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  1. I think bullseye at range one will come in to play more often, especially if you can swarm with this, so at least some of the ships can make use of the arc. Serrisu will probably like the cannon as well since she's high enough skill to try and position the arc.
  2. I think it will highly depend on the cost. If it is 4 points I think it could add some good potential power boost to the Scyks, especially in a scrum where it's a bit harder for opponents to avoid the bullseye, so you get the benefit of the extra die, plus it gives incentive for opponents to spend an action avoiding bullseye rather than taking a die modification. I do look forward to experimenting with it, but I hope the cost isn't more than 4.
  3. Yes I did a few games. In my first match it was crucial as I was able to take initiative and dump a Quad Jumper onto a rock (sweet irony) and a Z-95keep it from shooting back on two different turns. I won that game by 2 points. And I think it was in round 6 where I got a T-70 onto a rock and kept it blocked there for two or three more rounds. It's a little fuzzy now. I don't think rock damage ever killed anything though. The 1 hards and banks are great, as once the fight engages I've found the entire match takes place in a very tight area (at least that's how it has played out for me), and those moves really help set up the blocks while still getting focuses. I also love the three and 5 K-turns as they give some good flexibility for when you have to turn around quickly. But I really miss the green 2 banks from the old 1st edition dial, right now stress really hurts with just 4 blue maneuvers.
  4. Yep, one of my favorite moments from the weekend was tractor pulling Duchess into range one of my front line and burning her down in the first engagement. I didn't end up winning that game, but that part made me feel good.
  5. Hi, I flew the Scyks at the Denver Open. I used a jamming beam once to strip the Reinforce token off a Palp shuttle in the fifth round to open it up to concentrated fire, then killed it the next turn. The main key to the list is the two tractor beam Scyks, they help set up shots for the rest of the ships to help counterbalance the weakness of the two guns. Other than that, I tried to block as much as possible while still getting focuses and keep damaged scyks in places where there were better targets to shoot. I also used an angled set-up to help give me the ability to react and shift my formation to how my opponent set up and give me a wide net to catch my prey in. Also, I try to avoid K-turning except when necessary, and only one or two of the ships at a time (unless it's later in the game and I have to keep guns on). Stressed Scyks often end up dead quickly. It was a ton of fun to fly, and led to lots of close nail-biter games, which I love.
  6. The M3A Interceptor does not save the selection chosen for the "Special" upgrade when you save the list.
  7. I've put files for a modular wall system I designed up on Thingiverse.com for anyone who'd like to use them for their battlefields. They should be able to be configured to create a decent range of buildings or obstacles, and add a bit more terrain for ground vehicles to contend with.
  8. This is my favorite swarm to fly, and can be really nasty. You can swap out Sunny for another Cartel Spacer if you are a monster and hate the best ship in the game (or just want the most flexibility in maneuvering and shooting). Lil' Critters Cartel Spacer (14) "Mangler" Cannon (4) "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (Cannon) (2) Cartel Spacer (14) "Mangler" Cannon (4) "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (Cannon) (2) Cartel Spacer (14) "Mangler" Cannon (4) "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (Cannon) (2) Cartel Spacer (14) "Mangler" Cannon (4) "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (Cannon) (2) Sunny Bounder (14) "Mangler" Cannon (4) "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (Cannon) (2) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Nice thing is they don't care about sticking in formation, and can engage well at any range (though they love range 3 when available). I usually just focus with everyone unless they won't have a shot, where I'll target lock if it seems safe. I try to fly so at least 3 of them are shooting at a single target each turn. If any get harpooned I either stick them up in range one of enemy ships or split them out and keep them separated from the rest of the squadron.
  9. I'd like to see this dual sided upgrade card: The idea is to make a Lightweight Frame type card for 2 attack ships. Not sure exactly where the cost should fall. Side 1: Fire Discipline Module Small ship only. Limited. You may only equip this if your primary attack is 2 or less. When attacking with a primary weapon, after comparing results, if the attack did not hit, roll an additional attack die. This die cannot be modified and hit results cannot be cancelled by defense dice. Torpedo/Missle Cost: 2 Side 2: Fire Discipline Module Small ship only. Limited. You may only equip this if your primary attack is 2 or less. When attacking with a primary weapon, after comparing results, if the attack did not hit, roll an additional attack die. This die cannot be modified and hit results cannot be cancelled by defense dice. Modification Cost: 2
  10. LoTech

    FAQ Predictions

    For VCX, make the Phantom's Attack Shuttle title card require the shuttle to be equipped with a turret for the end of round shots. Harpoon Missles. Have them IMMEDIATELY change all critital results to hit results, so harpoons can't natively trigger other harpoons. For TLT, only allow the second shot if the first shot hits. Keeps the danger vs low agility ships, lessens the effect on higher agility ships. Or Dice can only be modified by a focus token (like unguided rockets). Make Miranda's ability only work with her primary weapon.
  11. LoTech

    I see how it is.

