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  1. It says, "Any Phase: Each opponent discards the top 2 cards from his or her deck for each character in his or her dead pile. (Limit 1 per round.)" Can i play it if my opponent have no card in his dead pile?
  2. I have 13 pow on my house card, and my opponent has 14. Now my Mace Tyrell get 1 by renown. Then what happen? Who is the winner? Is it depent by the first player? And why?
  3. Ser Jorah Mormont says, "If Ser Jorah Mormont is discarded from your hand, put him into shadows instead. Then, draw 1 card." Rule by Decree says, "When revealed, the player with the most cards in hand chooses and discards cards from his hand until he has 4 cards in hand." Now I have more than 4 cards in hand ( one is Ser Jorah Mormont), and my opponent reveals Rule by Decree. Then what happens? I will have how many cards in hand at last?
  4. I control Maester Wendamyr and one To Be a Kraken in my hand. My opponent control two char A and B , both are with duplicate. Now I reveal Valar Morghulis ,my opponent reveal a plot with higher initiative, can I save my Maester and cancel his saving char B? If so , how to do? And can my opponent prevent it?
  5. The point is that stand a martell char is a cost or effect, and why? Thank you for answer.
  6. Text of House Clegane Brigands is "If you are running a character agenda or are not running an agenda, House Clegane Brigands gains: 'Response: After you win an challenge, stand House Clegane Brigands'." If I win an int challenge, can i stand HCB while my opponent revealing Burning Bridges?
  7. Thank you for your answer. But I read another answer from agot. It says, "Well, it's a passive effect with a lasting duration. The STR reduction happens when the passive resolves, and only at that time. It wouldn't reassert itself. It would be different if the effect was a constant. Let's say there's an attachment with the text "Attached character's STR is reduced to 0". That's a constant effect, and it would reassert itself even if another effect raises that character's STR. But I would say that the STR of a character reduced by Fury of the Dragon can be subsequently raised again." Can you tell me how to comprehensions, please?
  8. It says, After you win a challenge against an opponent with a or a House card,choose a character controlled by that opponent,and reduce its STR to 0 until the end of the round. Q1:If i win pow challenge against my Greyjoy opponent, and treat the effect of my plot. I choose Qarl the Maid to be 0 STR. Can i response shadow parasite to increase STR? If so, how many is it? Q2:If my opponent declare Qarl to be the attacker, can he increase STR to over 0 by Longship Iron Victory? Or it will still be 0 str? Thank you for answer.
  9. There is a question about stonesnake, it says, "Stealth. No attachments. Stonesnake can declare stealth on characters with stealth." If stonesnake loses stealth (e.g. Pentoshi Manor), can he declare stealth? I have three different ideas, but I don't know which one is right? 1)He can declare stealth on everyone. 2)He can only declare stealth on characters with stealth, but cannot declare stealth on who without stealth, as his text. 3)He cannot declare stealth on anyone as he loses his keyword. Which one is right, and why? Please give me an answer, thank you.
  10. In faq4.1, it says"First, the phase begins as a framework step. Next, cards are brought out of Shadows, following the game rules as specified in the Shadows rules insert. Each card is brought out one at a time, and fully resolved (including responses) before the next card is brought out of Shadows. Each of these individual Shadow actions takes place and resolves in full between steps 3 and 4 of the "Beginning of Phase" framework action window. Finally, the beginning of phase framework window is complete, and passives and responses to the beginning of the phase may be resolved." Now I puzzle over the "fully resolved". It includes responses, but does it include moribund cards' leaving play? For example, I bright out Sister of Truth, and choose my opponent's The Queen of Thorns to return to shadows. Now my opponent can responses The Queen of Thorns to claim 1 power. And then should it leave play at once? Or it will leave after his turn to bright his card out of shadows? If he has 13 power before I bright out sister of truth, he will win by responding twice, or I can prevent he via sister of truth?
  11. The Towers Longship: You may discard an event card attached to Ten Towers Longship to play it as if it was in your hand. Then, place that event on the bottom of its owners deck. Response: After you win a challenge by 4 or more total STR, kneel Ten Towers Longship to choose an event card in the losing opponent's discard pile. Attach that event card to Ten Towers Longship. If I attach Frozen Solid to Ten Towers Longship ,if the event cards attached to it will be discarded? What about to attach to the event cards attached to it? And why? And about to attach Seized to Ten Towers Longship?
  12. So I can put any card into shadow by it, and return that to my hand by discard guided by Quaithe before the game over?
  13. I have two questions about it. 1) Can I put a character with "no attachment" ? 2) If the card attached by it should be revealed for it's rationality ?
  14. I have two questions about it. 1) Can I put a character with "no attachment" ? 2) If the card attached by it should be revealed for it's rationality ?
  15. It says: If you have fewer cards in hand than each opponent, Tyrion's Enforcers can attack or defend challenges while knelt. Now if I have fewer cards in hand than my opponent, can I declare my knelt Tyrion's Enforcers as the only one attack char during a challenge?
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