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  1. Hello mates, i have a question about Hot-shot lasgun. Probably this question were already answered somewhere, but i couldnt find it. There are still not precisely answers in the net about my problem so i need only simple answer - Yes or No. Is this gun can use special designed for them charge pack instead of 10kg bakpack (40 ammo?) On the warhammer 40k wikia - http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Storm_Trooperson wargear section its writed that every storm trooper can hold 4 charge packs for hot shot lasgun. Dont know if this is in the codex or someone made a mistake about it. If this is true, than how much this charge pack can hold ammo clip?
  2. Thank you guys for your responds. I thought so that heat and thermal energy are not the same but i needed to be certain about this @htsmithium, If plasma is destroying DNA of a target and causing much pain from heat than why not from the lasgun too or from hot shot lasgun? "A Lasgun's beam also cauterizes the wounds it inflicts due to the immense heat given off by the shot." - Warhammer 40k wikia As we knows from the core rulebook, The lasgun have 0 penetration but it gives +2 after using overheated (not Special) and hot shot have 4 penetration if i am correct? Anyway if you are suggesting +1 extra AP from the energy weapon as plasma, than meaby lets give this rule also to the hot-shot weapons, lasgun/pistol overheated (3rd option of power pack) and hellgun/hellpistol?
  3. I was wondering about one thing, but meaby you will give me a proper answers. Ceramite plating - Provides an additional 3 armour points of protection against attacks with the Flame or Melta qualities and other heat-based attacks. "Heat-based attacks". What does it mean? Is it gives also the protect from any "energetic" attack weapons such as plasma gun or lasgun? Or just from any kind of weapon with Specials - Flame and Melta? As we knows, the thermal energy is the same as heat energy, but physics is physics and core rules are core rules. So...what do you think?
  4. Hello, I will put my quest about nemezis expansion if you dont mind Scryter Can nemesis fight with eachother? Or only with agents of the Imperium? Because its stupid for me that khorne berserker could not hunt dire avanger.
  5. You are really helping me to find the answers what i nead Thx very much.
  6. And when you find something interest, write here
  7. Thx k7e9 for the respond, I appreciate that. So I goes that there is no other way to mix the cults to work each other. They must work for the one cult and serve one good .Ok…hmm…anyway, the topic is still open, so if someone have any some ideas, then write here
  8. I don't care about MMO, I am interested to know "How to lead the session for guys who want to play as a Chaos". If you don't know what i mean that look on the Black Crusade. Its similar. Also my appologize i wrong wrote on the text. I had mean - HOW TO MIX 2ed core book with Tome of Corruption.
  9. Hi, I would like to know from you, dear veterans of the old hammer, how to carry out sessions for players who have decided to serve the dark gods. Mainly I'm talking about the connection Core book 2nd edition and the Book of Warpstone. Let's say that I have in the team: Norsmen-Gladiator, Sorcerer, and rogue. The whole team decided to develop their characters so that in the end slowly enter the path of Chaos and mutate your body, etc. Mainly I'm talking about - How to make sense of these characters to the world? Where are they to start? In Kislev on the border with the northern barbarians mountains or maybe in the lands near the Mideenhaimu? Some suggested the campaign for such players who are Chaos. Say how to link them with cults such as "Crimson Skull"? - How to mix killing and raids with intrigue ? - The most important campaigns. Suggested campaigns that feel dark conspiracy and intrigue deities. Any suggested fan campaign or meaby normall modifed compaign ? - A common theme for the players, especially when everyone else wanted to be a cultist god. How to campaign for the player, how to direct the fate of the players to jointly acquire power, but also the respect of the gods? ( I mean how to lead the team of chaos who serve another gods ? How to connect them ? We all know that Khorne and Slanesh is simply impossible, but what with team Khorne + Tzeentch + Nurgle or Khorne + Nurgle or Slanesh + Tzeentch ? ). *Tzeentch and Nurgle are hate each other but they dont order they servers to kill each other. So simply they can co-op. Or meaby not ? Are you have any suggestions ? *Khorne and Tzeentch. The Cult of the Crimson skull are deadly warriors who don't raids for fun and informing all Imperium HEY ! WE ARE HERE ! COME TO KILL US WITCH HUNTERS ! These are warriors who planing and then killing. Tzeentch are not only magic. Those are too warriors who planning and changing the fate of the others. And much, much more, needs advice, details and information about this as I forgot to mention. Yours.
  10. And what about Dark Angel ? He has a great skills (in Solo Mode and Squad mode ) and i think he is also good for Tactical marine. I am still thining about Bolter Mastery or Tactical Expertise for him.
  11. Decessor said: I hate to say it, but the answers to those questions entirely depends on what you want your tactical marine to be able to do. I've seen tac marines specialised in shooting, melee, stealth and social skills and combinations of the above. Perhaps have a think about your character's history and personality to see if those give you ideas about what you want him to be good at. Still thinking about combinations for my Tac but i created this topic for the veterans who played a lot of time Tactical Marine so can share their experience in writing what is the best for Tactician. It can be even Stealth Melee Tac But…if you asking i prefer Shooting
  12. Like in the Topic, I will be greatful if someone write here some build. I mean : - What skills/talents are most important for Tactical * What buy first and why? - How to play using Talents *Is it important to always share your Squad mode Ability ? Or use always Solo Mode. What is the best for the tactical. Please for example I don't know what kind of questions write… i think you know what to write
  13. Hello I am the new player in Deatwatch and i would like to know if you have imposed any new amandments in Blood Raven Chapter. I read it what you have now in your site and i must say I am Impressed, Mkall
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