    Just a thought, but would it be overkill if the attack shuttle's Phantom title card was changed to require the end of round turret to be equipped to the Attack shuttle and not just to the ghost. So it could read: While you are docked, the Ghost can perform primary weapon attacks from its special firing arc, and, at the end of the Combat phase, it may perform an additional attack with a (Turret) equipped to the Phantom. If it performs this attack, it cannot attack again this round. That way if a ghost wanted to perform four TLT attacks per round they'd have to spend 12 points instead of just 6. That would make it a bit harder to fit everything desired into the builds. For Miranda, what if her ability only applied to her primary attack? Forcing her to choose between TLT shots or regening? (maybe she doesn't care either way...)
  12. What if FFG did something with the s-foils, to reflect that they could open and close? But in a way that didn't obsolete any of the other fixes that have come before. With that in mind, here's my thought for a "fix" but it would require a new card type. "Function", which would be used to show an operation of the craft that isn't already shown in it's basic card design or other upgrades. Function. Double Sided. Only one function per ship. Side 1: Name: S-foils Closed X-wing only. Cost: 0 When attacking with your primary weapon, roll one less attack die. If you reveal a red maneuver, treat it as a white maneuver. After you execute a white maneuver, assign 1 evade token to your ship. During the planning phase you may flip this card over. Side 2: Name: S-foils in Attack Position X-wing only. Cost: 0 When attacking with your primary weapon, you may change 1 blank die to a focus. During the planning phase you may flip this card over. Coupled with the other x-wing upgrades, this could add some extra punch to the standard configuration, giving more value to the limited actions the x-wing has available while the card is on the Attack position face. With the s-foils closed, the X-wing dial opens up and gains some action economy and durability when flying hard. Though flipping the card over may give your opponent a clue as to what your plan is for the next turn. *edited to alter the S-foils Closed text.*
  13. LoTech

    Scyk Fix

    Here is my idea for an upgrade to the Scyck. Modification Cost: 1 Reinforced Structure Heavy Scyk Only. +1 Hull value. Secondary weapons with an attack of 3 or less cost -2 points. Title Cost: 3 Souped Up Scyk Only. Your upgrade bar gains the Illicit slot. After you perform an action, you may perform a free boost action. These upgrades help differentiate the two roles for the Scyck.The heavy scyk becomes a stronger harder hitting ship sacrificing any other modifications or the extra maneuverability of the new title, It also makes the options for missiles or torpedoes a bit more appealing, while also limiting the desire for some of the harder hitting secondary weapons like Heavy Laser cannon. The new title brings more maneuverability and a new upgrade option to the standard Scyk, giving it a better ability to arc-dodge and have some dirty tricks up it's sleeve. It also leaves the modification slot open but doesn't allow for auto-thrusters.
  14. I think this could be an interesting all Z-list. Not quite a swarm though. Airen Cracken (19) Deadeye (1) Homing Missiles (5) Munitions Failsafe (1) Lieutenant Blount (17) Deadeye (1) Homing Missiles (5) Tala Squadron Pilot (13) Proton Rockets (3) Munitions Failsafe (1) Tala Squadron Pilot (13) Proton Rockets (3) Munitions Failsafe (1) Tala Squadron Pilot (13) Proton Rockets (3) Munitions Failsafe (1) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder No need for target locks and it could be a mean alpha strike on the first pass, with the 3 talas up front followed by Cracken and Blount. All 4 die attacks for the alpha strike with the ability to pick targets. The trick will be getting the Talas into range 1 and keeping them alive while maintaining the focus to get their rockets off.
  15. LoTech

    My Epic Findings

    I've played about 5 team epic games in the past month running the CR90 in my half of the list. Here's my basic list; CR90 Corvette (Fore) (50) Han Solo (2) Single Turbolasers (8) Quad Laser Cannons (6) Sensor Team (4) Jaina's Light (2) CR90 Corvette (Aft) (40) Weapons Engineer (3) Quad Laser Cannons (6) Engineering Team (4) Tibanna Gas Supplies (4) Tala Squadron Pilot (13) Ion Pulse Missiles (3) Tala Squadron Pilot (13) Ion Pulse Missiles (3) Tala Squadron Pilot (13) Tala Squadron Pilot (13) Tala Squadron Pilot (13) Total: 200 I usually set my CR90 up at an angle pointing through a gap to try and ensure I have early arcs with my forward secondary guns. Then, since I start off with full energy I will charge the CR90 full speed ahead at either a 4 straight or a 2 bank depending on how the enemy forces set up. Then allocate 2 energy to the single turbolaser, 1 energy each to the quad laser cannons and leave one energy on the ship card to boost the main turret shot up to 5 dice. I also don't focus on getting all 4 shots with the CR90 each turn, but early on try to focus on hitting bigger, low agility ships with the main guns,; Han Solo can help make sure those hits stick. So far I haven't been super focused on keeping the corvette alive once sustained fire hits it, usually only recovering shields once. I do always try to keep the forward section angled toward as many enemy ships as possible. As if your aft section gets crippled it will pretty much shut down the corvette. I'll use Tibana gas as either a battery for the recovery action to get back 3 or 4 shields or as a quick re-charge to my guns right before the first close engagement when I will really want 4 shots Meanwhile I'll have the Tala's grouped off to one of the flanks to try and force a fighter screen engagement. I have found that the Talas can keep a fighter screen engaged for two or three turns in epic match-ups. Which is often all you need. They aren't a huge killing force, but aren't really something to be ignored either. Though if you get caught with them on the wrong side of the corvette it can be very hard to get them into the fight as the corvette makes such a huge obstacle.
  16. Roark + Ion Cannon + Tactician + Engine Dutch + R2-D6 + Swarm Tactics + Flechette x2 + Shield + Ion Turret + Shield Upgrade. Roark hangs back a bit to boost Dutch & Hobbie to PS 12 and stress + ion if he can get his front arc in play (which also acts as a no-fly zone for phantoms)
  17. Anybody know what this ship is? Looks like it could be a descendant of the ARC-170 design from the clone wars. Perhaps something we will see in a future wave as heavy bomber for the rebellion? I certainly wouldn't mind.
  18. LoTech

