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  1. How does Accelerated Diagnostics and Precognition work together? What happens if I play a second Accelerated Diagnostics while I'm in the middle of my first one? I suppose since you're just looking at the cards, they're still a part of R&D, which gets even weirder if you Precog in the middle of it. I'm looking at three cards, I pull Precog and "play" it (so it is no longer in R&D). Do I set the two cards from Diagnostics aside and dig 5 more down, or do I take the top 3 and combine them with my Diagnostics 2, rearrange the order and now see (potentially) 2 different cards with Diagnostics? If I play a second Diagnostics during the first do I see the next three cards down and combine that with my hand? Do I wait to finish resolving the first before digging into the second? If I play a card in my top three from Accelerated Diagnostics can I bring that card back with Archived Memories? Like does playing the card from Diagnostics resolve first and go to Archives where the card can be retrieved or does it have to be an existing card from before the AD was played? Thanks in advance for any answers you might have on these
  2. This is what Jinteki needed. I don't know what helps more the two specific cards or the new ID but I know I'll be using all of them. Fetal AI sounds more brutal in the original Jinteki but I'll be using it either way.
  3. We're playing most every Saturday - come out if you want to play, learn how to play or just get some feedback on your decks.
  4. If you're looking for people to play with just find us almost every Saturday at Comic Cellar (www.comiccellaronline.com). Or just drop me a post in this thread! We're looking to get organized play going soon - even before the organized play packs are available!
  5. I have a ticket for the event myself as well as a duplicate ticket for one of my friends - I bought it before they sold out and I'm going to make my friends punch each other until only one is still standing up and that'll be who I give the other tourney ticket to. Fun times.
  6. My friends and I have started calling it "Netrunner" because that is what it is. I'm sure that most of the mechanics from the original game will be implemented at some point even if they aren't in initial release. That's just an LCG thing and having it slightly less confusing in the base set is fine by me. I really hope they do end up releasing this at Gencon. If they do I plan on playing it all Gencon weekend.
  7. I'm just happy to have a must buy for this years GenCon. Expect me near the front of the line for demos!
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