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  1. I just ran this list today for a quick lunch game with a co-worker: RAU - Mindlink Title Hull Upgrade Cobra - Mindlink Cloaking Device Stygium Particle Accelerator Guri - Mindlink Title FCS The only reason I didn't take thrusters is because no one in my work group usually flies turrets (for now). This seriously hit like a truck, I only lost Cobra in what turned into a very quick fight. I really like Rau as well, he is not only quick but once you get him in range he was eating T-70s like a pro. Thanks for posting the idea for this!
  2. Hello all, I have been away from posting here for a really long time. Kind of interesting to see how things have changed here. Anyway here is my issue with this entire argument of "The Inquisitor ignores Auto-Thrusters:" When one of your ships at R2 is attacked by the Inquisitor, the controlling player gets to roll and extra die as if attacking from R1. Lets start here at R2 before we ever jump to R3. Now we can all agree that in this case the Inquisitor gets to roll and additional die for a total of 3 dice due to his pilot ability and the defending player only gets to roll their standard defensive die amount (unless they have some ability that says otherwise). The question is, what happens at R3: If the Inquisitor is attacking at R3 we all agree that he still gets to roll a total of 3 dice (2 for standard attack value and 1 for pretending to be at R1). However, does the defending player get to roll an additional defense die for being at R3? The defending ship is physically at Range 3 from the Inquisitor and, as others have said above, because of that distance the defending player should FOR SURE get an additional defensive die. Here is the problem; if it is your view that even if the Defending Ship is physically at R3, because of the Inquisitor's pilot ability, it DOES NOT receive an extra green die then you acknowledge that physical rage is trumped by the pilot ability. So if you are admitting that the attack is happening at a virtual R1, regardless of PHYSICAL range, and you as the defending player FORFEIT your extra defensive die allowed to you by the rules then I would say you are admitting that your ship would not benefit from equipped Auto-Thrusters as you are not defending at R3 anymore. Lets look at the Auto-Thrusters rules really quick: When defending, if you are beyond Range 2 or outside the attacker's firing arc, you may change 1 of your blank results to a (Evade) result. You can equip this card only if you have the (Boost) icon. Again, if you chose to forfeit the extra defensive die afforded to you by R3 due to the Inquisitor's ability then you are not actually defending beyond R2. Lets move on to the E-Mail from Frank: As the current rules are stated, yes, a ship can be inside of arc and defending against a Range 3 attack (when measured inside of arc) although the ship itself is Range 2 when measured closest-point-to-closest-point. Autothrusters does not trigger in this instance. As worded, it does not use the range of the attack, but instead uses the range of the ships for the sake of this effect. Here is the dumb, DUMB thing about the question to Frank and the answer he has given: the core rules are already pretty clear on this. When in the front arc, you measure closest point to closest point, I think that is X-Wing 101. Even if the ship is out of arc you measure from the closest point to the closest point, which should NEVER be in question (unless it is really really tight but a simple roll off should fix that). The example given to Frank doesn't make sense, the ship is at R2 when the players properly measure which means the defending ship would not get to defend at R3. In this example the ship is out of arc on the main firing arc and at R3 but if the attacking ship has a turret or an auxiliary arc then the attacking player can elect which attack to use. Basically, I think both arguments are valid but there are certain allowances you must take into consideration.
  3. Welcome to the world of Imperial fighters, the best we have is the Defender which doesn't see that much play anymore.
  4. I have been playing around with this build, it is pretty dependent on the dial having enough greens to support it however. Inquisitor 25 Title 1 PTL 3 Hull Upgrade 3 Total = 32 I like the hull upgrade on him more than auto thrusters or even stealth device, I would like him as tanky as possible and I would also like to remove the possibility for him to be one shotted by 'direct hit.' Personally I think the inquisitor is exactly what I have been missing in my elite imperial lists, a ship that I can rely on as more of a distance fighter. With his ability, and hopefully, that translating to denying an extra defensive die at range 3 I would want to run him out behind my heavier hitters like Fel and a titled up Vader. I really hope the dial keeps this thing mobile however, I want it so desperately to be another reliable arc dodger and I can't help but salivate over both being able to boost and barrel roll without spending extra points on mobility upgrades. Also the Inquisitor is PS8 not PS7.
  5. Wow, this thread just went goofy shoes. I guess what I don't understand about people's arguments here is that if you were going to try to put the TIE X/1 title on the TIE Adv. Prototype you are actively ignoring the words in the title of the ship. Lets break this down for a moment: TIE Advanced Okay, I see two words there. One says TIE, which if I recall correctly is an acronym for Twin Ion Engine, the other says Advanced. TIE Adv. Prototype Three words here, so we are already different out of the gate. We have the standard TIE to start with, then Adv. (which is an abbreviation for what I assume is Advanced), and finally the extra word Prototype. TIE/x1 This is a nifty title card for sure but the first thing it says on the card is TIE Advanced Only. Title. TIE/v1 Same thing here, lovely title and I am going to use the snot out of it. First thing this card says however is TIE Adv. Prototype only. Title. Notice they call out 'prototype' as part of the title meaning that on some level the use of 'prototype' has importance and was an intended addition to the title of the ship. When I started writing this I didn't mean to come off sounding like a jerk but I feel this is just going to spiral into the "Can Vader take the new title?" argument all over again and that is incredibly frustrating. Sure, there are going to be players out there who are going to throw titles around on different ships or make assumptions (one guy I played against just assumed that because he has a YT-2000 he could shoot his cannon in a 360 degree arc without the 'Outrider' title). This is nothing new but I feel like I need to point out the above because this is a debate where there are no winners. The ship is going to come out, someone might try to fly it with the wrong title and the entire discussion to resolve it should just be: There are three words in the name of one ship and two in the other.
  6. I have been pouring over all of the announcement pictures and I just noticed something on the Jumpmaster's dial. It is kinda hard to make out but it sorta looks like a white 2 S-Loop maneuver. Admittedly I might be wrong on this but it really does kinda look like an S-Loop.
  7. Resv

