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  1. 1. Spirit Aragorn 2. Leadership or Lore Frodo 3. Either a tactics or spirit silvan... I imagine they would use Elena from Journeys in Middle Earth. 4. Saruman. I imagine him being neutral, but he could fit in other spheres too. 5. Spirit Sam. Everyone else in the fellowship have had more hero versions than Sam (and Frodo if you discount the fellowship versions). That definitely needs to be rectified.
  2. I have been building my decks as strictly beholden to them as possible lately. Normally, for Carolyn I probably would take premonition. However,, since she doesn’t have any true psychic or mystic qualities I didn’t consider It has proven interesting because it has caused me to look at other cards to get the job done that would otherwise have been ignored. ( such as eat lead). So far, it has worked out well. I don’t usually crush scenarios or gain quite as much xp. But, the scenario does usually come down to the wire though much more frequently, which I personally like.
  3. Mark got the second BAR shot off for 4 damage. Xavier absorbed part of the attack from the monster and gave me 2 more damage. Then I used the remaining ammo with my colt to finish the job on my last round. The last pull, I was out of skill icons and mark was only swinging at 3 (-1 from Sophie and -1 from a whippoorwill). The chaos bag was kind on that token pull and gave me a +1. 😅. I couldn’t believe I was still able to win after that crushing previous turn. It really makes me want to add ‘eat lead’ with my VP points.
  4. So, I am playing with Mark and Carolyn and the encounter deck and chaos bag are conspiring to hose me with tons of damage. Regardless, I press on and by the skin of my teeth I make it to the boss enemy on my next to last turn. The boss enemy has 12 health. Mark has a m1918 BAR with 9 ammo on it. I attack with 5 ammo along with 2 vicious blows and Marks signature committed with the plan to finish him off with a second BAR shot. Who wants to guess what chaos token I pulled? edit. Clarified that it was my next to last turn instead of final turn.
  5. I haven’t used the circle undone yet but I expect some of them to usurp a few spots. Guardian: Roland. I like his investigator reaction. Getting clues after killing enemies is amazing. I also am eagerly awaiting the agency backup card so Roland and a posse of feds can come and wreck scenarios. Seeker. Daisy. I enjoyed the old Arkham novels that had a Daisy in them so I am biased towards her. No real mechanical reason I prefer her over other seekers. mystic. Akachi. I love the increased charge count on spells. Diana may take this spot since I am biased towards her. She is one of my favorites from previous games. Rogue. Jenny. I love that she is decent at everything and she can just throw money at things. Preston will probably take her spot once I play with him since he can throw even more money at things. Survivor. Wendy. I like high agility characters best and I think it’s funny that these cultists and monsters keep getting foiled by some random little orphan girl. 😛 Rita may take her spot once I try her out since she leans heavier on the agility. Neutral: Lola. Because.
  6. The go7 inserts work fine with sleeves. He even lists the approx number of cards it holds with and without sleeves.
  7. I separate them into smaller piles, but put composed in the talent pile. If I am told to “gain a boon” I just assign each type of boon a number and role a die to see which I get. Same would go for the illness or injury example too.
  8. Nothing in the rules suggest you say check any other time than the end of your turn. Thu you shouldnt be obligated to say check during your opponents turn . And the ruleook clearly says you MUST forge a key if you have the Aember. the whole concept of having to say check seems stupid . It really only seems to open these cans of worms They can see you have the necessary aember. But Since they do include the concept in the rules, they should CERTAINLY outline what penalty a person suffers if they don’t say it.... or only allow you to forge the key if you said check. It is somewhat baffling that many of the requests the OP outlines aren’t in the rule book. I have generally found that their lcg rulebooks have gotten better with each new game release and usually encompass the above requests. Its crazy that this rule book omits such things
  9. pixcalcis

    Living Rulebook

    Gotcha. Yes, the forge a key example was the example I homed in on as it seemed similar to the framework events in lcgs In your example on each player forging a key, would that not just fall under a timing conflict and thus the active player chooses the order the forging is resolved? And if any other conflicting events happen,wouldn’t it fall under the same catch-all that the active player decides? regardless, I get your point, there were certainly issues that came up in their other card games such as where we needed the exact timing on when exactly an attachment is no longer considered attached to a character who is killed. Upon hitting discard pile? Or immediately after placing terminal damage?
  10. pixcalcis

