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  1. Thank you, both. If only my life/career allowed me to co-design with Jeremy and the team!
  2. I have been churning away with ideas for cards and I have quite a few that I'd love to send to the development team. Does anyone know how I go about doing this?
  3. I don't wish to speak for the TO, but my understanding of the reasoning for the cut to top 16 is that FFG provided enough prize support for 16 players to receive the damage tokens for the Regional event. We did a bit of a pseudo-cut to top 16 then did another cut down to top 8. The intention of this was to allow those that placed in top 16 to get 1 match (best of 3) to make their way into top 8. Everyone in attendance agreed to this structure. Had it not been consensus, I stand strong in saying that the TO would have most likely rescinded his idea and just cut to top 8. I was one of the 8 players that lost their top 16 match (to the deck/player that eventually placed 2nd) and though it sucks, it was a lot of fun and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to earn those tokens.
  4. This is not, at all, the accounting of what happened at the Colorado Regionals at Total Escape Games. The TO has run every Destiny tournament I have ever attended in the greater Denver area. He is very friendly and very thorough in every ruling he makes when called to assist at a table. As every other FFG tournament (of which I am aware) rankings are made by Strength of Schedule (SoS), with tie-breakers falling to Extended Strength of Schedule (eSOS) and past that, I believe it is settled by a coin-flip or other mathematically random method (i.e. die roll of a d6, etc.). Your friend was a pleasure to play against despite my deck rolling perfectly for 2 rounds and beating him in Swiss play handily. He was nothing but smiles and laughed at the speed at which my decklist/dice tore his characters apart. I was also a player that ended Swiss at 4-3 and made the cut due to my significantly difficult SoS (compared to the other 4-3 record players). Your friend had a SoS that was among the weakest of the 4-3 records and, thus, did not make the cut. The TO did absolutely nothing wrong, did not manipulate placements, did not manually assign pairings - nothing. He left everything to the pairing program he was using. Your friend was bubbled out of the cut due to his SoS...nothing more, nothing less. It happens to even the best of players. There was a regional held that same day where a top player in the US was bubbled out of his top 8 cut by 0.02 points. It's a fact of playing competitive tournament play and your friend wasn't even making a scene about it. This gets me on to the most pressing point. The confrontation was started by YOU and the TO responded in kind due to your bullying and insulting behavior. You threw the first verbal insults, you started cussing him out, insulting other players, insulting the store. The TO responded in language that you were able to understand - which at that point was purely vulgar language. You threatened violence, though with a weapon or fists I did not hear, yet you still threatened violence. Your behavior was completely uncalled for and unprovoked and the way the TO reacted and handled the situation was as best he could with the situation you presented. The contact of the police was purely necessary because multiple sources heard you make a threat to "get your gun and shoot the whole ******* place up". This type of threat is NEVER taken lightly in any situation no matter how many smoke/mirrors you can try to enact to save face. Among the group of players that attended that regional that knew you and had had frequent interactions with you through various games, you have never been a peaceful attendee of any event. I, highly, recommend that you decide to present yourself accurately. Unfortunately, the way that you presented yourself at the store - before you hopped online hiding behind a computer screen - made me embarrassed for you. You can continue to try to blame everyone else for YOUR actions, but you had over 50 witnesses that can discount your story. I am sure that I am not the only one that believes this, but we truly do want you to enjoy playing Destiny, but if your behavior escalates out of control like this at frequent events, maybe competitive play is not the right gaming scene for you.
  5. A swap has been organized and is pending FFG approval.
  6. Looking to swap for Day 1C! I'm in urgent need of this swap as work may prevent me from attending if I don't. If you are willing to swap, please help me out! I'll even buy you a beer (or a drink of some sort) as a thank you!
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