forum/888086/battlestar-galactica-exodus-expansion/variants http://boardgamegeek.com/forum/1400622/battlestar-galactica-daybreak-expansion/variants The Exodus board is the more active of the two, or at least it was before. You can also try the base BSG variants board: https://boardgamegeek.com/forum/649/battlestar-galactica/variants
  2. And if someone here cannot wait, but is open to fan-made expansions: please, take a note of the Revelations by David Turczi at the BoardGameGeek.com. Let me point you to two mayor elements of this expansion: boardgamegeek.com/thread/760870/revisiting-the-colony-endgame/page/1 - New Caprica-style endgame representing Battle for the Colony; boardgamegeek.com/thread/754475/building-a-seventh-skill-card-deck/page/1 - Faith, new (seventh) skill card deck, along with new crises, supercrises and destinations. Along with them go rules for playing the Rebel Cylon (alternative for the Sympathizer/Cylon Leader mechanics), as well as new characters (eg. Diana "Hardball" Seelix, Brendan "Hot Dog" Costanza, Louis Hoshi or Romo Lampkin) and skill cards. You may play with these variants on BoardGameGeek.com BSG PBF board. Right now I participate in one of those test-games (as it is still largely work-in-progress) myself.
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