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  1. Yep, FFG has been reprinting all of the cycles when they sell out of their stock. If you check out the 'upcoming' page each pack in the cycle is listed as 'At the printer;. THey may take a while to make their way back to retail, but they are definitely in the works. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/upcoming/
  2. Salisbury NC here, so a bit too far for me to commit to anything regular. Id be willing to do an odd day here or there though.
  3. Im from salisbury and I have a friend in Troutman who have started playing Thrones. If you have any free saturdays coming up soon and are interested we could come up to PBKW and get some games in.
  4. That would be fantastic. And I would most certainly buy it.
  5. http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1242980/reprint It looks like Iello has the license now and possibly Jan 2015 when it is back in stock? I dont know why it has bounced around so much.
  6. A-Nori B- Bard C-Eowyn D-Elrohir E-Frodo F-Thalin- love his ability and love direct damage decks. G-Boromir- I dont use him much, but he is a champ. His ability to constantly ready for combat always causes me to picture his final fight scene in the movies. H-Eleanor- I just love her art. I-Lore Glorfindel- originally my favorite hero and still prefer to use him when i can over Spirit Glorfindel. J-Denethor K-Bifur L-Idraen M- Merry N- Gandalf....poor Bombur has no chance. Which is a shame because if he was matched up with atleast half of the other heroes, I would pick him because I find his ability hilarious o- Bereavor p- Galadriel- :-p q- Beorn.......aggh tough choice. I love the brothers.....but Beorn just owns the early game r- theodred s-Celeborn t-Gimli u-Hama v-Dain w-Mirlonde
  7. The Comic Monstore in Salisbury NC will be hosting a fellowship event on October 11th. I have 1 kit and 3 slots available. I can be at the store by noon and can stay until closing if there is interest to keep playing. No admission fees charged for the event. Please PM to reserve your slot and for more details.
  8. My local shop finally heard back from FFG and it does appear as if the Fellowship event in Salisbury, NC is a go if anyone is interested.
  9. I tried to get one for NC. My local store owner put in the application on the cut off date, but it said they had stopped taking them several hours before the page said the deadline was. He emailed them about it, but never heard back. I'm unware of anyone else planning one in NC or VA at the moment unfortunately.
  10. Is there any interest from anyone on a fellowship event in North Carolina? I can get one of my local retailers (Salisbury or Cornelius NC) to order some kits if we can get the players to turn out. Or is there already a region in NC planning on hosting one?
  11. I am definitely off that weekend so I should be there!
  12. I would play one assuming I enjoyed the card art and gameplay.
  13. Salisbury, nc here.
  14. I saw your post on the hickory tourney and was thinking about it. I most likely won't be free on that Saturday, but I'm going to try to make it happen.
  15. I'm in Salisbury, nc and we have a small group who plays every Wednesday from 6 to 9 pm at the comic store there. We usually have 2-3 people there. I drive through mooresville a lot so I wouldn't mind playing on another day too if able!