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  1. I also think #1 atleast has something to do with the twins. Whether a new version or something that they greatly benefit from for some reason. the one of greater power and one not at its prime one does seem to be a call out to Gandalf white/grey. However, I think it just references that many find Elohir to be the better of the hero version of the twins. 4 seems to be referencing the hobbits, not the grey company
  2. No, it never has been implemented in them. As Thaeggan mentioned above, there is liberal use of auto saving ( in the other products as well I believe) so that is essentially our ‘undo’ button.
  3. An undo button has been requested by numerous people for the mansions and imperial assault apps(and I’m sure descent as well) since those products first came out. I don’t understand why it wasn’t baked into this game. It’s not like they didn’t know this is one of the most requested features across most if not all of their app assisted games. It truly is baffling.
  4. So, comparing to mansions ( and discounting the 1st edition themed packs), That first fully 2e expansion came out in January. Then the next product ( a big box expansion) wasn’t announced until that June. So that’s a six month wait right there for news. I personally dont think we will wait 6 months for more JIME content to be announced, but that wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility. We did have more news articles for the lead up to the first expansions in mansions but several considerations need to be taken into account. Firstly, the mansions expansion contained more physical stuff. We had tiles, tokens, enemies, new heroes and 2 distinct scenarios. Compare that to jIME which has 3 enemy figures and a few cards but also an entire campaign worth of digital content. The mansions physical product definitely lends itself for more news articles. Secondly, FFG has started doing some of their previews in their live streams for their games instead of written articles....JIME included, so the amount of news articles we get will be less due to that as well. That said, due to the fact that we DID get the first edition conversion content for mansions, we did have more content front loaded on us in that game. I also did think it highly likely that FFG would mention something new for jIME in their in-flight report Despite that though, I personally still don’t think there is a reason to be concerned with the future of the game. As I stated above, there will likely be two releases a year. If they release stand alone scenarios for the game I could see those sprinkled in too. So, to me, large gaps in news should be expected.
  5. What would be the proper way to handle a mindless dancer at an empty location during an act change? If they do stay in play, (as it appears to me they should) which empty location do they start on after you rearrange the board? I would expect it would be the same position on the board they previously occupied. If so, what happens if it is on an empty location where you are instructed to put a new cosmic location during that set up. The empty space is discarded. Is the enemy also discarded or does it attach to the cosmic location?
  6. So the fact that they have content actively coming out for the game isn’t proof that they haven’t abandoned it? I mean they have detailed what’s in the figure pack, showed some of the few cards in it, and gave a rough outline on the campaign. They might release an article detailing more about the campaign.....but at most I would expect a short announcement when it releases. What other news do you want to see? They probably aren’t going to announce anything new until the campaign and figure pack are out. This will probably be during GenCon and there is a good chance a new expansion is announced during the convention as well. This game isn’t like the lcgs or xwing where we get monthly releases or tons of different products dropping at once. So we aren’t going to get multitudes of news stories like for those games. We will probably get a big box expansion once a year. And then either a smaller expansion once a year or maybe some figure packs instead.
  7. No, they have not abandoned the game. There is a figure pack and a new campaign sometime soon. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/4/12/hunt-for-the-ember-crown/
  8. Since they first started producing the ‘Eye of Sauron’ and ‘the one ring’ sleeves for the lcg. I have used them to sleeve all of my encounter and player cards respectively. I ran out of one ring sleeves midway through this cycle and it has been years since they reprinted. Has anyone happened to see these still in stock anywhere? https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/fantasy-flight-supply/products/the-one-ring-unlimited-edition/
  9. Have they announced what will be in the big box expansions yet? I highly doubt the only difference compared to the small box is that they will have tiles or a board in them. The bigger boxes typically have more of most things than the small boxes do. 8 characters instead of 4, possibly 3 or 4 scenarios instead of 2, an increased number of items and enemies, etc. So yes, if they put out a big box expansion and charge 60 bucks, and the only difference between it and a small box expansion is that there will be a mini board or some tiles for a board in it, I would not be happy. This is not typically how they operate though, so I am unsure why we are assuming they are now though. I may be misinterpreting what you are asking though. If so, I apologize.
  10. I happily pay 15 bucks for 60 cards of the Arkham lcg and one new scenario. 30 bucks sounds fantastic for this
  11. In regards to machete: It Can’t be included from start unless you have some starting xp. If a person wants it in their deck, they pay 2 xp when upgrading cards. The level remains the same so someone like Carolyn could still take it if they wanted to spend the xp.
  12. 1. Spirit Aragorn 2. Leadership or Lore Frodo 3. Either a tactics or spirit silvan... I imagine they would use Elena from Journeys in Middle Earth. 4. Saruman. I imagine him being neutral, but he could fit in other spheres too. 5. Spirit Sam. Everyone else in the fellowship have had more hero versions than Sam (and Frodo if you discount the fellowship versions). That definitely needs to be rectified.
  13. I have been building my decks as strictly beholden to them as possible lately. Normally, for Carolyn I probably would take premonition. However,, since she doesn’t have any true psychic or mystic qualities I didn’t consider It has proven interesting because it has caused me to look at other cards to get the job done that would otherwise have been ignored. ( such as eat lead). So far, it has worked out well. I don’t usually crush scenarios or gain quite as much xp. But, the scenario does usually come down to the wire though much more frequently, which I personally like.
  14. Mark got the second BAR shot off for 4 damage. Xavier absorbed part of the attack from the monster and gave me 2 more damage. Then I used the remaining ammo with my colt to finish the job on my last round. The last pull, I was out of skill icons and mark was only swinging at 3 (-1 from Sophie and -1 from a whippoorwill). The chaos bag was kind on that token pull and gave me a +1. 😅. I couldn’t believe I was still able to win after that crushing previous turn. It really makes me want to add ‘eat lead’ with my VP points.
  15. So, I am playing with Mark and Carolyn and the encounter deck and chaos bag are conspiring to hose me with tons of damage. Regardless, I press on and by the skin of my teeth I make it to the boss enemy on my next to last turn. The boss enemy has 12 health. Mark has a m1918 BAR with 9 ammo on it. I attack with 5 ammo along with 2 vicious blows and Marks signature committed with the plan to finish him off with a second BAR shot. Who wants to guess what chaos token I pulled? edit. Clarified that it was my next to last turn instead of final turn.
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