    Wave 7 Article is up!

    And this is good for...? I don't get it. So now I can get in great position to...drop a bomb maybe? It is a cool flanker tool, but I don't see the K-Wing being a great flanker. What does this card pair with that I am missing? Adrenaline Rush lets you do this off of your Koiogran. If this has Segnors' Loops instead, it gets insane Particularly if either is Speed 3 or lower. It also works beautifully with an Intelligence Agent as a blocker. Pity you don't have a large base for Anti-Pursuit lasers. Alas, the last line of the card means you can't use it with Advanced Sensors. Doing your X Forward/Turn followed by an X Koiogran.... Just to throw this out there, none of the K-Wing pilots look like they have access to EPTs, same with the Punisher Pilots.
  8. Resv

    Wave 7 Article is up!

    Okay, lets see if I can do this: Bossk (35): Wen you preform an attack that hits, before dealing damage, you may cancel 1 of your [Crit] results to add [Hit] results. Talghbane Cobra (29): When attack or defending, double the effect of your range combat bonuses. Glitterstim (2): At the start of the combat phase, you may discard this card and receive 1 stress token. If you do until the end of the round, when attacking or defending, you may change any focus results to a hit or an evade. Miranda Ooni (?) (29): Once per round when attacking you may either spend 1 shield to roll 1 additional attack OR 1 fewer attack to recover 1 shield. (Holy crap!) Advanced Slam (2): After performing a SLAM action, if your ship did not overlap an obstacle or another ship you may perform a free action. "Redline" (27): You may maintain 2 target locks on the same ship. When you acquire a target lock, you may acquire a second lock on that same ship. Cluster Mines (4): Action: Discard this card to drop 1 cluster mine token set. When a ship's base or maneuver template overlaps a cluster mine token that token detonates. Pretty sure that is all correct.
  9. Kihraxz Fighter: 1 Shield 4 Hull 2 Evade (Hard to tell) 3 Attack Target lock Focus TIE Punisher: 2 Shields 5 Hull 1 Evade 3 Attack Boost (!) Target Lock Focus K-Wing: 4 Shields 5 Hull 1 Evade 3 Attack New Action? Target Lock Focus Hounds tooth is pretty hard to read.
  10. Resv

    New TIE Fighters!

