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  1. I got a negative 3 and negative 4 every single time it moved the entire game. Once I lopped the legs off, I still drew a -4. Four doom placed in one go adds up FAST.(especially since there were 3 doom generating spiders out too) Thankfully I assumed it would once again move that amount and had Dianna in the location it moved too. Then I was able to cancel 3 attacks of opportunity to clue it to death in one turn. That final form can be incredibly swingy.
  2. Yes, I know that and understand how it works. I’m saying it would have been more elegant to have the cards with the defense keyword instead have a ‘defend’ keyword that also counted as defending so that it was in line with attack and thwart. It would work the same as it is now (only play it during an attack, etc) except you could trigger other effects off them. But regardless, considering the fact that they aren’t the same i find it strange that they are lumped together as the same entry in the rules reference.
  3. It no longer says it counts as a ‘defense’ when you play that card as it did under the old rule. So it seems like you can’t trigger counter punch off it. I still don’t understand why they have both ‘defend’and ‘defense‘. Just using ‘defend’ alone would have been sufficient and would have never led to rules question of is a ‘defense’ considered ‘defending’ for the purpose of triggering these cards.
  4. Nah, that didn’t work under the previous rule set. Pre-emptive strike was the only card that could do that in the original rules (and even then there are a lot of people that are quite vehement that it didn’t work that way either)
  5. There were some issues with the very initial packs of Arkham as well. I had a lot of trouble tracking down Essex county express specifically. And I seem to recall dunwich legacy and miskatonic museum and the core sold out fairly quick too and had similar posts asking about when reprints would occur. It is just as you said though. Demand is higher than their initial conservative forecasts ( even though I’m sure the initial print runs were significantly greater than Arkham’s) and it should iron out now that they have seen some expansion sale numbers just as it did with Arkham and the majority of their releases.
  6. The Spider-Man card draw ability only triggers when the villain initiates an attack. The villain ONLY initiates attacks against heroes. You choose to defend with an ally after you would draw the card for Spider-Man. So you would get the card even if an ally (or another hero) jumps in front of an attack originally meant for Spider-Man.
  7. Arkham horror LCG had playmats release at the same time. As did Game of Thrones LCG 2nd edition. So they have gotten it nailed down well in the past.
  8. Ms marvel isn’t an avenger. While it is true they are skewing avenger heavy, they could easily have another non-avenger
  9. I just played through return to dunwich 2 handed. I used a Mark deck upgrading all in on the Springfield, telescopic sight, marksmanship, etc. I paired that with a Calvin deck. i actually enjoyed using the Springfield. My idea was to have as many enemies as possible go after Calvin and use Mark to snipe them off. While Calvin’s damage is low, if I pull an auto-fail once, that is great. If he is riding the line on health, then I either just evade the enemy or just use Calvin to kill it with meat cleaver to manipulate his horror. The games I was able to Get Mark fully kitted up were fantastic. Especially in Where Doom Awaits. I parked Mark on the Sentinel hill locations and just one shotted most of the enemies from a location away. That scenario is particularly nice because a lot of the enemies don’t necessarily spawn on top of you. Overall, they survived and won the campaign. They had a good run of Essex, but didn’t quite defeat that scenario. They had a tough time with the broods but did barely get 2 of 4. Otherwise they defeated each other scenario. Mark did pull his weight but Calvin definitely wound up being MVP. I had Anna Kaslow in the deck and often was able to get 1 or 2 five of pentacles out. Calvin running at 6 or 7 across the board is certainly glorious.
  10. While true,they have released sets in their ideas line that are certainly not designed and aimed at kids. For example, the ‘Friends Cafe’ set. Depending on on the quality of project proposed (hard to say since it can’t be viewed currently) it is well within the realm of possibility that a mythos or Arkham files inspired set could be released via LEGO ideas. Depending on the route taken it could have a similar vibe to the Monster Fighter sets from a few years ago
  11. And they also released an entire campaign.... As stated above, Mansions would probably be the best example used to forecast releases for this. The pace of releases really isn’t all that different from mansions of madness. Mansions did have the advantage of being able to frontload the content carried over from first edition( which this game obviously cannot do) however, in general they had a big box and small box each once a year. Which is essentially what we will most likely be getting. We don’t know the size/contents of the Journeys big box expansions. By the comments made during the AMA it sounds like they could be bigger than mansions big box expansions. The figure packs have less physical content than mansions small boxes but was accompanied by the release of a greater amount of digital product..so I call that a wash. And regarding radio silence...... Again, we didnt see that immediately after mansions release because of the first edition carryover products releasing. Since this game doesn’t have that benefit we shouldn’t expect something similar. For mansions, the time between the first fully 2nd edition small box RELEASE and the subsequent first big box ANNOUNCEMENT article (which, conveniently, is where we are in the journeys product life) was six months. Based on that previous example we shouldn’t expect any articles for a while yet.
  12. It is strange that They added no clarifications concerning empty space in before the black throne.
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