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  1. Huzbek

    Snow and Sun

    That makes sense with Ichiro saying Masahige is undermining the celestial order. Good call!
  2. Huzbek

    Breath of the Kami

    I don't think The Mirror's Gaze is anti-Let Go. The card reaction is after effects are resolved, once a Let Go is resolved The Mirror is no longer in play. Right?
  3. Huzbek

    Heart of the Elders

    That is the cover art for the base game of Eldritch Horror; all of the big EH boxes have AMAZING art . I have been saying for years that FFG would make a mint selling frameable prints of the box art.
  4. Huzbek

    Thanks Joe!

    This article was great! I hope there are more of these kind of articles in the future. We know we are going to have gaps in releases and hopefully articles like will soothe the "OMG we have heard anything this game is DEAAAAAAD!!!" mentality.
  5. Thank you for posting! Do you have deck lists for the final match ups?
  6. Huzbek

    The Boundary Beyond

    On the Reddit thread someone mentioned that its a kid who is a quick study in his dad's suit so its intentional. For what its worth I think the looks like Eric Trump.
  7. I think the ring is selected after a conflicted is declared.
  8. Wow that does make it even easier for Phoenix to gain favor. I am not sure about stopping your opponent from declaring conflicts though since the physical ring is still in the unclaimed pool. This might need some clarification.
  9. Woah I totally missed that line when I read the article. Talk about burying the lead!
  10. Huzbek

    New Lore - Toshi Ranbo stuff

    The art is so awesome! Here's to hoping we get a neutral Emerald Champ Toturi next Cycle.
  11. I played a game against a dragon last night where my opponent had the favor the entire game and I still won, it was tense but I just had to play around it. I made sure to break the province with Sumiko and tried to bait out possible censures. While favor does provide an advantage I do not think it is game breaking. Granted I don't play against phoenix often so maybe my thoughts are skewed.
  12. Huzbek

    New stronghold store kits

    I need that borderland defender clan role card NOW!
  13. Huzbek

    Game Length

    This would mean I would be starting a game at 4 honor? That would mean I could bid 1 and still lose first turn if I play assassination and then get smacked with an air ring. I really think that instead of trying to rewrite the rule book to make the game faster people just need to embrace this game. It is designed to be a slower paced game; if you are looking for a game that is consistently 15-25 minutes I do not think L5R is for you.
  14. I think an Emerald Champ deluxe box with new 5 costers for everyone would be really awesome. My hope for the deluxe boxes is that they really advance the story line in a meaningful way for all the clans.
  15. Huzbek

    More Card Spoilers

    Ya, and the +2 province strength is going to make it hard to break it to discard.