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  1. Believe you are. The Allies can field an Assault Platoon and the Axis can field a Blutkreuz Platoon if I'm not mistaken.
  2. Saved the "Zverograd Pattern" pics last week to use as inspiration when painting my Axis armour. The troops already have a fall camo look to 'em.
  3. Would love to, but extenuating circumstances have me more stuck at home than usual this weekend. The next weekend, however, the wife and kids are out of town and I should have some mostly finished Axis ready to hit the table!
  4. You may already have a name, but the last post got my brain going. "Ashes to Ashes" "VK Today/Bulletin/Gazette" "Force Collision" Any particular format you'd like stuff in? TXT file with clearly named photos?
  5. But a player going second can react to the initiating player's movement, then get shot all to hell by the rest of initiating player's squads, and then starthis own activation with a reaction token and enough suppression to force a retreat. I would think a single 6" retreat move would be compulsory, regardless of having both tokens, but look forward to hearing the official word on this.
  6. Opened the PSD to start working on some Axis units and looks like I'm missing "Mom's Typewriter" - used on "Spec Ops" and "Weapons" in the special rule section. As far as the Sturmpionere card, you could reclaim some space by tightening up the last two sentences of the Failsafe rules like so: These Zombies are armed with Combat Knives (x2 each) instead of Panzer Gloves. This unit is worth 0 AP, never awards a Superiority Point, and is ignored when calculating objectives. Great work and fast turnaround! If I can snag that font from ya, I plan to work on the Sturmgrenadiere platoon options tonight.
  7. Craig, how's the primer hold up after the shock bath? Paint still go on smoothly or did it need a strip and reprime job?
  8. Think I'm just gonna scrap work on my own cards and go for these when released. Beautiful work, Rodney. Only (stupidly minor) quibble at this point is the placement of the Dust Warfare logo. For some reason, the fact that it's neither centered on the card or the piece of paper it's stamped onto is distracting me every time. On cards with many rules it'll be a complete non-issue, but on this one it's bugging me. Again, it's a stupidly minor quibble and I tend to take full advantage of the cards regardless. May even grab the PSD when available and stick photos of my own painted units (when finished) on the cards. If you need any help propagating the book to the cards let me know. I'm pretty handy with the Photoshops.
  9. Major Mishap said: Thats not the problem though, the problem is getting into all the nooks and crannies to actually be able to apply the paint. If it's the correct dark colour then there is no problem, if its a light yellow, then that will be a problem as any missed bits will be highly visable. Having the "correct dark colour" pre-supposes a certain style of painting, though. As does priming with a lighter color. Darker priming works great if you like to panel paint your base coats and/or build up your highlights. Also works great for edge-highlighting. Priming lighter generally makes highlights easier to achieve and generally works better for wet blending or techniques using multiple super-thin layers of wet paint. For the record, I generally prime white and find the green and grey primers of the Allied and Axis factions too dark for my tastes. Seeing as the most often touted painting method for Dust Tactics minis is "drybrush, base coat the flesh and weapons, then wash" defaulting to a brighter primer may be the most appropriate color for FFG's take on the SSU forces. It's also possible the primer color-choice is being coordinated with those painting the Premium models to ease their workload. Doubt anyone would cop to it, but I'd love to know if that's the real driving force behind primer-colors…
  10. ninjaray said: Thanks to the PDF, exact wording for you all: page 54 Command Squad A unit with this ability is an experienced unit, trained to lead other units in battle. A force that includes one or more units with the Command Squad special ability in play may issue one additional order in the Command phase. So, just to clarify for my own sake, if you add page 54 to page 30 any Axis or Allied Platoon led by it's default Command Unit (all of which have "Command Squad") should get a minimum of two orders per turn? pg. 30 - "Each player may issue a number of Orders equal to the number of [hits] he rolled in the Initiative phase (with a minimum of one)." And any force led by a Hero taken as a Leader and rolls blanks for initiative would default to a single order. Good to know. Makes me want to reevaluate my high-point lists where platoons are led by Heroes. I initially did it 'cause it seemed fitting to the fluff and because it shaved points (15 point Hero vs. 25 point Command Squad), but the ability to count on 3 orders minimum at 200-300 points is awfully tempting.
  11. Poe said: This doesn't sound right to me. You mean a unit has to be attacked to react? Sort of. In order for a unit to react to an enemy attack, they have to be the recipient of said attack. However, any of your units within 12" of an enemy's movement may react to said movement.
  12. Azrell, that's my take on it as well. The kicker is "and is not destroyed", meaning you've already rolled armor and figured out if the vehicle is damaged. If the vehicle IS damaged, then you roll a number of dice on the Vehicle Damage Table equal to the number of received by the vehicle, minus cover, but including those shrugged off by armor.
  13. Yes, a Vehicle 7 vehicle gets 7 die when rolling armor, regardless of the vehicles current DC. Also, if the vehicle takes no damage from the attack, there is no roll on the Vehicle Damage table. That bit starts, "When a vehicle suffers one or more damage but is not destroyed…" Being the step after "Assign damage" it's reasonable to conclude that if no damage is assigned, the Vehicle Damage table doesn't apply. I think the confusion comes in because of the bit on page 44 where it says, "Vehicles do not gain Supression markers. Instead, vehicles suffer additional effects on the Vehicle Damage Table," and folks are (reasonably) extrapolating that because any hit to an infantry squad causes suppression, any hit to a vehicle would cause a roll on the VDT.
  14. scott242 said: Looks great, should really help teach people the game. The only clarification I'd add: Vehicle damage table rolls are made based on the hits scored BEFORE armor roll minus cover, not based on the actual damage dealt. At least thats how I'm reading the rulebook. You're correct. Think of the roll on the Vehicle Damage table as being the amount of damage that actually impacted the vehicle. If the damage impacts cover, it doesn't count. Let's say a particularly spectacular sustained attack on an undamaged Pounder from Battle Grenadiers rolls all hits. That's one 1/3 hit from a Panzerschreck and two 1/2 hits from a Panzerfaust for a total of 7 damage. The Unit Leader can't draw an unobstructed line to the Pounder's base, so the Pounder gains the Hard Cover benefit of the Tank Traps between them. This means only 5 damage make it through the cover and onto the vehicle. That 5 damage can be further reduced by the Pounder's armor roll of 4 dice, let's say his dice are also hot and he rolls 4 hits. This will reduce the assignable damage to 1. The end result is that the Pounder's DC drops from 4 to 3 and the Battle Grenadiers get to roll 5 dice against the Vehicle Damage table for further effect. Having the DC reduction and the die roll on the vehicle damage table be different seemed incongruous at first, glance, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. If I shoot you with small arms and it somehow chips away a little armor, the likelihood of me causing a catastrophic explosion are pretty slim. However, if I inundate you with high-impact volume of fire and you somehow manage to shrug most of it off, the likelihood of what got through causing a catastrophic explosion should be significantly higher. Anyway, that's how I got my head around it. Hope this helps somebody.
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