    YT-2400 - Thoughts?

    I'm looking forward to trying out this list: "Leebo" (34) Determination (1) Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Lando Calrissian (3) Experimental Interface (3) Chewbacca (42) Predator (3) C-3PO (3) Jan Ors (2) Tactical Jammer (1) Millennium Falcon (1)
  19. I look forward to flying this Proton Squad in some casual games in the future: Major Rhymer (26) Proton Rockets (3) Proton Rockets (3) Tempest Squadron Pilot (21) Proton Rockets (3) Captain Jonus (22) Proton Rockets (3) Proton Rockets (3) Munitions Failsafe (1) "Night Beast" (15) Total: 100 Should have a few nice hard attacks. Finishing the fight will be a bit harder. And of course more maneuverable ships will eat this for lunch.
  20. Perhaps it would be better to fly 5 Bandits with Proton Rockets + Biggs. No need for target locks. Focused 4 die attacks at range 1 against any target you choose. And Biggs helps them survive the initial salvo to get that shot off. Or fly 6 Talas with proton rockets and give 4 of them Munitions Failsafe.
  21. I"m using the Plano 1374 for my small & large ships as well. The top drawer has 8 Ties, 2 Tie Adv., 6 Interceptors, 2 Firesprays, 2 Shuttles and all associated dials and ship tokens. The second drawer is currently housing 2 phantoms, 2 Defenders and 4 bombers + dials and tokens. I am hoping the decimator will fit in this tray as well. The third drawer holds the bulk of my rebels, 6 x-wings, 2 Y-wings, 2 A-wings, 2 B-wings, 2 H-290s and 1 Falcon. I'm planning on adding the YT2400 to this tray. Last tray has 5 Z-95s and 2 E-wings. I'll probably split scum and villany in between the second and fourth trays for now, with the smaller ships going in the 4th tray and the IG-2000 going in the second (if there's room). In the top space I have an extra plano tray that I use to keep all of my range rulers, pegs and bases together. Along with dice, asteroids and damage deck. Then i have a smaller plano case for the tokens i need during play, and a number of smaller bead cases to hold id numbers and target locks, then one final case that holds mission specific tokens. The top slots on the lid hold excess tokens for shields and such. I keep my epic ships separate in a Plano Protector 4 pistol case: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000P3WPKK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 That comfortably holds 3 transports and 1 Tantive IV with all the associated bases, templates and tokens. Though I do remove the turrets and radar dish from the tantive when in storage. I don't mind having them in secondary storage since I only need them when we are planning on playing epic games.
  22. Perhaps to make a system slots more valuable you could have a modification or title for the Tie Scout that would allow it to grant that system to another ship? Modification: System Link (Tie Scout Only): At the start of the activation phase target a friendly ship within range 1-3. Treat that ship as if it had your System upgrade equipped until the end of the round. And of course it could have dedicated systems for scouting. System: Sensor Ping: Tie Scout Only - At the start of the activation phase enemy ships within range 3 must reveal thier movement dials. Ships still activate according to Pilot skill. (Though this could wreak havoc with any abilities that are triggered prior to Movment dial reveals.)
  23. I like the idea for this ship, for named pilot abilities perhaps something to reflect some kind of electronic warfare? Action: Target a ship within range 1-3. Remove one token from that ship (except for stress token) and roll 1 attack die. Deal any [damage] or [critical] rolled. At the end of the activation phase remove all enemy target locks from ships at range 1-2. (possibly make this an action if too OP as a free skill, and have it activate immediately) At the start of the combat phase reduce the pilot skill of all enemy pilots at range 1-3 by 2 to a minimum of 0. *Granted these aren't really "scout" like abilities.
  24. LoTech

    New FFG Article

    My guess is that the barrel roll for large ships will now use the 2 straight template instead of the 1 straight template, to better reflect the size of the ship doing the maneuver.
  25. So what do you think about the Debri tokens. Will they just be asteroid replacements, or maybe new rules that let you place them in the spot of a destroyed ship for more dynamic obstacles? The VT-49 looks like it comes with a rules card I don't recognize (middle one). Maybe it's for Using Debri Tokens? Though if so you think it would be with the YT-2400 too.
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