    Living Rulebook

    In the ffg Star Wars LCG, and likely other lcgs, they do have a term listed in the the faq for things that the game state mandates to happen. They call them framework events. This is pulled from the Star Wars lcg faq. Framework Events are activities that are dictated by the game rules rather than by player choice; they are the fundamental occurences and rituals that propel the game forward. Framework event windows cannot be broken by player actions. The grey Framework Event windows in the Timing Structure diagram on pages 30-31 of the core rulebook identify each of the game’s framework events.. To me this seems like the same idea. I’m not a magic or keyforge player so I may be misunderstanding. Edit: A game of thrones 2nd Ed and legend of the five rings both have the same term in the rulebook. So they added it from the get-go instead of after the fact like in Star Wars. Which makes sense since they are later games. All of these games also have flowcharts laying out action windows and framework events. It’s baffling to me that keyforge wouldn’t have something similar.
  11. Yep, Eleanor is Gondorian. This defintely a different character.
  12. I like the outright lie on the showcase page saying that he box has 6 of the MOST iconic. LOTR characters. 😄😛 I personally like like the character list, but just found that funny because Bereavor and Elena are certainly not iconic.
  13. The state of OP support on some competitive FFG game has no relevance. I would be shocked if OP has anything to do with this game at all. As far as releases for Imperial Asault go, I would hardly call it lacking. I certainly have plenty to play. As far as I’m concerned, 1 expansion per year on a board game is fine. If this game gets as much content as imperial assault has gotten, I will be thrilled. I understand the need for new things to shake things up on a competitive level, but this game doesn’t have that and really shouldn’t need multiple releases a year.
  14. Aragorn is definitely one of the heroes in the box. The archer mini could likely be Legolas, though I haven’t seen anything to confirm that. But yes, they likely are saving some of iconic characters for expansions. It remains to be seen how they decide to release expansions. It is possible that they keep the themselves to boxed expansions and forgo individual figure packs entirely.
  15. Love this. I can’t wait to try it out with my nephew. One verbage change that should be made. Many cards mention ‘gaining charges.’. .. such as the text on the aft cards of each ship. To keep consistency with the verbage from the rest of 2.0, these all need to say ‘recover charges’ instead. Otherwise, Gain sounds as if you could get more than your charge limit.
  16. On a windows 7 computer playing on steam Mansions of Madness V1.4.3 On Dearly Departed using Jenny Barnes and Darrell Simmons, I have had two references on the same turn referencing the 'bathroom' but i have no bathroom tiles revealed on the map. A maniac attacked me and it knocked my character one space away from the bathroom. The riot also appeared on the graveyard tile and was instructed to move 2 spaces towards the bathroom.
  17. When FFG first announced rotation, I decided once each of their games I follow got to that point, it would be my jumping off point in regards to buying new product. The card pool would be fully mature (ie max capacity) and the first 2 cycles have reached the end of their life cycles. I get to play each of the competitive lcg's so infrequently (though I enjoy each of them that I play) that it will be a long time before I fully explore all of the content up to that point anyhow even without purchasing consistent new releases.
  18. Wow..........I also agree that Grimwalker is misreading the intent on your post. Either that or he is just purposely being difficult Anyways, I play several LCG's though none really in a tournament setting with any regularity. And when/if rotation comes around to any of them, there is a good chance I would jump ship and just consider what I have collected thus far 'complete'. I know I could keep buying the cards and choose to ignore rotation rules if I want to just play casually, but as time goes on, you keep running into a higher risk of problems arising from strange interactions with new cards and cards that have been rotated out. Time will tell, but there is also a chance that they will reprint some of the old cards to bring them back in (if not exactly in name, then perhaps just a duplicate effect) and then you would be re-buying those . Personally, I would rather take that 15 bucks a month and buy into the latest LCG that happens to be coming out at any given time. THe one exception would be the Star Wars LCG. Assuming that game makes it to rotation, I would still highly consider no longer purchasing new content for the LCG, but it would depend on the subject matter for the next cycle. If they were to continue with a theme for that cycle that greatly interests me, then I would probably keep collecting on a cycle by cycle basis.
  19. Yep, FFG has been reprinting all of the cycles when they sell out of their stock. If you check out the 'upcoming' page each pack in the cycle is listed as 'At the printer;. THey may take a while to make their way back to retail, but they are definitely in the works. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/upcoming/
  20. Salisbury NC here, so a bit too far for me to commit to anything regular. Id be willing to do an odd day here or there though.
  21. Im from salisbury and I have a friend in Troutman who have started playing Thrones. If you have any free saturdays coming up soon and are interested we could come up to PBKW and get some games in.
  22. That would be fantastic. And I would most certainly buy it.
  23. http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1242980/reprint It looks like Iello has the license now and possibly Jan 2015 when it is back in stock? I dont know why it has bounced around so much.
  24. A-Nori B- Bard C-Eowyn D-Elrohir E-Frodo F-Thalin- love his ability and love direct damage decks. G-Boromir- I dont use him much, but he is a champ. His ability to constantly ready for combat always causes me to picture his final fight scene in the movies. H-Eleanor- I just love her art. I-Lore Glorfindel- originally my favorite hero and still prefer to use him when i can over Spirit Glorfindel. J-Denethor K-Bifur L-Idraen M- Merry N- Gandalf....poor Bombur has no chance. Which is a shame because if he was matched up with atleast half of the other heroes, I would pick him because I find his ability hilarious o- Bereavor p- Galadriel- :-p q- Beorn.......aggh tough choice. I love the brothers.....but Beorn just owns the early game r- theodred s-Celeborn t-Gimli u-Hama v-Dain w-Mirlonde
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