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  1. Thought up this list today, after the points update. Probably not the best, but I've been flying gunboats pretty often lately and usually struggle finding a great compliment to them, so having the Aggressor and fighters at the same Initiative makes everything nice and neat while giving a pretty nasty set of firepower at Rang 1-2. Thoughts? Onyx Squadron Scout (30) Predator (2) Dorsal Turret (3) Veteran Turret Gunner (8) Ship total: 43 Half Points: 22 Threshold: 3 Rho Squadron Pilot (35) Trick Shot (4) Passive Sensors (3) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (6) Advanced SLAM (3) Os-1 Arsenal Loadout (0) Ship total: 51 Half Points: 26 Threshold: 4 Rho Squadron Pilot (35) Trick Shot (4) Passive Sensors (3) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (6) Advanced SLAM (3) Os-1 Arsenal Loadout (0) Ship total: 51 Half Points: 26 Threshold: 4 Black Squadron Ace (26) Crack Shot (1) Ship total: 27 Half Points: 14 Threshold: 2 Black Squadron Ace (26) Crack Shot (1) Ship total: 27 Half Points: 14 Threshold: 2 Total: 199
  2. I find the TIE Aggressor a decent wingman for a Alpha-class Starwing- they have near identical dials and work fairly well together, especially if you don't Slam too often with the gunboat. I keep the Aggressor low cost, just a dorsal turret and vet turret gunner, it is a workmanlike ship without many frills. Keep them the same Initiative, have the Aggressor strip off the enemy's tokens with a double-shot, then let the gunboat blast them with torps. Not the best list, but the Aggressor is cheaper than another gunboat, and it works alright- it is ignored for the gunboat by the enemy and its twin shots can do a decent amount of damage. Looking forward to putting Passive Sensors on the gunboat(s) to give them some better chances to shoot higher Initiative aces.
  3. Pretty much the same for me, though I'd basically say that they are both rather boring to play against rather than painful.
  4. Since X-wing had rebranded their organized play into the 2.0 Wave Championship/Hyperspace Trials/System Opens before FFG as a whole changed organized play, I'm betting we won't see the new wording until next year, after the world championships.
  5. Interesting. A different variant that uses I5s might work as well- Same Vader (FCS, AB), paired up with Whisper (Juke, Fifth Brother) and the Grand Inquisitor (Heightened Perception). Get rid of Fifth Brother if you want to do some bidding, but the list would work in a similar, but more conventional way. I like you list, got me thinking about the v1s.
  6. Ikka

    RR 1.04 is out

    Plasma Torps suddenly have my attention- removing a shield after the Neutralize Results step but before Deal Damage is pretty potent. Stripping off a single shield before your damage goes in is nasty, especially against single shield ships that rely on that shield to give them a slight buffer before taking hull damage.
  7. Our local area seems pretty good- Kieransi is in a different, though close, town from me and both have pretty active local groups. In my town we just recently got two new players for our local league who had been playing for a while at their home but never really played outside of it, so that was good. We've got roughly 8-14 who play in the league now, depending on work schedules and such.
  8. Perfect, thank you both. I assumed that was the case, but when you assume...
  9. Oh, no argument from me- players usually find unanticipated ways to pair up cards that devs/playtesters don't. Just from the outside (as I don't play Resistance), it seems that they were made to synergize. What it becomes when it releases into the wild is always intriguing.
  10. My view on these spoiled cards (I don't care about the freaking amount of text, most of it looks like it is designed to make any sort of rules-lawyering invalid): Holdo- Not bad. I can see her being a useful way for ships that don't have an Evade action to get an Evade. Add in the fact that the receiving ship does not have to trade the token they have is very good for setting up a ship to have some double-mods. Price will be interesting. Resistance Leia- Very good, depending on price. Adds in a Force point, which is always nice, and gives a purple Coordinate. Takes up two crew slots and will probably be fairly expensive, so using her might be tricky- do you want to save the Force, use her ability on a friendly ship, or Coordinate? The options are very nice, so I expect the point price to be similar to Chancellor Sideous or Sloan. Very intrigued with her, as I don't know if I consider her better than Rebel Leia, but she allows for a lot of tactical flexibility. Larma D'Acy- To be honest, I don't see her getting a ton of play unless she is super cheap or the transport has a horrendous dial. You get a free Coordinate action when you are stressed, and gain another stress. Its ok, not great. Edit- Totally misread that she could also Reinforce. Makes her much more useful than I originally thought. Kor Sella- Obviously designed to pair with D'Acy, though she could be useful if we start to see more stress-giving mechanics. Unless you are running D'Acy, or really like running over Debris, she'll be a pass for most people. PZ-4CO- I'm not really sure I'm reading the card right, but I thought that transferring a token meant that the ship doing said transfer had to have a token to give to the receiving ship. If that is the case rather than the card just outright giving a free token to a friendly ship, this is a lackluster card. If the transfer just gives away a free token, then this card is considerably better. Anyone have any insight into this card? Overall, decent but not game-breaking. Prices will be the breaking point here.
  11. 1. Points rebalance for Leia. Needs to be at least 4 points, maybe 5. This will control the massive influx of the "Rebel beef" list that are fairly boring to play against. 2. Change to TIE Phantom Sigmas- Need to either increase their point cost by 2 or find some way to change their interaction with Juke. I love phantoms, but they are too good with a having two possible tokens and Juke's ability, in numbers greater than 2. 3. Lower the cost of Large-based ships across the board by 2-4. The tax of being not as maneuverable, having lower Agility, and lots of Hull to have critical hits jammed through means that aside from a couple of outliers (Infiltrators, Upsilons, Lambdas, Rebel Han), the majority of Large ships are simply not worth their points to bring.
  12. It's not really a lot of upgrades, even for the nasty Hatchetman Vynder- he comes out to 64 points, which is a decent price for the 7 health, 3 Agility (as long as he's disarmed), and an average of 4 red dice thrown on attack. If you drop him down to a Nu Squadron with just the OS-1 config, Protorps, FCS, and AdSlam you're looking at 49 points for a nasty I2 blocker/flanker. Compared to what you have to pay for something like a Defender, you get a lot of work out of the platform for a decent amount of points. Its a good slot-filling ship, one that can slot into an Aces list and do work as either a distraction from your Aces (the enemy can't ignore a torp-laden gunboat) or a good wingman for a more expensive and usually faster flanker.
  13. I used the "hatchetman" vynder build today- work fairly well. I think the ship itself is decent, not overprice or underpriced for what it is. The OS-1 loadout is the way to go, cannons in general aren't great, but the ordinance loadout is quite nice. I view it as a variation on the TIE bomber, little bit more expensive, but it has the shields and SLAM to compensate for the expense.
  14. Managed to snag two of them yesterday from one of my FLGS- one that doesn't tend to have X-wing players frequent it (it is more geared toward 40k/card gaming than our other local store). Had a league member grab a couple a month back or so from a comic store, so they are out there sometimes. Double-check local comic/hobby stores, you might find one.
  15. Ikka

    Inert Fat Han

    True. My opponent had very, very bad dice rolls throughout the game even with Han/target lock shenanigans (which is pretty obvious as I had three 1-2 Agi ships that survived the freight train of Han's 3/4 dice attacks). I can only imagine what that list is like with even average dice rolls.
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