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  1. My apologies if I have missed it in the rules, but are there rules for popping smoke anywhere? Cheers Chris
  2. Yeah, destructable buildings are what I'm thinking…could be a good way to winkle out a stubborn unit in a building, don;t worry about shooting at the unit, just blow the crap out of the building. I have got custom rules for a Sturm Tiger with 380mm Raketen Werfer I am itching to try out, I was thinking about using the rules for weapons with the Demolition characteristic (i.e. demo charges) to do what you were suggesting Warboss, one charge/salvo that causes a wound destroys a floor and then units caught in the destroyed level roll a dice per unit member, with normal wound symbols indicating death, what i am not sure about is how to apply rules to taking out say the bottom floor of a four storey building first, am i right in thinking it would take more fire power to do that then demolish the top floor of the same buidling? Cheers for the thoughts
  3. Has anyone modded any rules for this yet? Would love to see others ideas if there are any out there. Cheers
  4. Got that ape mini,it's Ape X by reaper, comes with two other alternate hands instead of the gatling gun, a large metal ball and a drill, it is maybe about 10-20mm taller than the dust apes, but not excessively bigger. I've made custom stats for it with a gatling gun and am looking forward to using it as fire supprt for my dust apes, this mini is also pretty cool: http://www.westwindproductions.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=188_190&products_id=1590 Love the Bushido one, thanks for the link!
  5. Like it, I have done exactly what you suggest and purchased both the WG GIs and the Bolt Action equivalents to give me pretty much a Type 1 infantry full Platoon with support elements, they are awesome, definitely smaller than the Dust minis but I am treating them as super soldiers anyway, so it does not pose a problem for me, I have mocked up some stat cards for these but am not sure how to post them up here Good luck!
  6. OK, good call on conventional weapons like the .50 cals being the same stat line, and tank armour will adjust my cards accordingly, I am trying to contrast the standard dust assault rifle (stg 44, M1 Assault rifle) with their conventional usage equivalents M1 Garand, Lee Enfield etc…, so am dropping by one level their efficacy vs targets. I have not seen the rule book yet but understand there are rules for tracked and wheeled locomotion for vehicles, so I am hoping for conventional tanks etc… I can just apply these rules and not have to make up any of my own. Will post the cards up when they are done if anyone is keen. I am quite keen to see how the rocket launcher on the Sturm Tiger functions in a urban game, have given it the demolition characteristic Thanks for the suggestions!
  7. Jolly good, thanks for that will have a squizz
  8. Hi I am putting together some stat cards, a la Felkor's design (hope that is OK Felkor), for conventional WW2 vehicles and infantry plus a few other weird war minis I've got for Dust Warfare, but as i don't have the rule book yet (seems to be taking ages to get here to the Antipodes ) I am struggling a little with coming up with comparative stat lines for regular troops, I am taking the general line that conventional versions of weapons (e.g. .50 cals, .30 victory MGs) are 1 level down on the stats of their super versions, so if a "modern" .50 cal is 4/1, 3/1, 2/1, 1/1 vs infantry then I am making the conventional version of a .50 cal 3/1, 2/1, 1/1 -. Does this sound like a reasonable approach? Armour is easy for Infantry, all conventional infantry are armour 1. I am going with tanks having comparable armour to their rough walker equivalents,but similarly downgrading their weaponry as with the infantry weapons, I am rationalisng that by taking the view that the more modern versions of weapons have better technology in their manufacture, ammunition (e.g. vk infused alloys for shells etc..) whereas existing tanks have the orignial versions of weapons tech. Fast and loose I know In terms of infantry miniature scale issues (am using Bolt Action and Artisan minis for conventional troops) I get around that by treating Dust infantry minis as being elites who had some kind kind of super soldier treatment applied to them, hence their bigger stature (shameless rip-off from Captain America). Can't wait to play my regular brit commando troop discovering and infiltrating a secret Blutkreutz lab and fighting a few dust "super soldiers" scenario I am unsure how to approach the AP side of things tho for conventional troops, at this stage I am just going with a number that feels right, does anyone have a more scientific way of calcualting AP for conventionals? Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Hubminator
  9. Choice ruined buildings in both sets of pictures! Who makes them? Hubby
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