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  1. Ikka

    Point Change summary

    True. Here's the reddit link to the latest version of the creator's update post.
  2. Ikka

    WTH FFG!!??

    Triple post. Stupid phone!
  3. Ikka

    WTH FFG!!??

    Double post.
  4. Ikka

    WTH FFG!!??

    Why would you be mad at either FFG or Asmodee for this? They don't control B&N, they are merely the game developer/producers. If Barnes and Noble decideds to break the street date, that is an issue between them and Asmodee. It isn't something that FFG can deal with, as they no longer control distribution, nor is it anything to do with Asmodee disliking FLGS. It has everything, most likely, to do with local B&Ns not realizing the correct street date for product launch and deciding to put stuff up without either company approval or knowledge. So you are yelling on the internet for nothing, as the company you are yelling at, FFG, doesn't have anything to do with product distribution anymore. The company that does deal with distribution, Asmodee, is most likely going to be upset with B&N for breaking street dates, while B&N corporate will most likely be mad at their local stores for not reading the proper launch dates. Congratulations, you have made a very pointless thread.
  5. Well, now you have less options to confuse you, so yea...? /s Not super impressed with the scatter-shot approach that hyperspace got- seemed to be very random on a lot of things and . Imps and Scum got hit pretty hard with the loss of v1s/afterburners/Howl and the Starviper/Old T/Seevor, respectively. I'm going to have a real tough time since the Nantex lost Ensnare as well, so my three factions are looking rather unhappy.
  6. Don't play FO, so I'll focus on the two I do play. Vagabond is interesting, but on the edge right now for me- it'll depend on the points I'll have to invest to make his ability work. Morna is fun. The action economy with say, Tau, will be really fun. Double reinforce or all over reinforce plus Focus or Lock is going to make her a hard target to put down and she'll be pumping out damage. Decent Initiative for a Large ship too, so she'll definitely be table-tested from me. Fifth Brother will be a good pocket ace/filler. Homing Missiles and Passive Sensors turn him into a decent threat, and if he isn't using his Force for his ability he's using it on defense and thus distracting the enemy from a more deadly target. Paired with other v1s, any really, though I think naked Grand or 7th are best and he'll be a nice boost. Good pilot. Bossk will see tabletime, depending on his points. Markmanship will be stapled on him, and if he's less than 34 points I'll be putting him in various squads. Not a game-changing pilot, but like Fifth Brother pilot he will be a good distraction/added damage dealer. G4R-GOR. Not for me. I'm not a real blocker-style player, and the ability requires an already fragile ship to be targeted to use. The whole using Torani/friendly-fire bot is a lot of points put into a very gimmicky set-up, at least for me. Hard pass. Nom Lumb is iffy. Also a blocker, but gets rid of some of the action economy issues that the Jumpmaster has with the rotating-when-shot mechanic. Not the greatest option, but at a decent price I can actually see this pilot being used. Allows the enemy to pick which ship they want you to attack which is definitely a subpar option, but put Dengar gunner on him and you'll hopefully at least be damaging one of the enemy's ships. At first look, Lumb might be able to shift his arc to whichever ship targets him last, as he doesn't actually preform a rotate action, just rotates the arc... Overall I'll be paying for five ok pilots and some upgrades (Tech/Autoblasters/some Force upgrades) that I haven't been able to get from just my Imp/Seps/Scum expansions. I've already got a buddy who is going to take off the Rebel/Resistance stuff from me, so I'm fairly happy with what I'm getting at the price. Hopefully this pack will be a success, business-wise, for FFG and we'll get more card/cardboard-only packs in the future. Frankly, I'd probably be paying around the same amount for just the generic upgrades I'll be getting if I bought them through card-sellers, so I'm all good with this pack.
  7. The Empire has some interesting options here. Probably the best overall set of pilots in the set, I can see some interesting use in all of them. Less happy with the Scum pilots, the only one that will probably see table time for me is a Marksmanship Bossk.
  8. As with many others who've commented, I'm against providing a double action across the board for any ship, not just large ships. Having a Large-only Modification that perhaps provides a Focus -> Reinforce (red) linked action might work a lot better though. It would be a mod that gives the Large ships two actions that they like to have, while also limiting it with the red action. Price it somewhere around the 7-9 point range and I think it could be pretty decent.
  9. A final post for 2019. Been a great year for me for X-wing; went to my first Hyperspace Trial and first System Open, got into a good local league that gives me some fun games every month, and nearly finished painting all my Scum/Separatist ships. So, for my final post I'll leave with my latest acquisition- a C-ROC to get my Scum/CIS into the Epic world. Decided that it needed to be a carrier, just for fun, so it has four camouflaged docking clamps built into decoy cargo containers. Looking forward to painting this with my new airbrush and also finishing painting my modified YV-666. Hope everyone's holidays were good, happy flying in the new year!
  10. Not to derail the conversation, its actually quite interesting, but Sai is in fact, a female.
  11. Big ship, big gun, big weakness. The Imperial/First Order/Final Order (Sith Empire?) mindset was too focused on "super weapons", rather than just playing to their strengths- standardized training, military-grade hardware (rather than repurposed civilian armaments/ships), and a larger military in general. Still, it was fun to see the classic profile of a Imperial Star Destroyer again.
  12. Meh. I agree with @Enigami, the combo was too expensive and prone to premature triggering/avoidance. I've yet to see a real use for Vizago though, so updating him to cost 0 would be a good start.
  13. Hi all! Here is my take on the Imperial Officer and Comms Specialist, posing with my Director Krennic. Bases still need to be finished, but they are tabletop ready. My Imperial Officer came without a left arm, so I took a spare GW Harlequin arm I had and made it work. So, here are (ex-) Moff Sevre Guldarian, his aide-de-camp Lieutenant Di'na Ylis, and Communications Specialst Ivor Belvinns. The start of my Imperial Remnant is feeling pretty good! Thanks for looking!
  14. They do. Much as I hate to admit it, a lot of it can be credited to the Kirby CEO years where he viewed GW as a specialty model company rather than a games company. I will say my preference is mainly due to ease of customization- I find the hard plastic easier to cut/model with than soft plastic and metal, while being less brittle than resin.
  15. Very much so. I didn't think the switch over to online points would be as useful as it was, but it has been such a good thing for the game. True, though I think GW is prioritizing detail over customization in their kits; it shows in the 8th ed rules as well, with limited in-unit options compared to older editions. I still prefer hard plastic to soft.
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