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  1. I'm betting that after a couple years of campaign books they'll release a revised rule book containing all of the "new" units not contained in the original core book, I beleive they're doing that with Tactics and a new boxed set this summer.
  2. Archer Transfers has a great selection of propaganda posters on there site, http://www.archertransfers.com/CAT_Miscellaneous.html
  3. We'll be having demos and regular games of warfare at Atomic Empire in Durham NC Saturday 3/9 Come over to learn or just to play and have fun. http://www.scifigenre.com/
  4. We will be having a Dust day at Endless Games in Raleigh this Saturday starting at noon, come on by!
  5. Just to follow up on this we had a great day playing Dust, had 3 regulars and a new person (who is looking at getting in now) so about half my regular group. I'm looking to start up a campaign from Hades if anyone in the area is interested we'd alternate stores based on who wants to play and try for games every 2 weeks or so.
  6. This Saturday we'll be meeting up for some Dust Warfare at The Game Connection in Knightdale North Carolina. We'll be getting started around noon for anyone who can make it. There will be some experianced players looking for games as well as new ones getting lessons so come on over!
  7. Nice report, I appreciate the detail as it's good to send to some of our newer players as a good read thru with the rules.
  8. We will be having a Dust Warfare get together Saturday 10/06 at Endless Gaming in Raleigh NC We will be starting around noon and have about 8 players confirmed so far, come on over if you're in the area! http://endlessgaming.net
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