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  1. So I was playing someone tonight who had Quickdraw with Afterburners and Pattern Analyzer (only upgrades relevant to my question). He dialed in a 3-sloop with Quickdraw, then did this next: Afterburners for a boost, Pattern Analyzer for a Focus linked to a Rotate Arc, then gain the stress from the 3-sloop. Was this timing done correctly? I don't fly FO, so I don't use Pattern Analyzer at all and am not familiar with the timing of the card.
  2. I'm looking at the Hyena as a good filler ship- it is similar to the TIE bomber in a lot of ways. Since currently I don't really run Vulture droids (they die way too quick for me), I think that Hyenas will give me a lot of flexibility in list building, depending on point cost. I'm hoping that it will be a good compliment to the Infiltrator, lessening the need for the fairly high cost (depending on loadout) Belbullab-22 as a wingman.
  3. Not yet- I've found that running Grievous with the upgrades acts as a great distraction, the enemy has to deal with him so they will usually split their squad and that helps my Infiltrators a lot.
  4. Pretty much my Sidekicks list, but with Hate on Dooku and Outmaneuver on Grievous. I find Dooku needs the recharging more than the I7 shooting, as I use up a lot of Force with Dooku's ability/dice modding. It is a super fun list to fly.
  5. I was wondering everyone's thoughts on the Sith Infiltrator, since it has been a month since release. We're seeing a lot of lists in both Hyperspace and Extended with the Jedi, but not so much the Sith. What are everyone's views on the strengths and weaknesses of this ship? Personally, I love it. Running the Sidekicks list with Maul, Dooku, and Grievous has been incredibly fun for me. I feel that the Force hijinks that you can do overcome the weak defense and make utilization of the very maneuverable dial, for a Large ship, much easier.
  6. I could see another boxed set coming out that has 1 Eta-2 Actis starfighter and 2 V-wings; replacing the current Republic box set after the Torrent gets a single-ship expansion. The only real issue is that the Actis and Aetherspite, and the Torrent/V-wing, compete for the same slots; the Actis/Aetherspite are Force-using interceptors, while the Torrent/V-wing are cheap ships that are supposed to be speedy enough to hang out with their Jedi pals.
  7. Do You Own Huge Ships Already? Yes. Did You Play Epic in 1.0, or Were They Dustables? Rarely, though I would have played more if I could have. Do You Plan to Play Huge Ships in 2.0 (in Standard/Huge/Epic battles)? Yes. Do You Plan To Play Epic Missions? Yes. What is Your Biggest Draw to Epic 2.0? Larger battles were ships that might underperform in Extended/Hyperspace will possibly have a chance to be useful.
  8. 3. Converted Scum and Imperial from 1.0- didn't convert FO/Rebels and decided to rip them apart to make Uglies, which is a decision I still heartily agree with. Just bought into Separatists, really enjoying them. I guess I'm drawn to what the general public would consider the "evil" factions.
  9. Ikka

    Wave 5 announcement

    Good, I'll be getting a couple of those. Thanks.
  10. Ikka

    Wave 5 announcement

    Hmm. I missed this as well- what expansion?
  11. Ikka

    Wave 5 announcement

    Yes, but the MGT was in the newer canon show (Rebels) which is why I said oldest expansion (compared to the Scyk)/oldest show (compared to the MGT).
  12. Hmm. I like that list, though my changes would to put Talonbane w/Pred in for Old T and give Seevor Juke- but those are personal preferences based on the ships I like to fly. This list could work quite well.
  13. Ikka

    Wave 5 announcement

    Definitely could be.
  14. Ikka

    Wave 5 announcement

    That is an interesting thought...
  15. Ikka

    Wave 5 announcement

    No, the Z-95 would still be available, but it would already have had 6 months of being featured in the Hyperspace meta. Giving its slot to the Scyk makes sense as the Scyk can get that same amount of exposure (for newer players who don't have the ship) to increase sales. Compared to the MGT, both the Scyk and Headhunter need something to get veteran players (who most likely have the older ships from 1.0) and new players (who may not know the ships canonically) a reason to purchase them, . So the Headhunter gets rotated back to Extended only, while the Scyk moves into Hyperspace legality.
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