    Just wanted to drop this one here.
  11. I ran an updated list this past weekend with some interesting results. IG88-B/D VI Mangler Cannon Ion Cannon Advanced Sensors IG-2000 Title Inertial Dampeners All in all I was pretty happy with this set up but I really felt the lack for FCS when using Bravo's ability. I didn't feel the loss of the bombs all that much but not having the Hot Shot for those one off bad moves was pretty disappointing. I know it doesn't seem like a great card but in the last few games I have played with it I have almost always killed one ship that got into a bad position on me. It is purely situational, I fully admit that, but it seems lately that I put myself in those situations more and more often. The Ion cannon mixed with ID was a lot of fun, I marched a stressed Soontir right off the board in one game and managed a similar feat with a fully loaded Super Dash. The utility between the two cannons was a riot and I am eager to keep trying them out. Advanced Sensors were very handy to have, especially when pulling s-loops, but It is still a hard call as to weather or not I stick with FCS. I am going to need a few more games with this build but I like where it is going!
  12. @Blade_Mercurial: That makes a lot of sense, Advanced Sensors seems to pair really well with Predator. Advanced Sensors also seems to pair really well with IG-D which is super cool, D is my current favorite IG for some reason. The only thing I don't like in your list is Lone Wolf. I have had that backfire SO often that I recently swore it off. Can you think of any other defensive EPTs that might serve a similar role?
  13. Actually with D, you hope to s-loop a lot Honestly, I think I end up S-Looping every other turn in some games!
  14. I have used the hot shot blasters and usually at least one seismic charge every game I have played with this list. In the game I won agains the ZZZZBB I managed to knock the shields off of two Z's and damage another with the bombs. Hotshot blasters usually come in handy right when you least expect it but I have been very happy with them, especially if you manage to target a ship you already have a lock on. An impressive feature to the Hot Shots is that with IG-B's ability is that if you miss with your hot shot you can attack with your main cannon at a different target. It seems a little odd at to why you would want to do this but I does make sure that you are always getting the most out of you ship each turn. I do hear you loud and clear about the EPTs. I like VI because it helps me adapt my movement a bit better, PS8 is is on the high end in my local meta. Most of the pilots I fight lately are 8 or below and I usually always opt to move second to get the most out of Boost. However, the damage output is still tricky sometimes and I wonder how Predator or Outmaneuver could help. Outmaneuver seems like it might be a little situational but Predator would allow for some decent re-rolls. I have never really put much thought behind advanced sensors, I jumped on FCS the moment I saw IG-B's ability. I have heard multiple people tell me how good they are and I am not curious to give them a try.
  15. I have been trying out the following list and I had a bit of a disappointing night with it last night. I won my first game against 4 Z's and 2 B's but my second game i just got trounced. Here is the list I ran with: IG88B/D VI Hot Shot Blaster Seismic Charge "Mangler" Cannon Auto Thrusters Fire Control System IG-2000 Title I like this build as it has a huge tool box for throwing out damage when I really need it. This was also my first night trying out IG-D and I was not disappointed, his ability really allowed me to get into some tight places. Now for the list that wrecked me: Gemmer: Outmaneuver Title Refit Keyan: Mangler Mercenary CoPilot B/E1 Advanced Sensors Opportunist Wes Janson: R2D2 VI I managed to take out Gemmer pretty early on with out to much trouble but then I lost IG-B soon after that. For the rest of the game I just bounced around the board taking pot shots whenever I could but at the end I had to concede with only one hull left on IG-D and no shields left on Wes and a near untouched Keyan. Any thoughts on how I could make my list a bit stronger?
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